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This is a page to play around with how to use links and formatting in wikis. Feel free to add to it and change anything and everything

Look, here's a horizontal break.

Header 1[edit]


Header 2[edit]

header 3[edit]

How to link to a Dean Venture topic page within this wiki

How to link to an external website: [1]

How link to an external site with descriptive text: PRoV Forums

Italic text

Bold text

This is how you can put a picture Missing.png

you can even easily resize it to whatever size fits best on the page Missing.png Missing.png

if you want to sign your work (usually used on discussion pages)

-- Nais - 3 tildes (~) puts your name

-- Nais 16:21, 7 April 2006 (PDT) - 4 puts your name with a time stamp