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The Monarch

Monarch 01.jpg

"The Monarch has many ways to sting."
Other Names
Real Name: Malcolm Fitzcarraldo
Shadowman 9
Bare Walls in Baltimore
The Blue Morpho
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch
The Fluttering Horde
The Guild of Calamitous Intent


The Monarch is a costumed villain and the ruler of butterflies who dresses up as a monarch butterfly and attacks his enemies with butterfly "stings" in the form of darts which range in lethality.

His main goal as a villain -- and quite possibly his reason for taking up arch-villainy in the first place -- is to ruin the life of Dr. Thaddeus S. Venture and his family. As the fiendish head of The Fluttering Horde, he commands relatively loyal butterfly-themed henchmen and is aided by the villainous talents of his wife, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch who was once his second-in-command and known as Dr. Girlfriend. Their villainous deeds are launched from the Horde's base of operations, a giant flying machine known as the Floating Cocoon. His pet cat Mr. Mostly Mittens was killed in an accident.

As a larva[edit]

At the age of eight years old The Monarch, then called Malcolm, was the only survivor of a plane crash in New Jersey's Pine Barrens which killed both of his parents. Left on his own in the woods, he spent that summer living with a group of monarch butterflies. This fateful event became his inspiration for the villainous persona of The Monarch.

In the episode SPHINX Rising it is revealed that Rusty and the Monarch were once childhood "friends" when the Monarch finds an old picture of them. It also suggests that Jonas Venture knew the Monarch's parents and were possibly investors in Venture Industries -- yet the Monarch does not remember any of this. The Monarch's parents are also seen briefly with Team Venture during a flashback in Spanakopita!, where they are riding in the boat that Jonas leaves in before Rusty is kidnapped.

Left with a large inheritance from his parents' death, the Monarch would later use these funds to finance his obsessive antagonism of Dr. Venture.

In the Chrysalis[edit]

During his years at State University, Malcolm is known to have at least taken a class in creative writing, as seen in Past Tense. It is also where he began arching Dr. Venture. It was during this time that The Monarch caused the accident which was supposed to kill Dr. Venture, but instead destroyed Baron Ünderbheit's jaw.

Rusty then leaves State University upon his father's death. The Monarch follows, arching him at the Venture Compound with his first costume. The Monarch is stopped by Myra Brandish and Helper, whom he described as a "private army of ex-navy seal cyborg ninja witches" aided by "a fucking tank."

Monarch Begins[edit]

After the Monarch joins the Guild he becomes one of Phantom Limb's many henchmen, Shadowmen 9. This is also how he's first introduced to Dr. Girlfriend, having been called upon to "take Lady Au Pair to the lair of the Phantom." Files and documents (complaints written by Dr. Venture) show that he was known to moonlight as the Monarch during his time spent henching for various villains within the Guild.


Following the events of Showdown at Cremation Creek the Guild conducts an investigation into Phantom Limb's betrayal and consequently the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend. As a result of the trial they proved romantic/professional compatibility and their innocence, and were thus granted "Duoship" by the Sovereign himself. (Duoship is the equivalent of marriage between villains.)


As a villain, The Monarch is in direct opposition with law enforcement and any who may be considered heroes. Specific foils are detailed below.

Dr. Venture[edit]

The Monarch considers himself the arch-enemy of Dr. Venture, though the exact cause of the Monarch's antagonism is unknown. It is speculated that Dr. Venture may have poked fun at The Monarch or criticized his poetry. The poetry was deeply rooted in a love for Monarch butterflies and Rusty thought it was way too specific in expressing this love.

What is known is that during college the Monarch made an attempt on Rusty's life by blowing up a laboratory where Dr. Venture was working. The explosion resulted in a fellow student, Werner Underbheit, losing his jaw.

Phantom Limb[edit]

The Phantom Limb is another villain with whom the Monarch has "crossed swords" in the past. Much of their animosity can be traced back to the Monarch stealing Limb's girlfriend, Queen Etheria, who'd later be the Monarch's sexy and husky-voiced Dr. Girlfriend. Phantom Limb also played a major role in sending the Monarch to prison. The Monarch has directed his henchmen to exact revenge against Phantom Limb, and more repercussions seem likely.

The Guild of Calamitous Intent[edit]

The Monarch has long been on tenuous ground with The Guild of Calamitous Intent. He was never interested in The Guild's rules and regulations, as he'd only joined for the dental and partial health coverage. His aggression towards Dr. Venture, however, was not sanctioned by The Guild and soon forces were at work to rectify that.

The likely instigator of the actions taken against the Monarch by The Guild was Phantom Limb, a very high ranking member of the villainous organization. Since the Monarch had been dating Dr. Girlfriend at the time Limb's acts were mixed with a tinge of personal grudge.

Once while he was framed and imprisoned by The Guild the Monarch plotted revenge even from prison. Considering some of them traitors to his cause, the Monarch took steps to get revenge on members of The Guild such as "[unleashing] herpes smeared sex-bots upon the traitorous members."

After his marriage with Dr. Girlfriend, the Monarch fully rejoined The Guild in a duoship with the new Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. The repeated murdering of his new arch-enemies, however, may have put him on shaky ground with some of The Guild.

Captain Sunshine[edit]

While he and Dr. Girlfriend were separated, the Monarch attacked Captain Sunshine's sidekick Wonder Boy during a fit of drunken rage. Wonder Boy died as a result of being set on fire and his charred remains were mailed back to Captain Sunshine, leaving Captain Sunshine to seek revenge.

Butterfly Kisses[edit]

Extremely high strung, he has depended on Dr. Girlfriend, his long-time partner in love and crime, more than was necessary. The Monarch had wooed Dr. Girlfriend, who was known as Queen Etheria at the time, from Phantom Limb in a whirlwind romance. They quickly established a partnership of villainy, but it was fraught with insecurity and jealousy. Dr. Girlfriend especially draws out his sensitive side and this more than anything else gives others the impression of fallibility. As such a passionate man his strong emotions have greatly interfered with his villainous plans. His emotional nature, as well as efforts by Phantom Limb, led to their eventual break up and The Monarch's imprisonment.

However, after a prison break the Monarch attempts to kidnap Dr. Girlfriend and starts a contest of one-upmanship with Phantom Limb. Dr. Killinger helped reunite the couple using the Monarch's poetry. After promising Dr. Girlfriend he would stop arching Dr. Venture, Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend were married. Unfortunately, the wedding was interrupted by Phantom Limb's attempted coup of The Guild of Calamitous Intent.

The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend escaped and eventually moved into Phantom Limb's home after his disappearance. However, there was strain due to the henchmen not being used in favor of Dr. Girlfriend's Murderous Moppets; this was on top of the Monarch's hatred of Dr.Venture causing him to kill his last 5 arches. He eventually raided the Venture Compound but failed and managed to keep it a secret from the now Dr. Mrs. the Monarch.


While he is considered by some to be ineffective, The Monarch captured Dr. Venture, Hank, Dean and even Brock, successfully used his henchmen to infiltrate the Venture Compound, enacted a plan to inject Dr. Venture with a serum that changed him into a caterpillar, gave the robot G.U.A.R.D.O. chlamydia (although it is possible that this was said in jest, or metaphorically), and entered Venture Industries by slipping past Brock and his security team to have unfettered access inside. The Monarch is also deadly with his primary weapon, wrist darts. In one instance, The Monarch neutralized four of Brock Samson's trained security in the blink of an eye, before they could react or raise an alarm.

It is commonly believed that while the Monarch has had the opportunity to cause great harm to the Venture family, he chooses to let them go because he'd rather have a constant archenemy than be victorious but without a foe.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • He is allergic to sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes), which cause his face to swell up when consumed.
  • Both he and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch are swingers, believing it to be part of the life of a supervillain.

Episode Appearances[edit]

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