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Hank Venture


"Double damnit!"
Other Names
Real Name: Henry Allen Venture
Runs With Scissors
Russian Guyovitch
Enrico Matassa
The Bat
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch
Venture Family, Shallow Gravy


Henry "Hank" Allen Venture is the blonder of the Venture brothers. He's often off gallivanting with his twin, Dean as they accompany their father Dr. Thaddeus Venture on adventures, mainly because Rusty has no place else to put them. Hank also has a close relationship with the family's bodyguard Brock Samson and looks up to him at times. Hank is the more adventuresome of the twins as evidenced in Fallen Arches, when Hank expresses his frustration at Dean's insistence that they "always get a grown up." In Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 2) and Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman, Dean calls Hank Henry Allen Venture (he is also called this by Rusty back in Love-Bheits).

Love (and touching)[edit]

A romantic interest did develop when Molotov Cocktease filled in for Brock Samson. Hank determined that he had become a man after realizing his feelings for Molotov. These feelings were strong enough to make Hank give up his girl posters and with the influence of some mind altering substance, to attempt patricide during Assassinanny 911. They were also strong enough to "bring the Apaches back to put a teepee in his trunks."

Hank is the only brother with memories of inappropriate touching by Sgt. Hatred (Dean having passed out from the wine); however, he appears to have come to grips with it, as shown by his ability to confront Sgt. Hatred (albeit in disguise) at the Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend's wedding.

Hank shows interest in Triana Orpheus's friend Kim but is blown off. In exchange, though, he may gain an Arch-nemesis later in life from their double date. They never would have worked out anyway; she wanted to be a supervillain and he wanted to be Batman.

Hank is involved in a one-sided love triangle (or square in this case) with the Quymn girls, Nancy and Drew. Nancy and Drew are immune to his charms; they seem to just ignore him more than anything and are far more interested in his younger (by four minutes) brother Dean. If the Venture and Quymn families hadn't parted so abruptly after Hank's circumcision, he might have had a better chance with the girls; they weren't too keen on Dean when they realized he was "uncut." However, in Are You There God? It's Me, Dean, Dr. Venture mentions that Hank should not brag to his brother about "his circumcision", which would indicate that Hank was fully "cut" before season 3. This is NOT an inconsistency, the original circumsized Hank was killed in the season one finale.

In the episode Everybody Comes to Hank's Hank sleeps with Dermott's sister, Nikki. It is later revealed that Nikki is actually Dermott's mother and that she was impregnated by Dr. Venture. When Hank finds this out he has his memory wiped, but records himself a message before hand about the fact that he lost his virginity.

Blown Up and Got Killed[edit]

In Return to Spider-Skull Island Hank and Dean had decided to run away from home for fear that a “baby” their father was carrying, who would later be discovered was actually a twin brother, Jonas Venture Jr., that Rusty had absorbed in the womb, would be loved more than they were. During their travels they ran into the Monarch, now in prison since the events of The Trial of the Monarch, who told them that they should go back home. Rusty and Dr. Orpheus retrieved them and let the boys ride along the car in their hover scooters. At the same time Henchman 21 and 24, carrying out some errands for the imprisoned Monarch, were looking for ammo to power a gun they planned to use to kill the Venture Bros. Running upon Hank and Dean, and not even realizing who they were, they asked the boys if they knew of a place to find ammo. Henchman 21 raises the weapon and accidentally kills Hank and Dean, blowing them off their hover scooters.

Clone Sores[edit]

In Powerless in the Face of Death, it's revealed that at some undetermined point in the past the original Hank and Dean Venture were killed. Since then they have been repeatedly “resurrected” as clones. The brothers have been accidentally killed numerous times, with the hover bike accident being the fourteenth. After each death a set of Clone Slugs, unformed clones that are even more immature and unintelligent than the boys normally are, was grown into full clones and fed information downloaded from a computer back-up of Dean and Hank's memories. Both Hank and Dean are kept in the dark about this important aspect of their lives, even after discovering vats containing their clones during Viva los Muertos.

See Clone Slugs for more information

Russian Henchman[edit]

After being kidnapped by The Monarch's henchmen in the 2-part Season 2 finale, Hank, Brock, Dr. Venture, and Dean are invited to the wedding and with Dr Venture serving as best man.

Hank and Dean go with Henchmen 21 and 24, respectively, to get dressed for the wedding. Henchman 21 gives Hank an old uniform/costume (one of the "fuzzy" henchman suits from "The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay") and the two begin playing with 21's assortment of toys. Hank finds that the toy Quisp has a removable goatee and puts it on himself. Henchman 21 remarks that Hank looks like the Mirror Mirror version of Hank or The Green Arrow.

Upon arriving at the wedding, Hank is informed by Brock that he is sitting next to Sgt. Hatred. Hank decides to put on the goatee and lift his henchman hood to disguise himself. He introduces himself as "Russian Guyovich" after asking Sgt. Hatred if he's going to "bad touch" him.

The same disguise later gets Hank mixed into the Fluttering Horde as they execute their attack on Phantom Limb. Hank tells Brock, who is now leading the horde into battle and too pumped to see through the disguise, that he's part of a henchman exchange program.


Hank Venture is dressed as a parody of Fred "Freddie" jones from Scooby Doo, sharing many qualities with Fred, including his blond hair, clothing and adventurously inquisitive personality.

Episode Appearances[edit]