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Dean Venture


"A mystery's afoot!"
Other Names
Real Name: Roger Dean Venture (hinted, but not clarified)
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voice Artist: Michael Sinterniklaas
Venture Family
The Guild of Calamitous Intent (briefly)


Dean Venture is the smarter but more reserved Venture Brother. He is the younger twin brother, by four minutes, of Hank Venture. Dean's father is the legendary boy adventurer, Thaddeus S. Venture. His grandfather was the brilliant scientist and adventurer Jonas Venture.

As would be expected from his lineage, Dean's always ready for adventure, but he and his brother are constantly hampered by their naivete and poor rearing. The work of Dr. Venture often puts the boys in danger, though they are generally unaware of how dangerous it is. Even through kidnappings, brainwashing, fondling and repeated targeting by The Monarch Dean always keeps optimistic and maintains hope of a rescue by his family's bodyguard Brock Samson, or one of Dr. Venture's inventions.

Part of his naive attitude stems from Dean's limited contact with the real world. Most of what Dean's learned about life has come either from his “learning bed” or from the skewed world of villains, violence, and super science that he is exposed to every day. Another influence is literature. As well as being a follower of The Giant Boy Detective series of books, Dean has also shown an interest in plays such as Lady Windermere's Fan, which he attempted to perform in full during the events of Fallen Arches. These interests do however cloud Dean's ability to distinguish fantasy from reality.

More recently Dean has shown a desire to live a normal life away from the dangers (and crazy stuff they have to deal with) of an adventurer (a desire once echoed by a young Rusty Venture to Dr. Jonas Venture. Due to similarities between Dean & his father, Dr. Venture appears to be grooming Dean to follow in his footsteps and carry on the family business (favoring Dean over the more rebellious Hank).

Who's Mommy?[edit]

Dean has no mother figure in his life. His true mother's identity is unclear with the best candidate being perhaps Myra Brandish, a woman introduced in I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills as a former bodyguard that Rusty had admitted to sharing a tryst with. Myra, having devolved into a disturbed individual, thinks that she is the boys' mother; however, this claim has been proven false in Momma's Boys when Dr. Venture admitted to both the boys and Sgt. Hatred that he merely let Myra believe she was their mother to get free daycare.

The absence of a mother has lead both Brock and HELPeR, the family's robot, to take on some mother-like roles for the boys. Brock is naturally protective and can even be nurturing at times (such as when he checks the boys for lice). During one incident, Dean was convinced that Dr. Girlfriend was his mother and clung to the belief despite reassurances from her that she wasn't.

Love (and touching)[edit]

This lack of a female role model may contribute to Dean's attitude toward girls appearing to be to be stuck in an early adolescent phase. His unfamiliarity with the ways of love once lead him and Hank to an awkward encounter with a New York City prostitute in The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay.

A romantic interest did develop when Dr. Byron Orpheus moved onto the Venture Compound. Dean's heart was set aflutter after meeting Orpheus' daughter, Triana and was instantly smitten. The unrequited crush still persists with little notice from Triana herself. This is despite a "sorta" double date between Dean and Triana with Hank and Kim during Victor. Echo. November..

One twisted relationship that Dean was involved with for a short time was with Baron Ünderbheit during the episode Love-Bheits On their way home from a costume contest where the Ventures entered as Star Wars characters (except for Hank, dressed as The Batman) their plane, the X-1, was brought down by the Baron over Ünderland. Upon seeing Dean in his Princess Leia outfit, the Baron presumed Dean to be Dr. Venture's daughter and sought "her" hand in marriage. Fortunately the wedding was interrupted by the Ventures with the assistance of a band of rebels, including the Baron's former minions Catclops and Girl Hitler. Dean drops his robes to prove that he's a boy and the rebels have the Baron banished from Ünderland, on the grounds that same-sex weddings are against the law in the country.

In another area of inappropriate affections toward Dean by a villain, Hank tells of an incident where Sergeant Hatred tied up both of the boys and '”touch[ed] them inappropriately”. Dean doesn't remember this happening at all and Hank believes it's because Dean was passed out on wine, presumably given to him by Sgt. Hatred.

The latest twisted relationship toward Dean was by Dr. Quymn's twin daughters Nancy and Drew. These girls first showed interest in him probably because they haven't been around guys that much but have somehow grasped the concept of a sexual relationship. Dean soon finds himself in their trap and is almost caught in a threesome but freaks out when he sees one of the twin's breasts, something that he probably hasn't ever seen in his current incarnation... or even at all. Nothing further happens as they are interrupted by the girl's bodyguard and later the twins are repulsed after they learn Dean is uncircumcised.

His love for Triana Orpheus is partially returned after he stands up for her honour in the episode The Buddy System when he fights a kid who had been bullying everyone and he finally snaps when he picks on her.

Twisted Testes[edit]

Dean once suffered from a condition called Testicular Torsion, where the blood supply to the testicles is cut off. This was discovered after Dean experienced severe groin pain while he and his family were in the clutches of the Monarch during Are You There God? It's Me, Dean. Under the terms of Rusty's Law, the Monarch was forced to let Dean go but held onto Hank and Brock for collateral.

After Dean “shooting dope into [his] scrotum” was ruled out by by Dr. Venture, the help of Pete White and Master Billy Quizboy is employed to fix the condition. After suffering the humiliation of having the pubic hair he had just recently grown shaved off Dean was further embarrassed from a visit by Triana who saw him in his bandage diaper. Very soon after, Hank was afflicted with Testicular Torsion as well. This lead the boys, with the help of Brock and Rusty, to do a public service announcement for the Scrotal Safety Commission.

Blown Up and Got Killed[edit]

In Return to Spider-Skull Island Dean and Hank had decided to run away from home for fear that a “baby” their father was carrying (who would later be discovered as Rusty's twin brother, Jonas Venture Jr. who had been absorbed in the womb), would be loved more than they were. During their travels they ran into the Monarch, now in prison since the events of The Trial of the Monarch, who told them that they should go back home. Rusty and Dr. Orpheus retrieved them and let the boys ride ahead of the car in their hover scooters. At the same time Henchman 21 and 24, carrying out some errands for the imprisoned Monarch, were looking for ammo to power a gun they planned to use to kill the Venture Bros. Running upon Hank and Dean, and not even realizing who they were, they asked the boys if they knew of a place to find ammo. Henchman 21 raises and accidentally discharges the weapon killing Dean and Hank.

Clone Sores[edit]

In Powerless in the Face of Death, it's revealed that at some undetermined point in the past the original Dean and Hank Venture were killed. Since then they have been repeatedly “resurrected” as clones. The brothers have been accidentally killed numerous times, with the hover bike accident being the fourteenth. After each death a pair of Clone Slugs, unformed clones that are even more immature and unintelligent than the boys normally are, were grown into full clones and fed information downloaded from a computer back-up of Dean and Hank's memories. Both Hank and Dean are kept in the dark about this important aspect of their lives, even after discovering vats containing their own clones during Viva los Muertos. However, in "A Very Venture Halloween" Dean is told he is a clone by one of the men who helped Rusty develop the technology, and spends the episode dealing with this fact. Dean then chooses not to tell Hank in order to spare him from the emotional turmoil that Dean is experiencing.

See Clone Slugs for more information

The Neverending Breakdown[edit]

After becoming locked within the engine room of The Monarch's Floating Cocoon, Dean starts to hallucinate a fantasy world, named Insectia, where he is a hero. The cause of the hallucination might be attributed to the fumes in the poorly ventilated engine room.

In his visions Dean is guided by amalgamations of his friends and family mixed with fictional characters. He meets Giant Boy Detective and Princess Tingle Pants, as played by a version of Triana, the white oracle Pete White, and a large grey lab rat with his father's voice and features.

This whole foray of Dean's into a fantasy world may have been a way for Dean to deal with the stresses of being both the son of a super-scientist and an insecure adolescent male. After Dean is rescued Brock implies that these disconnects with reality happen “all the time.”

Fun Facts[edit]

In Season 4.2, Dean lists his top four dreams jobs as: Boy Reporter, Boy Detective, Marine Biologist, and Husband, in that order. It's assumed that his fifth dream job was a Retiarius, the type of Roman gladiator who fights with a net and a trident, but Dean erased it from the list after Hank told him a Retiarii was a "gay lord" type of gladiator.

Episode Appearances[edit]