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Clone Slugs


Insurance for death prone children! Available in small, medium and large!
1st appearance: Powerless in the Face of Death
Hank Slugs
Dean Slugs

The Clone Slugs were half-formed clones of Hank and Dean Venture that Dr. Venture created years ago from nail clippings (he thinks). At least 56 clones were held in liquid suspension in an otherwise unused portion of the Venture Compound. They were created by Dr. Venture mainly to be used to replace the boys whenever they die, or potentially for spare parts.

The process is briefly described in Powerless in the Face of Death by Dr. Venture when he explains the situation to a confused Dr. Orpheus who confronted an escaped pair of slugs at his door. Not yet fully formed, the boys were barely cognizant and their bodies were weak, Brock noting that they feel like giant Stretch Armstrongs. By this point the boys had died and been replaced fourteen times.

Hank accidentally stumbles upon the Clone Slugs in ¡Viva los Muertos! and freaks out before Dr. Venture, thinking quickly, tells him that they are just a Christmas gift for him and Dean.

In The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part 2), Sergeant Hatred leads the Clone Slug army into battle in an attempt to distract the combined forces of General Treister's OSI troops and The Fluttering Horde henchmen. They are systematically destroyed, mostly by an out of control Monarch in his Death's Head Panoply suit. With all the clone slugs destroyed, Hank and Dean were left with no failsafe if they should ever be killed or injured and are now doomed to live more like normal boys.

While the boys were babies, one Dean clone slug was aborted by Dr. Venture due to defects, but he survived on his own for about 19 years.