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The Venture Bros. episode
A Party For Tarzan
Season 6
Venture ep610 003 alksjd78237ajhHJSh.jpg
Orig. Airdate Mar 13, 2016
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 609
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It Happening One Night 70 Red Means Stop


In a case of mistaken identity, the Guild targets Dr. Venture for assassination, pooping his party for a fancy new friend.


  • In Gary's flashbacks The Monarch and his Henchmen have the same outfits as they did in the pilot.
  • Young Gary is also seen wearing his old outfit which Hank wore in Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part II).
  • In Home Insecurity, Gary mentioned the Monarch's henchmen kidnapped him when he was a teenager.
  • H.E.L.P.eR. is staring at the same type of Problem machine that was seen on Gargantua-1 in Careers in Science.
  • Henchman 21 wearing the T-Shirt that the monarch gave him in The Devil's Grip.
  • Brock is still seeing Warriana after deciding to form a relationship with her in Tanks for Nuthin'.
  • Sergeant Hatred is still recovering after being released from the hospital in It Happening One Night.
  • The Council of 13 mistaking Dr. Venture for The Blue Morpho similar to how Billy did in Rapacity in Blue.
  • The Monarch not knowing Henchman 21's name was shown in The Devil's Grip.
  • Gary continues to deal with his guilt over having killed a man, as shown in the previous two episodes Tanks for Nuthin' and It Happening One Night.
  • Battleaxe is shown to have survived the crash of the Haranguetank in Tanks for Nuthin' and is seen tending bar with bandages on her face, a black eye and wearing a neck brace.
  • Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and Dr. Z mention the surveillance video Wide Wale gave them in Tanks for Nuthin'


On Wide Wale's urging, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch shoots Dr. Venture—who is dressed as the Blue Morpho—with a sniper rifle. A series of flashbacks detail how this event came to happen: looking to gain publicity, Venture attends a party with Billy and Pete, where he encounters and befriends actor Christopher Lambert. Meanwhile, as the Guild prepares a response to destroy the Blue Morpho, the Monarch heads to arch his newly-assigned nemesis. In order to divert suspicion away from himself, the Monarch has 21—who recalls how he was kidnapped by the Monarch's henchmen years ago and joined them—become the Blue Morpho and kill his next target. Dr. Z reveals that due to a sexual encounter in the 1970s he had with the original Blue Morpho, who was undercover as Billie Jean King on Jonas's orders, he knows that the Blue Morpho will do anything for the Venture family. Dr. Venture plans a party for Lambert, and his efforts to find a suitable outfit result in him unwittingly acquiring the Blue Morpho's suit. He goes out to watch a lunar eclipse in the suit, resulting in the events at the beginning of the episode. However, Venture survives the shot due to the suit having a bulletproof vest embedded in it. The Monarch carries out his arching as instructed, and 21, despite hesitating, appears to kill the Blue Morpho's next target. As a result, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch and the rest of the Guild conclude that the Blue Morpho is neither the Monarch nor Venture.

Fun Facts

  • It is revealed Henchman 21's full name is Gary Fisher.
  • The Council of 13 come to believe that The Blue Morpho is not Dr. Venture.
  • It is revealed that Blue Morpho got most of his gadgets from Jonas Venture Sr.
  • The Monarch gets a new arch-enemy.
  • The Monarch's flashback at the Venture compound is said to take place "50 years ago", which would make Dr. Venture a lot older than he actually is.

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