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An episode listing and guide for all seasons of The Venture Bros television show. Each entry includes a screenshot, a short summary and a link to the episode's complete article for more information.

Following the episode guide is information on other official media relating to the show, such as songs and DVD extras.




Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer

The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay

Pilot 0-01 Feb. 16, 2003 Jackson Publick
Super-scientist Thaddeus S. Venture is planning to unveil his latest invention at the United Nations. His teenage twin boys, Hank and Dean, come along for an adventure and get more than they bargained for when they become the potential targets of a perverted ninja and a butterfly themed super-villain, The Monarch.
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Season 1[edit]


Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer

Dia de los Dangerous!

1 1-01 Aug 7, 2004 Jackson Publick
The Ventures go to Tijuana, Mexico so Rusty can teach a class at the community college. Unbeknowst to them, The Monarch is there too, having followed the migration patterns of his namesake butterflies. This puts the boys in danger when a young henchman plots their kidnapping in order to advance in the Horde's ranks. What wasn't accounted for was the brutal resiliency of their bodyguard, Brock Samson.
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Careers in Science

2 1-02 August 14, 2004 Doc Hammer
Amongst the rest of Jonas Venture's legacy there is the marvelous space station, Gargantua-1. But, the space station has a problem and that problem is a light that signifies problems, the problem light. Is the prob... er, the complication the unfulfilled lust of Anna Baldavich for her prudish crewmate, Bud Manstrong? Or is it Phantom Spaceman, the ghost haunting the station who is almost as jerky as Baldavich is hideously ugly.

Home Insecurity

3 1-07 Aug 21, 2004 Jackson Publick
The Monarch and Baron Underbheit compete to destroy the Venture Family. Dr. Venture inadvertently tries his hand at the same goal as his new security robot is set loose upon the compound. Who will save them with Brock away at a retreat where he meets legends of both military and myth?

The Incredible Mr. Brisby

4 1-05 Aug 28, 2004 Jackson Publick
Dr. Venture gets invited to discuss a job offer at "the funnest place on earth", Brisbyland! But things aren't as nice as they seem. And when Hank and Dean get kidnapped and Brock gets knocked out, it takes an old flame of his to help set things straight. But whom is she helping?
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Eeney, Meeney, Miney... Magic!

5 1-04 Sep 4, 2004 Doc Hammer
It takes a new neighbor to save the Venture Brothers and Brock from Dr. Venture's latest invention.

Ghosts of the Sargasso

6 1-08 Sep 11, 2004 Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
When Dr. Venture tries to salvage one of his father's lost experimental jets lost at sea, he digs up more than anyone expected. And it's up to Hank, Dean and Brock to deal with some pirates who overrun their boat.

Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer

Ice Station -- Impossible!

7 1-09 Sep 18, 2004 Jackson Publick
While Dr. Venture is visiting at a super secret think tank, Hank becomes infected with a deadly chemical weapon. And Dr. Venture has his own issues to deal with in the form of an anal retentive jealous husband.

Mid-Life Chrysalis

8 1-03 Sep 25, 2004 Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
The Monarch hatches a deadly new plan to get Dr. Venture. But Dr. Girlfriend is beginning to have second thoughts. Meanwhile, Brock finds out that his OSI license has expired.

Are You There God? It's Me, Dean

9 1-10 Oct 2, 2004 Doc Hammer
A difficult run in with the Monarch leads to the invocation of "Rusty's Law" as Dean is afflicted with a crippling pain. Brock and Hank, however, remain hostages in the Monarch's Cocoon until the medical emergency can be resolved.
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Tag-Sale -- You're it!

10 1-6 Oct 9, 2004 Doc Hammer
When Dr. Venture decides to hold a tag sale at the Venture Compound, Brock has to call in reinforcements as every villain around for miles shows up to see what bargains they can find, including The Monarch and Baron Underbheit.

Past Tense

11 1-12 Oct 16, 2004 Jackson Publick
A funeral for an old college buddy leads Dr. Venture and Brock into the clutches of a madman. While they are forced to relive the past, it is up to Hank, Dean and the original Team Venture to save the day.
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The Trial of the Monarch

12 1-13 Oct 23, 2004 Doc Hammer
After an emotional argument with The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend runs into the arms of an old friend for comfort. And The Monarch ends up on trial for murder with Dr. Venture and Orpheus in the gallery watching.
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Return to Spider-Skull Island

13 1-11 Oct 30, 2004 Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
Dr. Venture ends up in the hospital and find out that there is another member of the Venture family tree. Meanwhile, Hank and Dean (left in Dr. Orpheus' care) decide to run away and end up meeting The Monarch.
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Season 2[edit]


Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer

Powerless in the Face of Death

14 2-20 June 25, 2006 Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
Rusty tries to cope with what happened to Hank and Dean. Orpheus' grief leads him to a new goal. The Monarch plans to break out of the joint. Triana cries cause she loved Dean so much.
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Hate Floats

15 2-19 July 2, 2006 Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
Dr. Venture and Brock bring the boys to the mall in order to buy Dean a "speedsuit" in Rusty's image. There they run into a newly reformed Fluttering Horde and The Monarch planning to get Dr. Girlfriend back.
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Assassinanny 911

16 2-16 July 9, 2006 Jackson Publick
Brock is sent on a mission to find his old mentor, Col. Hunter Gathers. As his temporary replacement Molotov Cocktease keeps the Venture crew in line. But infatuation with the deadly redhead puts Hank and Rusty at odds.

Escape to the House of Mummies Part II

17 2-18 July 16, 2006 Doc Hammer
Dr. Venture takes on the Cult of Osiris, with a little help from Dr. Orpheus and some assistance from Pete White and Master Billy Quizboy. Time travel, a portal to Hell and a bet with Orpheus creates chaos for all of Team Venture.
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Twenty Years to Midnight

18 2-17 Aug 6, 2006 Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
An twenty year old videotape from Jonas Sr. sends the family on a world-trotting search for a special invention. Along the way they come up against forces from the past, including a pill-popping grown-up boy adventurer (not Rusty), a genius scientist (still not Rusty), and a odd being that dislikes attention (definitely not Rusty).
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Victor. Echo. November.

19 2-15 Aug 13, 2006 Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
While Hank and Dean ruin their sorta date with Triana Orpheus and Kim, Phantom Limb and Dr. Girlfriend meet up with The Monarch to reinstate him into the guild. Not to be out-jealoused, Monarch shows up with a new gal pal. As the competition escalates Phantom Limb tries to have the Ventures killed.
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Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer


20 2-14 Aug 20, 2006 Jackson Publick
On the way back from a costume contest the Ventures have to fly over Ünderland. The Baron notices this invasion of his airspace and pulls the X1 into his possession. These events lead to the Wedding of the Century, until the other Wedding of the Century later in the season.
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Fallen Arches

21 2-22 Sep 3, 2006 Doc Hammer
Dr. Orpheus has finally been approved by The Guild for an arch-nemesis. The catch: He needs a hero group to be eligible. So he seeks out his old pals to reform The Order of the Triad. Meanwhile, Henchmen 21 and 24 use forged documents and stolen jet packs in an attempt to become independent villains. Can they match up against the dastardly Monarch, who lets a whore loose to fend for herself against the perils of the Cocoon!

Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner?

22 2-21 Sep 10, 2006 Jackson Publick
When Gargantua-1 begins to lose orbit, it looks like the end of the space station and it's two inhabitants. Miraculously, the space station crashes down on a terrorist den and Bud Manstrong is invited to dinner at the White House as a hero. The Ventures are invited because isn't the person who owns the space station (Rusty) a hero too? (No). Brock meets an adversary and has to confront how he wronged Manstrong. The boys meet Abe Lincoln's ghost who has a warning about a potential murder at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and it's nothing like that Wesley Snipes movie.
Discuss Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner? on the forums.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills

23 2-23 Sep 24, 2006 Jackson Publick
The Fluttering Horde gets an overhaul as Dr. Henry Killinger makes it into a more efficient engine of destruction and love. When the boys are abducted by a mysterious insane woman, Rusty and Brock go on a mission to exorcise personal and Japanese demons
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¡Viva los Muertos!

24 2-24 Oct 1, 2006 Ben Edlund
After a failed Horde raid ends in Brock leaving some extra bodies lying around, Rusty takes advantage of the situation by creating one of his most horrific experiments yet, Venturestein! Brock, feeling guilty for the killing, goes to see Dr. Orpheus who helps him through a voyage of self-discovery. Meanwhile, the Venture compound is being investigated by The Groovy Gang, a group of teens sleuths who make the Manson family look functional. Ruh-oh!
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Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 1)

25 2-25 Oct 8, 2006 Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
Dr. Girlfriend finally convinces the Monarch to marry her! Join them in the wedding of the ... season 2 of the Venture Bros! Also, the Ventures get kidnapped and have to be in the wedding party.

Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 2)

26 2-26 Oct 15, 2006 Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
The Wedding of the Century turns into the biggest battle in The Venture Bros. History! Blood is shed! Hank saves the world! Dean saves a world! Brock flies! Henchmen are sucked (into engines)! The Sovereign is revealed! Rusty makes sarcastic remarks!

And Dr. Girlfriend reveals her biggest secret... next season.

Season 3[edit]


Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer

Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny

27 3-32 June 1, 2008 Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer
The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend are put through an inquisition (I call it a crucible) by the Guild to discover their involvement with Phantom Limb's betrayal. The Monarch (one-time Shadowman 9, part-time Malcolm, but never Manotaur) must answer difficult questions about his past with Dr. Venture, the creation of his villain persona and his fascination with Markie Post.
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The Doctor Is Sin

28 3-28 June 8, 2008 Jackson Publick
Efficiency expert, Dr. Henry Killinger, takes Venture Industries in a new direction: up. The price to pay is Dr. Orpheus' eviction, Conjectural Technologies' hostile takeover and whatever else the Magic Murder Bag holds.
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The Invisible Hand of Fate

29 3-27 June 15, 2008 Jackson Publick
Relive the rise and fall (including from the toilet) of Master Billy "Quizboy" Whalen. Dredge into the depths of the underground Quiz circuit, with Pete White as your guide. Feel the probe of The Nozzle, the crazy sorrow of Myra Brandish, the titful longing of Hunter Gathers, and Brock's dejection upon being transferred to Operation: Rusty's Blanket
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Home Is Where the Hate Is

30 3-37 June 22, 2008 Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick
While the Monarch gets accustomed to his new home in the town of Malice, his neighbor Sgt. Hatred celebrates his new job, arching Dr. Venture and his beautiful underage boys, with a proper shindig.
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The Buddy System
N vb.jpg

31 3-30 June 29, 2008 Doc Hammer
Rusty hosts a day camp for boy adventurers on the Venture Compound with the help of Billy Quizboy, The Order of the Triad, the Pirate Captain and Jonny Quest. Amongst the attendees are the Murderous Moppets spying for the Monarch and a man-teen who befriends Hank but really strikes a nerve with Brock.
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Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman
Dq mw.jpg

32 3-31 July 6, 2008 Jackson Publick
Dr. Venture accidentally runs into his old friend Dr. Quymn in the Amazon Rain Forest and tries to put the moves on her. Meanwhile, Hank tries to impress Dr. Quymn's twin daughters, Nancy and Drew. Both girls want Dean, but he only wants to solve the mystery of the Wereodile, and Brock meets his match in Ginnie, Dr. Quymn's bodyguard.
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Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer

What Goes Down, Must Come Up

33 3-33 July 13, 2008 Jackson Publick
Brock and Dr. Venture, while attempting to re-use some old machinery, both wind up trapped underground.

While Hank and Dean reach out for help to find their missing father and bodyguard, Brock meets a former colleague of Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. and Dr. Venture meets a group of crazed fanatics living in his basement.

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Tears of a Sea Cow

34 3-34 July 20, 2008 Doc Hammer
The Monarch longs for the days when he could arch Dr. Venture. When he hears that Dr. Venture is at a science convention, The Monarch grabs 21 and 24 for a night of trashing the Venture Compound. Will The Monarch violate Guild orders, in more ways than one?
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Now Museum - Now You Don't!
Nm nydep2.jpg

35 3-35 July 27, 2008 Jackson Publick
JJ decides to create a museum in honor of his late father, Dr. Jonas Venture Sr., on Spider-Skull Island. He invites his family, his father's surviving friends and enemies, as well as a host of other people who knew Jonas. Unfortunately, Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.'s enemies, aching for revenge, decide to crash the party.
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The Lepidopterists
Tl ep1.jpg

36 3-36 Aug 3, 2008 Doc Hammer
formerly incorrectly known as "Lepidopteriot"
The Monarch takes on his newest arch, Jonas Venture Jr. #21 and #24 go out with a new Henchman #1 on a mission to install an S7 in Skull Mountain to foil Jonas Venture Jr. While on the mission they foretell #1's unstoppable death as with so many other serious henchmen Ex: Speedy.
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37 3-29 Aug 10, 2008 Doc Hammer
A series of cryptic clues sends Team Venture out to uncover a mystery left by the late Jonas Venture, Sr. As each new solved riddle exposes one more piece of secret Venture history, Brock discovers that his long-standing role as Dr. Venture's bodyguard may not have been the assignment he always thought it was.
Discuss ORB on the forums.

The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part 1)

38 3-38 Aug 17, 2008 Doc Hammer , Jackson Publick
Molotov Cocktease, The Monarch and his Alpha Team, Sgt. Hatred, and The O.S.I. Hitmen show up for this celebration of death! Will the Ventures survive? Will Brock lose his head in the battle to save them? Will Hank and Dean finally kill someone? Will Rusty get it on with a transsexual? Will I stop asking questions??
Discuss The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part 1) on the forums.

The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part 2)

39 3-39 Aug 24, 2008 Doc Hammer , Jackson Publick
Heads keep rolling in this exciting conclusion to Season 3 when Brock ingeniously thwarts his enemies (and enemies thwart themselves!). But who, really, is the enemy and will all the characters make it intact to season 4?
Discuss The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part 2) on the forums.

Season 4[edit]


Season 4 premiered on October 18 at Midnight. It will be broadcast in two halves of eight episodes each[1].
Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer

Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel
Sphynx Brock.gif

40 4-46 October 18, 2009 Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick
Find out what happens when a heart-broken Dean falls for Hitler, how a betrayed Brock Samson deals with calamity, how 21 copes with the loss of 24, and how ignorance about the comic book industry can lead to a $500,000 loss in the exciting fourth season premier of The Venture Brothers!
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Handsome Ransom

41 4-40 October 25, 2009 Jackson Publick
Hank and Dean are once again captured by The Monarch, but this time it's for cash! It's up to Rusty and Sgt. Hatred to rescue them. But the hero Captain Sunshine partly beats them to the punch when he rescues just Hank and intends to keep the teen as his new ward, sidekick and... maybe more?
Discuss Handsome Ransom on the forums.

Perchance to Dean

42 4-42 November 1, 2009 Jackson Publick
As Dean begins his musical introduction into Super Science, he also has to face Hank's accidental attempt at fratricide as well as a deformed clone's attempt at fratricide and trying to take his place.
Discuss Perchance to Dean on the forums.

Return to Malice
Return to malice.gif

43 4-43 November 8, 2009 Doc Hammer
21 Kidnaps Hank and Dean and tortures them for their nonexistant roles in the death of 24. Sergeant Hatred and Dr. Venture believe that it was The Monarch who kidnapped the boys, so they storm off to Malice to blow up his house.
Discuss Return to Malice on the forums.

The Revenge Society

44 4-41 November 15, 2009 Doc Hammer
An old foe returns with a new name and a new plan to take out the Council of 13 and find the mysterious Orb
Discuss The Revenge Society on the forums.

Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 9.44.23 PM.png

45 4-45 November 22, 2009 Jackson Publick
Dr. Venture attends a group therapy session for former boy adventurers, but a strange death causes the patients to fall back into their old mystery-solving habits. Meanwhile, Sgt. Hatred takes Hank and Dean to a movie and must control his pedophilic urges in the theater full of children when he realizes that he's run out of medication.
Discuss Self-Medication on the forums.

The Better Man

46 4-44 December 6, 2009 Doc Hammer
The Order of the Triad faces off against The Outrider, aka the-guy-who-stole-Dr.-Orpheus's-wife, in a battle to find out who the better man is. The Master helps out both Dr. Orpheus and Triana and Dean's dreams finally come true. Sort of.
Discuss The Better Man on the forums.

Pinstripes and Poltergeists

47 4-47 December 13, 2009 Missing/Unknown
Working Title: Ghosts
The Monarch and 21 prepare for their last, but they'll need the help of Monstroso and zoning regulations! To defend himself, Dr. Venture gets help from SPHINX and Brock. This all leads to an unexpected showdown between the Swedish Murder Machine and Two-Ton Twenty-One.
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Season 4 Part 2[edit]


Expected airdates may change
Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer

The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider

48 4-50 September 12, 2010 Jackson Publick
Rusty's unconscious and The Monarch plots to kill him once and for all, but will his impressive new butter-glider help or hinder him?
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Pomp and Circuitry

49 4-48 September 19, 2010 Jackson Publick
Hank and Dean graduate from their learning beds, Phantom Limb comes back to stir up some trouble, and Professor Impossible returns!
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Any Which Way But Zeus

50 4-51 September 26, 2010 Doc Hammer
A new enemy is in town, and OSI, SPHINX, The Guild of Calamitous Intent, The Peril Partnership, The Revenge Society and other organizations meet and discuss how to deal with the threat.
Discuss Any Which Way But Zeus on the forums.

Everybody Comes to Hank's

51 4-52 October 3, 2010 Doc Hammer
Hank opens a detective agency and gets to make out with hot women while on the Fictel case.
Discuss Everybody Comes to Hank's on the forums.

Bright Lights, Dean City

52 4-53 October 10, 2010 Jackson Publick
Dean heads off to the city to internship for the summer and an old foe plans revenge once more.
Discuss Bright Lights, Dean City on the forums.

Assisted Suicide

53 4-54 October 17, 2010 Doc Hammer
The Monarch tries to drive Rusty to insanity and suicide but finds out he bit more than he could chew.
Discuss Assisted Suicide on the forums.

The Silent Partners

54 4-55 October 24, 2010 Doc Hammer
Billy and Pete find out that their "seed money" has a few strings attached and contact SPHINX to help them out while a group of "vampires" collect a debt from a terminally ill King Gorilla.
Discuss The Silent Partners on the forums.

Operation: P.R.O.M.
Operation prom1.jpg

55 4-56 November 21, 2010 Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick
What's more frightening than a doll that wants to kill you with a broken bottle? What's more perilous than a car that has no brakes and is aimed at your torso? What brings more sleepless nights than the threat of chlymidia? The PROM! The Venture boys embrace societies most feared school dance in this hour long danger-pile. Will they live to look back at their rented suits with horror?

My analysis of ETE is a bit dated and could use an update, but if you’re interested in learning more about general partners or IDRs, this ETE analysis provides a far more quantitative overview of how general partners benefit diarpoportionslly after a certain point: Energy Transfer Equity Analysis

Season 5[edit]


Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer

What Color is Your Cleansuit?

56 509 June 2, 2013 Jackson Publick Doc Hammer
Everyone begins recovering from the events of Operation: P.R.O.M., and adjust to their new life, when Doc's brother reminds him about a project that needs to be done in three months. Doc recruits interns who begin to mutate with the high levels of radiation associated with the project, which attracts the attention of The Monarch.
Discuss What Color is Your Cleansuit? on the forums.

Venture Libre

57 501 June 9, 2013 Jackson Publick
One of Dr. Venture's old inventions seems to have gotten a mind of its own, so General Manhowers sends him to Central America to fix it. The Ventures must all confront their own hearts of darkness if they're to survive what's waiting for them in the jungle.
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58 502 June 16, 2013 Doc Hammer
Recently left in command of SPHINX, Gary tries to keep SPHINX's crime-fighting status, and after frequently stepping on the OSI's toes, begins a recruitment drive that ends poorly for all involved when the old SPHINX takes over.
Discuss SPHINX Rising on the forums.


59 503 June 23, 2013 Jackson Publick
Every year, since he was a little boy, Dr. Venture flies to the tiny island of Spanikos for a week of fun in the Grecian sun.
Discuss Spanakopita! on the forums.

O.S.I. Love You

60 507 June 30, 2013 Jackson Publick
Brock and the O.S.I. come under fire from the higher ups when they lose two high value super-criminal prisoners.
Discuss O.S.I. Love You on the forums.

Momma's Boys
Venture bros 5-5.jpg

61 508 July 7, 2013 Doc Hammer
A friendship built on lies threatens to unravel Dr. Venture's sanity.
Discuss Momma's Boys on the forums.

Bot Seeks Bot

62 505 July 14, 2013 Jackson Publick
Brock and the O.S.I. launch a bold and bizarre surveillance mission against one of the Council of 13's top members.
Discuss Bot Seeks Bot on the forums.

The Devil's Grip

63 506 July 21, 2013 Jackson Publick
Dr. Venture is missing... presumed dead. Sgt Hatred sends Hank and Dean to live with their godfathers to keep them out of harm's way way while he forges an unlikely alliance with Henchman 21 to wreak vengeance.
Discuss The Devil's Grip on the forums.

All This and Gargantua-2[edit]


Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer

All This and Gargantua-2
Vb special preview.jpg

601/602 Jan 19, 2015 Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer
Join the Ventures-and pretty much everyone they've ever crossed paths with-as they rocket to the Gargantua-2 space station for an epic adventure that will change the Ventureverse as we know it.

Season 6[edit]


Title Episode # Prod. Code Orig. Airdate Writer

Hostile Makeover
We're back.

64 603 Jan 31, 2016 Jackson Publick
The Ventures are back! And they're movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky. But will mo' money bring mo' problems? And can The Monarch handle the commute?
Discuss Hostile Makeover on the forums.

Maybe No Go

65 604 Feb 7, 2016 Doc Hammer
As White & Billy grapple with their arch enemy back in the old 'hood, Doc realizes he can't face his new responsibilities alone when a whale of an enemy shows him they arch uptown.

Faking Miracles

66 605 Feb 14, 2016 Jackson Publick
Doc discovers a mysterious invention that could make or break Dean's chances of getting into college, while The monarch makes a bad first impression on Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's co-workers.

Rapacity in Blue

67 606 Feb 21, 2016 Doc Hammer
A brutish supervillain launches an assault on the Ventures. Will Doc's latest invention, or a mysterious blue vigilante, save the day? Probably not.

Tanks For Nuthin'
Venture ep609 004 879HJG65shgHS.jpg

68 607 Feb 28, 2016 Jackson Publick
A revenge-seeking super-widow makes Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's job miserable, while a criminal genius has his mastermind set on arching Dr. Venture.

It Happening One Night

69 608 Mar 6, 2016 Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer
A legion of avant-grade suppervillians redefines the art of arching Dr. Venture while Hank looks for love in a den of ninjas

A Party For Tarzan

70 609 Mar 13, 2016 Doc Hammer
The Guild targets Dr. Venture for assassination, which ruins a party thrown for his fancy friend.

Red Means Stop

71 610 Mar 20, 2016 Doc Hammer
The Guild of Calamitous Intent and the O.S.I. joins forces to eliminate a common threat and Dr. Venture is the bait!

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