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Sgt. Hatred

Hatred cigar.png

"We're goin' full Nerf on this one!"
Other Names
Real Name: Courtney Haine
Uncle Vatred
1st appearance: Fallen Arches
Voice Artist: Brendon Small (First Appearance)
Christopher McCulloch (Other Appearances)
The Guild of Calamitous Intent (former)
O.S.I. (former)
Team Venture


Sergeant Hatred is a gruff looking middle-aged man who dresses in military garb and sports a red "H" on his face, with "ATRED" spelled vertically down the front of his torso. The Sergeant is first mentioned in Hate Floats as the victim of a theft of hover equipment that the Monarch's henchman stole in order to rebuild the Floating Cocoon. His first appearance is in Fallen Arches as one of many villains drooling over Dr. Venture's Walking Eye.

Likes: Young boys, hot tubbing, cocktail party games, Confederate paraphernalia, (tiny) feet

Dislikes: Being treated like a fool, thieves

Arching/Protecting Dr. Venture and Annoying The Monarch[edit]

Sgt. Hatred is the most recent bodyguard of Dr. Rusty Venture, replacing Brock Samson, after being Venture's Guild-certified arch-enemy for most of Season 3. As The Monarch had been forbidden to arch Dr. Venture, Sgt Hatred planned to use his arching assignment to annoy The Monarch rather than arch Dr. Venture. When The Monarch confronts Sgt. Hatred as to what his problem was, the Sergeant informed The Monarch that he had been biding his time since The Monarch's henchmen robbed him, that he had been arching far longer than The Monarch, and that he wouldn't be taken advantage of again. He said that he planned to make Dr. Venture's life wonderful, and that there was nothing The Monarch could do about it.

When Brock quit his job as the Venture bodyguard, Hatred asked to take the job and rejoin the OSI. Since then, he has been Dr. Venture's bodyguard, and the boys haven't died once under his protection (yet). In Operation: P.R.O.M., he has his tattoos removed, and the "H" replaced with a "V" for "Venture." The "D," however, remains, being in a sensitive area.

Home Life[edit]

Back in his Guild days, Sgt. Hatred lived in a gated community for villains called Malice. He had a typical upper class suburbanite house, complete with a basement and a deck with hot tub; however, he also had room for his henchman to hench and invent new weapons. His henchmen share his military theme (olive drab fatigues, helmets, military ranks, etc.), and have names and symbols related to grammar–e.g. Privates ~ and ə– which they have tattooed on their face. He was married to Princess Tiny Feet. When not arching, Sgt. Hatred appeared to be an average American: throwing cocktail parties, giving tours of his house, making fun of his wife's cat, and relaxing in his hot tub.

In The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part 1), while at the Venture Compound, he receives a text message from Princess Tiny Feet saying, "we need to talk." He does not take this well, becoming inconsolable and making a botched attempt at suicide with a shrink ray that leaves him with a "little baby tongue" after Dr. Mrs. The Monarch validates his feeling that such a message can only result in a bad conversation. Having little to live for, he eventually decides to leave the Guild and rejoin OSI.

In Operation: P.R.O.M., Princess Tiny Feet is returned to him by The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. She agrees to give him another chance, but only if he respects her "very unusual needs," AKA bondage.


During the events of I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills, Hank remembers another kidnapping in which he and Dean were taken advantage of by Sgt. Hatred. Dean does not remember this because he had "passed out from the wine." Hank is later forced to confront the Sergeant at The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend's wedding. He dons a fake beard and introduces himself as Russian Guyovitch. After being assured he wouldn't be bad touched, Hank is introduced to Princess Tiny Feet, who has toes like corn nibblets ("maize"). Sgt. Hatred proceeds to start licking and sucking her toes, implying that he has a foot fetish.

In Home is Where the Hate is, Sgt Hatred admits to having a troubled past involving child molestation and states, "I'm not even supposed to be within 50 feet of a beautiful minor". As Hank and Dean are leaving, Sgt Hatred asks the boys to have a sleepover, as his wife is at her mother's and he has a basement full of video games. As they get to the door, he asks them if they want to take a shower. Later, in The Buddy System, Hatred refers to the prepubescent male campers as "sexy".

When he decides to become the Ventures' bodyguard, he begins taking an experimental drug ("Nomolestol") to alleviate his pedophilic urges. In The Revenge Society, he claims that the Guild treated his pedophilia as a "special skill." Nevertheless, he tries his best to fight his urges, and (mostly) succeeds, apart from a brief fling with Billy. In a later episode, he claims that they only "cuddled."

Birth of Sgt. Hatred[edit]

In The Invisible Hand of Fate we are shown a young OSI Sgt. Haine who relieves Brock Samson and Col. Hunter Gathers of their mission to take down the Guild of Calamitous Intent. Shortly after, Haine opens a drawer and puts on a Guild ring. "Haine" being the French word for Hatred leads to the likely summation that this man would one day become Sergeant Hatred, or a well-placed spy for the Guild. The origin story of Sgt. Hatred has not yet been told, leaving the viewers with only theories as why he turned to the dark side, though it may be safe to assume his pedophilia played a large role.

In Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel, OSI agents can be heard discussing treating Hatred. During their conversation one agent notes that he was a traitor who left OSI. and the other begins the treatment by saying that it was "make all those little naked boys in your [his] head go bye-bye". Later, in Assisted Suicide, Hatred reaffirms that at one point he was in the OSI, as he brings out a dusty piece of equipment that he says is "from his old OSI days."

In Venture Libre, during a dream, it's revealed that the OSI gave him an injection that increased his aggression while lowering his empathy, causing him to pounce on General Treister's young son. It is possible that the injection itself is what originally manifested his pedophile nature, which those very same doctors would later cure him of.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Near the end of Fallen Arches, Dr. Venture is seen watching villains fight his Walking Eye from out of their kitchen window. Pause the scene and you can see multiple Sergeant Hatreds fighting the eye.
  • Sergeant Hatred's tattoo spans the length of his torso with the letter "D" framing his manhood. Now that he has had the other letters removed/altered he has a tattoo that essentially says V.D. (an abbreviation for venereal disease...made all the more hilarious by his pedophilia)
  • In Home is Where the Hate is, he's shown to have a picture of Richard Nixon in his living room.
  • Likes Hawaiian pizza, country music.
  • In a deleted scene from Self-Medication, he says that he's 49, although in The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider, he says he's "over fifty."
  • According to an interview with Jackson and Doc, his voice is that of a "bad, washed up Doctor Strange."
  • Sergeant Hatred's voice and attitude is reminiscent of George C. Scott's several military-based roles. He may have been based loosely on Scott.
  • Sergeant Hatred may also have been inspired of a Marvel Comics character and Captain America villain Nuke. Nuke has a large build, a short buzzcut, and a tattoo of the American flag on his face. He also takes red, white, and blue pills to control his adrenaline, similar to Hatred's pedophile medication.
  • Sergeant Hatred may be partly inspired by the professional wrestler and G.I Joe character Sgt. Slaughter.

Episode Appearances[edit]