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Office of Secret Intelligence


1st appearance: Mid-Life Chrysalis
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The Office of Secret Intelligence, or OSI, is a highly secretive, elite agency of the United States government. They have been protecting America since the Second American Revolution (the invisible one) through espionage, assassination, and any other means necessary.

Duties and operation[edit]

OSI's duties include protecting America from any threats, from within or out, by any means necessary. To that end they have the ability to issue a License to Kill to their agents. Notably, many of their high ranking agents have a prominent single characteristic, reflected in their clothing ever since they relaxed the dress code. Lower ranked agents wear uniforms.Their current headquarters are a massive, flying aircraft-carrier.

Recently, their most important duty appears to be regulating the American hero, or protagonist, community. It's OSI that sets the rules, assigns the bodyguards, and offers aide to counteract the villainous Guild of Calamitous Intent. They also have the ability to gather various experts, from OSI, The Guild, and other organizations, when necessary to fight against a mutual threat.

From the beginning of the series, OSI was led by the eccentric General Timothy Treister. Glimpses into their history have revealed that Colonel Hunter Gathers was at one time a one-on-one training agent. Before the reemergence of The Guild of Calamitous Intent, they mostly fought SPHINX, often in large battles. As of the end of season 4, General Treister trusts the charge of OSI to former member (and current SPHINX leader) Hunter Gathers when Treister decides to search off planet for the cure to his "peepee cancer".


The OSI is quite similar to the fictional GI Joe organization, although far more violent, going so far as to destroy the evil organization SPHINX (itself a parody of GI Joe's enemy Cobra Command). Their garishly dressed special agents reflect the style of the Joes, as does their battle cry of "YO-S-I".

The most commonly seen OSI soldier's uniform resembles that of SHIELD, a similar agency in Marvel comics, which is also headquartered in a massive, flying aircraft carrier.

It could also take inspiration from the OSS, precursor to the CIA founded during World War II, or the Office of Scientific Intelligence, the fictional government agency from the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman TV series (among others).