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Wonder Boy

Wonder boy.jpg

"...I mean, I can't even get an erection now unless I'm tied to a chair with a time bomb taped to my chest."
Other Names
Real Name: Various
1st appearance: Self-Medication
Voice Artist: Patton Oswalt / Christopher McCulloch/Larry Murphy

Wonder Boy is the codename adopted by a series of sidekicks to Captain Sunshine There are five separate known former Wonder Boys:

  • The current Captain Sunshine was Wonder Boy to the original Captain Sunshine
  • An overweight, legally and emotionally troubled one who appears in Self-Medication
  • One who was killed by the Monarch. This could be the Wonder Boy III memorialized with a statue outside of Chuck Scarsdale's home, although the inscription: "In Loving Memory WONDERBOY III 1990-2006.
  • Hank Venture
  • Wonder Boy 5 who was first shown in the role in Bot Seeks Bot

The general profile for a Wonder Boy seems to be an orphan boy under the age of eighteen. If Captain Sunshine's relationship with Hank is indicative, the recruitment is proactive and has strong homoerotic undertones. Wonder Boys are enticed with residence in the stately Scarsdale manor and life of toy-filled luxury interspersed with crime fighting.

The earliest known Wonder Boy was discharged when he turned eighteen and is currently engaged in a long series of legal disputes with Captain Sunshine. He now appears at mall openings in costume, but is no longer legally entitled to use the name Wonder Boy. He suffers from a bad knee, an eating disorder, and an inability to get an erection unless he is tied to a chair. To combat some of the emotional issues, he was in boy adventurer group therapy until the therapist was killed by a poisonous snake.

Little is known of the Wonder Boy who fell prey to the Monarch. He was apparently reduced to charred remains and mailed to Captain Sunshine. In the episode Assisted Suicide, Henchman 21 makes a reference to having seen a man in a rainbow outfit being crushed by giant penny: this could mean that The Monarch used a giant penny (seen in Captain Sunshine's Sanctum Solarium) to kill Wonderboy. The penny was inscribed with an image of The Monarch and the slogan "Die Captain Sunshine".

The latest known Wonder Boy is Hank Venture who allowed Captain Sunshine to believe he was an orphan and adapted to the lifestyle quite nicely before his subterfuge was discovered. This is no longer accurate. As of season 5, a new Wonderboy has been seen attending a funeral for Boggles the Clue Clown with an overly distraught Captain Sunshine.


  • Wonder Boy is an obvious parody of Robin, Batman's sidekick. Robin was often called "The Boy Wonder," and each Wonder Boy shares certain parallels with each incarnation of Robin. The first Wonder Boy introduced in "Self-Medication" was discharged from his position much like Dick Grayson was by Batman. The second Wonder Boy was killed and reduced to "charred remains" by The Monarch, much like Jason Todd was beaten with a crowbar by The Joker and left to die in an explosion. Tim Drake wasn't actually an orphan when he became the next Robin, and neither was Hank Venture when he opted to stay with Captain Sunshine as the next Wonder Boy instead of going home.

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