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The Venture Bros. episode
What Color is Your Cleansuit?
Season 5
Orig. Airdate June 2, 2013
Writer(s) Doc Hammer Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 509
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Everyone begins recovering from the events of Operation: P.R.O.M., and adjust to their new life, when Doc's brother reminds him about a project that needs to be done in three months. Doc recruits interns who begin to mutate with the high levels of radiation associated with the project, which attracts the attention of The Monarch.



Taking place immediately after Operation P.R.O.M., Brock Samson and Shore Leave investigate the wreckage of the Limo Molotov Cocktease and Monstroso were in last episode only to find no trace of the supervillains except a life-size inflatable Monstroso in their place. Dean Venture, have been dropped off by The Outrider and blowing him off, tries to lecture Hank Venture about ditching him. However Hank spent the night at Dermott's house as he's woken up by Nikki. While Gary gets a rude wakening from the new leader of the O.S.I., Hunter Gathers, Sergeant Hatred brings Princess Tiny Feet back to his old home in Malice hoping to get back together with her, only to find she's hooked up with Scorpio. The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch arrive just next door with the former waiting for his henchman to return, apparently in denial of 21's quitting. Back at the compound Dr. Venture gets a call from Jonas Jr. that he's expecting a Ray Shield for Gargantua-2 from Rusty in three months (as it was in "development" for two years). After the call Rusty wakes up his date from last night, only to be greeted by a fly monster.

After the Intro, in the SPHINX warehouse, everyone is packing up to go back to the O.S.I. including Brock, Shore Leave, and Mile High. But since Gary can't go they leave him the entire SPHINX organization to make up for it. The scene shifts into the kitchen where Thaddeus is enlisting the help of Conjectural Technologies' Billy and Pete when Dean walk through sporting a new Emo look with gas tank. Rusty finds his son outside setting fire to his Learning Bed and his old belongings as Dean states he wants to be his own man. His father agrees and gives him the attic in exchange for helping him with the Ray Shields project. After a montage of everyone cleaning up parts of the Venture Compound for the upcoming "Project: Palaemon" (including the getting rid of the Gorilla from the E-Den from Before), Doc decides to sell some items to Augustus St. Cloud for start-up money due to lack of funds, much to Billy's displeasure. Meanwhile at the State University Hatred and Dean are recruiting interns for Project: Palaemon, and while Hatred confronts the Venture brother about his new look, Dean meets a new love intrest in the form of student named Thalia who decides to sign-up for the Project. At the rebuilt "Palaemon" Lab at the compound, Thaddeus announces that the student/interns will be building the Rayshield and divides them into three groups: White Cleansuits (including Thalia): Development Class, Orange Cleansuits: Manufacturing Class, and Green Cleansuits: "Special" Class (Doc's personal "helpers"). Hatred also announces that the interns will be staying at the cleaned up E-Den for the duration. That night at St.Clouds house, Augustus has decided to sign up with The Guild (side-stepping the waiting period by donating to The Guilds charity fund and bypassing a by-law by bribing Watch and Ward) to Arch Billy Quizboy.

After the break (which takes place after the Shallow Gravy and Halloween Specials) everything at Project: Palaemon is in full swing, with Rusty inspecting the progress of the Rayshield, only to leave when a radiation spike happens, Gary taking his new role as SPHINX Commander seriously with Hatred distrustful of the former hanchman, and Doc taking advantage of Green Class by using them as his personal butlers/attendants. In the kitchen Dean (with his current Halloween special hairstyle) tells Thalia what he learned on Halloween and after she comforts him, she shows him and Thaddeus who happened to walk in an extra pair of arms she grew (because of the radiation), but Rusty instead dismisses this and sends her out. At The Monarchs house, after a failed themed cosplay foreplay with The Monarch dressed as Kahl Drogo from Game of Thrones and DMTM dressed as Rocky from the Rocky film series (as she thought her husband ment Ivan Drago), it's reveal that he's still in denial about 21's desertion. At the Palaemon Lab, Billy (who is working behind a lead reinforced room) inform Dr.Venture that it's not just Thalia who's mutating: the White Class have 4 arms and Brain mutations which grant them high intelligence and telepathy, the Orange Class have grown much larger in size and have developed a Ben Grimm (from Fantastic 4) like carapace, and Sergeant Hatred (being the least mutated) has grown female breasts, leaving Green Class completely un-mutated as they never worked on the Rayshield and also that they've been mysteriously disappearing (which Rusty is ignorant of). The Monarch sneaks in, dress in White Class garb, trying to get Gary (as the villain still thinks he works for him) to tell him what Venture is up to but the ex-henchman blows him off and the super-villain leaves after asking a question about Game of Thrones. Later a Hanks store, Hatred offers food to a member of Orange Class who came in to buy more cleansuits, but the mutant rejects saying they only eat "Student Green". Later when Hatred goes outside he happens to witness an Orange Class worker (who removed his mask revealing his hideous mutant face) killing and eating a member of Green Class and realizes that "Student Green is people". Hatred is then captured and brought to the E-Den.

After getting a call from Jonas Jr. who is going to pick up the Rayshield in 27 hours, Rusty tries to call Hatred to avail as he is held captive with the Green Class Tommy who reveals that not only have the Palaemon workers developed their own society, but White Class worker Martin has taken control of the colony but also plans to use the Rayshield (which was actually completed "long ago") to turn everyone on Earth into "Children of Paelomon" (mutants). In an underground tunnel Thalia tells Dean of Martin's plan, but since Rusty won't listen to him Thalia recommends Dean challenge Martin for the title of "Li Han Took" (Leader) and tries to teach Dean to speak with his mind like the White Class can. But Dean's inability to focus his thoughts makes Thalia talk to him normally. At the Cocoon, The Monarch brings news of the mutants to his wife's attention as he wants her to make the Fluttering Horde like the mutated interns. Outside the Palaemon Lab, Thaddeus, Billy, Gary, Dermott, Pete, and Hank find the door chained shut with what Rusty thinks is a list of demands called "94 Thesis" attached. Gary takes command of the situation by ordering everyone to a task to get the rayshield delivered on time: Billy and Pete (Shorty and Blondie): Decontamination, Dermott and Hank (Butch and Boyband): Recon, Dr.Venture (Papa V): Antidote creation, Gary (SPINX Commander): Monitor and Translator for the 94 Thesis. Inside the E-Den, Hatred is being tortured by Martin for his real name (revealed to be Courtney) when Thalia and Dean walk in. At first Martin denies the challenge, but when the Dean insults him he accepts. In the Compound lab, Billy and Pete walk in to find Rusty (asleep while trying to create an antidote) to borrow the engine of the flying car to power to the Decon device they built. Unfortunately, Thaddeus sold the flying car (and later revealed [H.E.L.P.eR.] also) to St.Cloud to pay for the project. When they criticize Rusty's work on the antidote, Rusty defends himself with the story of Dr. Palo Salazar. The scene shift to the cocoon, where Dr.Mrs.The Monarch reveals that Palo Salazar was a scientist who after being mutated became a circus freak called Palo the Human Beetle before becoming a super-villain named Bugaboo.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • The title may be a reference to "What Color is Your Parachute", a book on job-seeking (a reference to the interns) and identifying what one wants to do in life.
  • One can note that Hunter Gathers is no longer a Colonel, but is now a General, as he no longer bears an eagle on his coat, but four stars, as both are standard officer insignia for the United States Army and Marines for the respective ranks.
  • Dr. Venture is still much more comfortable with Brock than with Hatred, as is seen when he screams for Brock, not Hatred when he wakes up next to a fly monster.
  • When Hank says that Dean is pulling a "Greg Brady" he is making reference to when Greg in The Brady Bunch moves up to the attic, just as Dean is planning on doing.
  • The attic that Dean is moving in to is the same room that the failed clone from Perchance to Dean lived.
  • The living quarters for the students is the E-Den Bio Facility from The Buddy System.
  • There are many deities in Greek mythology named Palaemon, although the most likely reference being Melicertes, who, after being cast into the sea by Ino from a high rock, became a marine deity named Palaemon, and was seen as a "guardian of ships."
  • When St. Cloud sees Billy, he states "I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board," this is a reference to Star Wars Episode IV, when Leia first meets with Grand Moff Tarkin.
  • After Watch and Ward welcome St. Cloud to the Guild, the Venture Flag is seen with the Emblem of the Klingon Empire spray painted on it.
  • St. Cloud also appears to own a life-sized mock-up of the original Viper fighter from the original 1970's Battlestar Galactaca. It can be seen hanging in the background.
  • The interns are paid in scrip ("Hank Bucks"), not cash. Historically, scrip was associated with coal mining fields, where the workers were paid in scrip. Scrip could only be spent at the company store, which typically inflated its prices. A crudely drawn banner in front of HankCo says, "Company Store", although the prices at Hatred's food service seem to be pretty reasonable.
  • After Dr. Mrs. The Monarch tells The Monarch about Pallo Salizar, The Monarch remarks "Now he's wrecking the town with the power of a bull, ain't no monster clown who is as lovable," a direct quote from the original The Incredible Hulk TV show in 1966.
  • The Staff of Ra, and the following dialogue between Pete and Billy are both references to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • After Kevin and Tim-Tom begin insertion protocol, a party is seen in E-Den, reminiscent of the celebration in Star Wars Episode VI after the second Death Star is destroyed.

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Jonas Venture Jr.
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch The Monarch
Hank Venture
Sergeant Hatred
Hunter Gathers
Pete White
Augustus St. Cloud
Doc Hammer Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Shore Leave
Henchman 21
Dermott Fictel
Billy Quizboy
The Outrider
Kate McKinnon Thalia
Nikki Fictel
Margaret Fictel
Aziz Ansari Martin
Wyatt Cenac Tommy
Mr. Blunder

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