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Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: ¡Viva los Muertos!
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch
The Fluttering Horde (former)
Venture Industries

Venturestein is a creature created by Dr. Venture. He is a dead Fluttering Horde henchman, killed by Brock Samson, and revived by Dr. Venture with the addition of another man's head.


The man who would become Venturestein was part of a failed Fluttering Horde raid on the Venture Compound. Though his real name was unknown, he was referred to as Texas by other henchmen. Immediately upon storming the Compound's hanger, the Horde came into contact with Brock Samson, who went on a violent rage killing many. The future Venturestein was killed by having his neck snapped and rotated 180º after hesitating and looking to run away.

Dr. Venture capitalized on the sudden abundance of corpses by running experiments into reviving the dead and using them for menial labor. "Texas" is successfully revived, but attacks Dr. Venture straight away. Brock saves Venture by bashing in the revived corpse's head with a fire extinguisher, killing him a second time. Venture tries his experiment again, successfully reanimating him, having replaced the top of his skull with the top of another, African-American, man's skull.

Over breakfast, Dr. Venture dubs the creature "Venturestein". After the meal, Venturestein is placed in Hank's learning bed to be educated on his new life purpose as a menial laborer. However, Venture calls his military contract, General Manhowers to talk about the new technology. Realizing the no-longer-dead can be packed with C-4 and used as expendable soldiers, Manhowers orders over 100, later described by Dr. Venture as "a gross of dead people".

Once the educational film is over, Venturestein breaks out of the bed and begins searching for prostitutes–having been fixated on the idea since hearing Dr. Orpheus mention the word offhandedly. In the manufacturing wing, Venturestein comes into contact with The Groovy Gang. Ted accidentally shoots open a tank containing a Hank clone slug, causing Venturestein to slip on the liquid contained therein. While sliding across the floor, Venturestein snatches up and kills Groovy the dog.

Brock Samson, having felt bad since killing "Texas" as he believed he was mostly an innocent, assuages the creatures fears of him and he pair take a ride in Adrian in search of prostitutes. During the ride Brock tells Venturestein that when they find some, they probably won't take payment in the form of a shoe he made from a dead dog.

Venturestein is eventually sent to Manhowers, with the now undead Sonny and Teddy. The army teaches Venturestein saluting, making the bed and kiling, and he greatly improves his diction (though not syntax). The undead soldiers are then set to Puetra Bajia to infiltrate a worker's uprising. At some point, the cover of the soldiers are blown, and per instruction some start self-destructing. Venturestein disobeys this order and saves Jorge, the little boy (now adult) from the Venture educational video about the benefits of globalized menial labor.

After his initial shock on being hugged by a zombie, Jorge teaches Venturestein Marxist revolutionary thought, which causes him to fold his own revolutionary army. Taking Sonny and Teddy with him, they begin trekking through the South American jungle and discover numerous secret laboratories of evil scientists. They are all engaged in some form of human or animal experimentation. Venturestein's army kill the scientists, and liberates and recruits the test subjects. Venturestein's now sizeable army sets up base in an abandoned Meso-American pyramid.

At about this time, Dr. Venture is called up by General Manhowers to try to retrieve the long AWOL Venturestein. Dr. Venture, Sgt. Hatred and Hank take the X-1 to Puetra Bahia, but are intercepted by one of Venturestein's companions, a Pteranodon. The X-1 crashes, Doc and Hatred are captured, and Hank escapes. Though the Pteranodon died and Venturestein's comrades want revenge on Doc and Hatred, Venturestein refuses to harm them and tries to get Doc to convince the evil scientific community to stop their experimentation. Doc tries to convince Venturestein to return with him after hearing Venturestein's account of his life since joining the army, but his later attempt to blow up Venturestein with an army-supply tablet is not well received. Doc and Hatred are imprisoned, but Venturestein still refuses to kill them.

Finding Doc to be no help, Venturestein uses the tablet to transmit a message to the world that the "abominations" created through evil super-science should rise up against their masters and join his army to form an "Abomi-Nation". This causes further internal conflict in Venturestein's group, who don't think the massive influx of immigrants could be supported, and oppose Venturestein's leniency with Doc. Most of all, they are concerned about Hank, who, after eating a massive amount of coffee beans, has deliriously modeled himself after Batman and been surprisingly effective at attacking Venturestein's group.

The forces of Venturestein rebel, and promise to kill Doc and Hatred after taking care of the "Bat", but are defeated in the jungle. Unopposed, Hank sneaks in to Venturestein's quarters and steals the tablet. Venturestein catches Hank, but instead of stopping him, he puts on Hank's old Batman mask, signalling his sympathy, and gives him the key to Doc and Hatred's cell. After Hank thanks Venturestein, Venturestein yells "BATMAN!"

The other abominations however recover from Hank's attack and corner Hank and the now freed Doc and Hatred on a beach. They are stopped by the almost simultaneous arrival of H.E.L.P.E.R, Venturestein, several boatloads of other abominations who have answered Venturestein's call, and Marsha Backwood, a congresswoman who has come to negotiate for Doc's release in a political ploy. She accidentally blows herself up with the tablet, but Doc brings her back as a Venturestein. This appears to aid Venturestein's cause considerably as Backwood is then seen testifying on the "Abomi-Nation's" behalf to the United Nations.

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