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The Venture Family
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Lloyd Venture
Jonas Venture Sr.
Thaddeus S. Venture
Jonas Venture Jr.
Hank Venture
Dean Venture
Dermott Fictel

This family is the focus of The Venture Bros. TV show. Dysfunctional at best, the Ventures find danger at every turn. The Guild of Calamitous Intent syndicate number for the family is Victor-Echo-November-7-9.

The Ventures[edit]

The members of the Venture family are the focus of much excitement and danger.

Jonas Venture Sr.[edit]

Jonas Venture Sr. (deceased), was a famed sicentist and inventor. He founded Venture Industries, built the Gargantua-1 space station, and accomplished a great deal more in his life, a legacy he had hoped to pass onto his son, Rusty.

Thaddeus Venture[edit]

Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture is a disappointment as a scientist and a failure as the father of Hank and Dean. Rusty has been trading on his father's name his entire life and can't seem to step out of the very large shadow that his father cast.

Jonas Venture Jr.[edit]

Jonas Venture Jr. is the twin of Thaddeus, but was consumed by his brother in the womb. His growth stunted, he did not escape Rusty until Return to Spider-Skull Island. Jonas has adapted quickly and during the events of Powerless in the Face of Death he was firmly in charge of Venture Industries and was very capable as director. Preferring a dark blue jumpsuit, Jonas is a fan of the ladies.

Dean Venture[edit]

Dean Venture, who has rust-colored hair, is generally accepted to be the smarter of the two brothers. His intelligence has not helped him overcome his lack social graces. He has a crush on Triana Orpheus.

Hank Venture[edit]

Hank Venture, the blonde brother, is more of a jock than the nerdy Dean. He enjoys spy stuff, the word "scuba", and Brock's company.

Dermott Fictel[edit]

Dermott Fictel is the son of Rusty Venture and Nikki Fictel and Hank's friend. Nikki was the 15 year old president of the Rusty Venture Fan Club who lied to Rusty and told him she was 20. Nikki's mother raised Dermott as her own son and he grew up to believe Nikki was his sister. Dermott originally thought Brock Samson was his father. Dermott seems to be a pathological (and unconvincing) liar who always tries to impress people.

Lloyd Venture[edit]

Lloyd Venture is the father of Jonas Venture Senior. Lloyd was part of the organization that went on to become the Guild of Calamitous Intent.

Family Friends[edit]

These are the friends of the Venture family past and present.

Brock Samson[edit]

Brock Samson is in charge of protecting the Venture Family and may be considered a big brother or uncle to the boys. It is also possible he may have even closer ties to the family.

The Orpheus Family[edit]

Not members of the family, but currently living on the Venture Compound property are Dr. Byron Orpheus and his daughter Triana.

Original Team Venture[edit]

Comprised of Colonel Gentleman, Kano, Otto Aquarius, Action Man and Major Tom, this group of heroes fought with Jonas Venture Sr. against the villains of their day. Team Venture also helped Jonas' grandsons in Past Tense.