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"The few remaining men will exist as studs, breeding in the cow pasture, or they can go up to the nearest suicide center where they'll be quietly gassed to death."
Other Names
Real Name: Val
1st appearance: ¡Viva los Muertos!
Voice Artist: Joanna Adler
The Groovy Gang


Val was a chain-smoking, radical feminist lesbian and a member of The Groovy Gang. Believing that men were "walking abortions", Val ceaselessly explained her insane feminist/fascist vision to Patty, heedless of Patty's apparent disinterest in the subject. Val also harbored a lesbian attraction for Patty, as evidenced by Val's apparently frequent attempts to grope her, but the infatuation was unreciprocated. Unlike Ted, Patty, and Sonny, Val doesn't seem to operate under the delusion that the Groovy Gang is an amateur sleuthing organization, and while the other members of the gang combed the Venture compound for "clues", Val spent her time searching for valuables that the Gang could loot. Val and Patty are apparently the only surviving members of the Groovy Gang, as Ted, Sonny and Groovy were killed by Brock Samson and Venturestein.


  • Velma Dinkley, the nerdy girl in glasses who acted as the brain of the mystery-solving gang in "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?"
  • Valerie Solanas, the radical feminist-extremist (and unsuccessful Andy Warhol assassin) who wrote the SCUM Manifesto and, which argued that women should overthrow the earth and eradicate the male sex. Many of Val's most absurd visions were directly taken from the SCUM Manifesto.

Episode Appearances[edit]