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The Fluttering Hordes
Trouble Makers Incorporated

Nais is a humble genius who spends much of his time finding ways to entertain and enhance the online Venture Bros. fan community. Once the community has solidified under his tutelage, he hopes to leverage this cult fan community into an inept army poised to take over most of western New Hampshire (excluding towns and cities with populations greater than 200)

Nais is creator and administrator of the Venture Bros Wiki and co-admin of the PRoV forums. If you have any issues with either site, please feel free to contact him by email or his talk page


Nais won $10 for second place in a Beauty Contest; however, he was arrested shortly after and sent to jail. He did not pass go. He did not collect $200. and now he's King Gorrila's Beeeaaach. - 13:01, 16 August 2008