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The Venture Bros. episode
20 Years to Midnight
Season 2
Orig. Airdate August 6, 2006
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
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Escape to the House of Mummies Part II 18 Victor. Echo. November.


After finding a videotaped message made by Jonas Venture twenty years ago, the Venture crew go on a globe trotting adventure to recover pieces of a world saving invention. They're also accompanied by a robotic being from outer space who constantly sounds off at an obnoxiously loud volume with a ridiculous imperative to, IGNORE ME!


It's night time at the Venture compound and a bright object streaks across the sky. A spaceship has landed and a dark ominous figure comes out and scans the Venture compound.

In the compound Brock is vacuuming and finds something Rusty might be interested in. Rusty comes in and Brock gives him an old camera. Rusty thinks Brock means to sell it but Brock says there was a video in it. He pops the cassette into a cassette player and it's Jonas Venture, telling them about some radio signals he received when Rusty was a kid, and that he has figured out the meaning of them. There are several pieces to a device which he scattered around the globe so they wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. Outside the tall figure tries to listen in, but stumbles into the pool. Jonas says that on May 4th of his 44th year, which makes it tomorrow in the Ventureverse, he needs to assemble his contraption to save the world. A shadow appears over the Ventures and when they turn around they see the tall figure standing there, looking at them. They go outside and the tall figure identifies itself as The Grand Galactic Inquisitor over a very loud speaker in his chest. He tells them to not talk to him, and go about as they normally would, for he is to pass judgment on them based on very complicated criteria. They get in the X-1 and fly to Spider-Skull Island and The Grand Galactic Inquisitor hitches a ride with them, telling them to "IGNORE ME" the whole time. Rusty tells Brock to swing around the back so they can get the X-2, intending for JJ to not know they were there. Rusty tries to sneak into JJ's bedroom, but unfortunately, JJ is there pleasuring a lady friend he met in Ibiza at Fiesta Scientifico. Apparently Rusty never received his own invite to that party. JJ takes a piece of the machine out of a safe, and Rusty is forced to reveal to JJ what they intend to do.

Brock and the boys are on the X-2, in the dark, and when they hear a voice, Brock jumps into action and delivers some hurt. They turn on the lights and find out that it's their good friend The Pirate Captain who has been hired by JJ to crew the X-2. They meet back inside JJ's room and both him and Brock decide, over Rusty's protestations, to split up into teams, three to be exact. JJ and The Pirate Captain will take the X-2, Rusty and Brock can take the X-1 and the boys can take the X-X-1. They leave for their respective destinations.

JJ and The Pirate Captain make it to Quest Bell One, where one of the pieces is being guarded by Jonny Quest. Jonny is emaciated and strung out, with a tourniquet & track marks on his left arm. He's armed with a handgun very similar to a Luger P08 9mm. He asks if they are cops, and when The Pirate Captain explains that Jonas Sr. left a piece of a gizmo with Benton Quest, Jonny freaks out, telling them not to talk about his father. He walks around the bell warily with gun drawn, trampling empty pill bottles underfoot. The Pirate Captain hints to Jonny that "Doctor" JJ can write him a prescription.

Hank and Dean get to Col. Gentleman's pad and look around the place. They discover the apparent corpse of Col. Gentleman on his bed. They look around for clues, examining his coat, his diary and any other things laying about that might give them clues as to where the object they are looking for might be. They start reading his diary, and are somewhat confused by its nonsensical contents. Hank leans on the Colonel's walking cane and the head comes off, revealing that it's hollow. Hank peers inside for a closer look and a long piece falls out, right in his eye! "Good eye, Hank!" says Dean.

The X-X-1 and the X-2 rendezvous out in the sea and they head to New York to meet up with Brock and Rusty who are at One Impossible Plaza, the former site of Venture Industries. JJ is uncomfortable with his taking advantage of Jonny's condition. Rusty would have felt no qualms at all.

Inside the building, Sally Impossible is getting ready to go out. She has an argument with Richard who doesn't want her to leave Rocket, or the child as he calls him, with Ned because Ned's retarded and he's read Of Mice and Men. Sally tells him she can't stand having a robot take care of her child and that she needs a real father, real human affection, for their family. She tells Richard "Goodbye," with the undertone that this is the end of their marriage. Prof. Impossible is oblivious to this. Later, Sally meets Rusty in a subway car after Brock removes her security escorts. Rusty tells Sally he wants her to do something for him, which is to break into Impossible Industries.

The boys are in the park taking care of Ned who is taking care of Rocket, but Impossible's security forces show up and taser him and the boys and abduct them. Rocket is left behind.

As Sally takes Rusty & Brock to what they think is the basement, Brock expresses his misgivings about Rusty's actions in a short but amusing interplay. Richard Impossible is waiting for them on the top floor along with everyone else from Team Venture, all of whose wrists are secured to their chair arms with force fields. Richard says he found the piece hidden in the foundation years ago, and couldn't trust the apparatus to a lollygagger like Rusty and he monologues in the same vein for a bit, but Sally is pissed because Rocket doesn't seem to be there. She asks Richard where Rocket is, but Richard doesn't even seem to know who Rocket is. JJ, who has a microphone in his collar, radios H.E.L.P.eR. to assist by hacking into the Impossible Industries security system to release them. H.E.L.P.eR. leaves the X-1, followed a short time later by The Grand Galactic Inquisitor, who sees Rocket crawling by the X-1's ramp and picks him up. He instructs the child to IGNORE HIM!!

H.E.L.P.eR. gets to Impossible Industries and sets them free, but Richard is too busy to notice. Sally is arguing with him to stop and help her find Rocket, as what could be more important than family? Richard slowly answers with the most important word he knows: "Sssscience?" Brock and JJ stretch his face to cover the hallway opening, and anchor it at four points with the drills Impossible used to assemble the device. He enlarges his body, forcing them out the windows. They cling to Impossible's long elastic body and crash into the subway system. Brock ties Impossible's leg to a handle on the subway train.They all climb out of the subway station. The train departs the station, stretching Impossible to an amazing degree. "Weight limit exceeded!" exclaims the Professor. He snaps the handle off; it recoils all the way up to his face, knocking him out in a demonstration of Newton's Third Law of Motion. The contraption falls from his hand as he blacks out; It plunges to street level, miraculously not shattering to bits on impact. Midnight strikes. The Grand Galactic Inquisitor arrives with Rocket via taxi. A bright light shines from the contraption and Jonas Sr. steps out... and shoots the Inquisitor through the head with an alien ray pistol. Rocket safely lands on the ground from the Inquisitor's arms; Sally picks him up.

Jonas Sr. turns to leave. Rusty asks his father not to go because he needs to ask him so many questions, like why he left him alone. The boys have other, more inane questions. Jonas responds that they are never alone because the stars are always watching them, and he turns to leave again but this time JJ speaks up, asking him to stay. Jonas turns around and admits he's not really their father, just an alien who was sent to this time to kill The Grand Galactic Inquisitor, who was going to destroy the human race. Rusty gets pissed and lets the alien know it, and when Rusty won't stop badgering him, he temporarily removes his disguise which leaves everyone flabbergasted & horrified. "There! That would've been better? If I'd shown up like that out of nowhere? Look at you! You practically crapped your pants! Except him, (points at Ned) he crapped his pants! We know what we're doing up there, OK? So don't second guess me. Just get in your little plane, go back to your little lives and thank your lucky stars someone in this universe is looking out for you! Ungrateful little half-monkeys!" "Uhm, bye," says Dean. "Whatever," says the alien as he activates the device; he and Dr. Venture's invention disappear in a flash. Rusty is still pissed because they don't have gas money or anything to show for running around all over the world.

"We did kinda, like, save the world, I guess," says Brock, and JJ is happy they all worked together as a family. The boys then Team Venture! each other.

After the end credits, JJ flirts with Sally (it's mutual), and Brock says he is freaked out by what he's seen. Rusty chastises Brock for believing all that talk about not being alone in the universe, only to notice Brock is looking up at something specific. He sees what Brock was actually referring to- Impossible is still unconscious, stretched out and flapping in the wind.

"Should we help him?" asks Rusty.

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture

Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.

Young Rusty

Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture

Pirate Captain

The Grand Inquisitor


Colonel Gentleman

Stephen Colbert Professor Impossible
Mia Baron Sally Impossible

Jonas Jr.'s Ibezan Houseguest

Paul Boocock Dr. Jonas Venture Sr./Alien

Subway Bum

Taxi Driver

Voice of Impossible Computer

Brendon Small Jonny Quest
Doc Hammer Impossible Security Guard
1.5 Tons of Soul-Bot as H.E.L.P.eR.