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Triana Orpheus


"Yeah, my dad kinda wants me to go to art school."
Other Names
Real Name: Triana Orpheus
1st appearance: Eeney, Meeney, Miney ...Magic!
Voice Artist: Lisa Hammer


Triana Orpheus is the teenage daughter of the Necromancer Byron Orpheus and the Sorceress Tatyana. She lived with her father, in the old Advanced Arachnid lab on the Venture Compound until The Better Man when, on the advice of The Master, she decided to move in with her mother and begin training in the mystic arts.

Being the daughter of a necromancer hasn't been easy for Triana: she is frequently subject to Orpheus' fatherly paranoia, disturbing rituals, and melodramatic speeches. The closet in her room is also a portal to the Necropolis which, having frightened her so since childhood, prevents her from ever changing her trademark clothes. Dr. O mentions that the portal must be on a specific wall and since she desired to have either the biggest bedroom or one with its own closet she got said room. Rightfully, Triana has always been scared of her closet, because through a fit of bad luck, every closet she has ever had, Orpheus has used as a dimensional portal.

The ever-rebellious Triana is often the target of Dean Venture's amorous attention. She's also often looked to to keep an eye on the accident-prone brothers, as was the case in the double date where Triana joined the brothers in an outing with her friend Kim. She seems to have some feelings for both Venture boys from how she reacted to their deaths, and her feelings for Dean might have grown in season three as he's demonstrated his willingness to fight someone over her. However she still doesn't outwardly display any sign of this, and as of the current timeline she has broken off her relationship with Dean.

Notable to Triana's aesthetic is her inclination towards the goth subculture. In her first appearance (in Eeney, Meeney, Miney ...Magic!), she mentioned to Dean that her skull-and-crossbones shirt was in reference to Adam and The Ants, a 1980's alternative band popular amongst goths. In later episodes in which we see her room, it can be seen that she has a photo of Rozz Williams (lead singer of death-rock group Christian Death) on her bookshelf, and a poster on her wall of the album cover to In the Flat Field (first album of Bauhaus, the "Fathers of Goth").

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