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The Venture Bros. episode
The Trial of the Monarch
Season 1
Orig. Airdate October 23, 2004
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 1-13
previous Ep # next
Past Tense 12 Return to Spider-Skull Island


After an emotional argument with The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend runs into the arms of an old friend for comfort. And The Monarch ends up on trial for murder.


Hank and Dean, dressed in the height of Indiana Jones and Magnum P.I. fashion, respectively, are investigating a cave, where they find the sacred craft bin of Olee Janeema, guarded by a giant living statue. Brock, clad as Michael Knight from Knight Rider, arrives to beat the statue into submission, only to be frozen by the eye-beams of. The Monarch. The boys form Mecha-Shiva, which ends the flashback, opening the episode to the protests of the Monarch in a courtroom, where he is on trial for the disappearance of a policeman.

Phantom Limb murders the security guards outside the courtroom and sees himself in, where the judge, frustrated with The Monarch's entire cross-examination strategy consisting of calling Hank a liar, calls a recess. He meets in chambers with The Monarch and Tiny Attorney, who is prosecuting the case.

The Venture Family takes advantage of the recess to have lunch and Brock notes that normally the Guild handles its own business and bribes the police to stay out of it, but The Monarch has upset that arrangement by messing with the police directly. In fact, at the moment, The Sovereign orders Watch and Ward to proceed to the next stage of their plan and Phantom Limb is assembling a gun.

The Monarch calls himself to the stand and testifies that events were set in motion by the publication of The Flight of the Monarch, an unauthorized biography apparently penned by 21. Furious with the so-called "lies and pictures of also lies" contained within, The Monarch kills a scapegoat henchman and picks a fight with Dr. Girlfriend, resulting in her storming out of the cocoon. Dr. Girlfriend, disguised at the back of the courtroom, takes issue with The Monarch's coloration of events and reveals herself, after hiding Phantom Limb's gun in her purse.

Dr. Girlfriend testifies that after getting thrown out, she went to Phantom Limb's. Brock takes the boys out of the courtroom when the testimony gets racy and Phantom Limb puts the Guild's plan on hold since they've lost full containment. Dr. Girlfriend continues her testimony, telling of The Monarch's eventual arrival at Phantom Limb's house, where he argues with her again and then hangs around the yard yelling until the police show up.

Outside the courtroom, Brock notices the security guards have been replaced with Guild Strangers.

Dr. Orpheus takes the stand, swearing on a terrifying sentient book, and Tiny Attorney questions him, finally asking that he read the mind of The Monarch to find out what really happened on the night in question. Dr. Orpheus finds out that the Monarch was set up by Strangers, who tranquilized the Monarch and disappeared the motorcycle cop to a new country with a new identity.

Before Dr. Orpheus can testify to this, Phantom Limb orders a Guild freeze team agents in, who hose down the courtroom with a paralyzing spray, incapacitating everyone but Phantom Limb and Dr. Girlfriend. The Strangers remove number three on the Guild's most wanted list, Tiny Attorney, and memory wipe everyone else, except for Dr. Orpheus who, as a necromancer, is not susceptible to the process. Instead, Phantom Limb makes a hypnotic suggestion that Dr. Orpheus has discovered The Monarch is guilty and a danger to the Ventures, and once he's in jail, Orpheus can have an arch-enemy like he's always wanted. Dr. Girlfriend uses the same technique to suggest to The Monarch that she had nothing to do with this and that it's the fault of the Venture brothers.

The courtroom recovers from its paralysis and Dr. Orpheus declares The Monarch guilty.

Post-credits, The Monarch is in prison, as 24 visits him in a Dr. Girlfriend outfit.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer can be seen in the jury, along with other people who work behind the scenes in the show.


  • Jackson Publick had previously helped bring the idea of putting an obvious supervillain on trial to television during the live action Tick series (starring Patrick Warburton) in the episode The Tick vs. Justice. Although the script was written by Ben Edlund and Larry Charles, Edlund mentions on the DVD commentary that the episode was based on an idea from Chris McCulloch.
  • While confronting Dr Girlfriend with some of the content of the book, the Monarch says "Here's one of you skinny-dipping with Jim Foetus!" Jim Foetus is another name used by J.G. Thirlwell, who does the music for the show.
  • The Monarch refers to the arresting officer's "Tom Of Finland ass." Tom Of Finland was an artist known for his homoerotic drawings featuring macho characters such as policemen.

[edit] Voice Talent
Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
The Phantom Limb
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
The Monarch
Tiny Attorney
Monarch Henchman 2
Security Guards 1 & 2
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Orpheus
Doc Hammer Dr. Girlfriend
Monarch Henchman 1
Nina Hellman Woman in court