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The Venture Bros. episode
The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Season 1
Orig. Airdate February 16, 2003
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 0-01
Ep # next
Pilot Dia de los Dangerous


Unlike all following episodes the pilot was created entirely using Flash animation.

Dr. Venture goes to New York to present his latest invention at a UN Peace Conference. But a villainous ninja wants the invention for himself. And when Hank and Dean try to stop the ninja, they end up in a New York adventure that eventually includes The Monarch.


The show open in Tokyo, Japan. Otaku Senzuri and Kikai are are concocting a plan to steal the latest invention of Dr. Thaddeus Venture. Considered by most to be a brilliant super scientist, Dr. Venture is planning to unveil his new invention at the UN Peace Conference.

In the US, on the property of the Venture Industries compound, Dr. Venture's twin sons Hank and Dean (the Venture bros.) are riding their hover bikes around looking for their missing dog, Scamp. With an attitude and style that is more reminiscent of an earlier era of naivity and innocence, the boys discuss a variety of things, from their father's upcoming trip to the UN to their lack of a mother. Their search eventually takes them into a large airplane hanger where they meet up with their father's bodyguard, Brock Samson. Brock, a man of few words, sends the boys to their father's lab where they find the missing Scamp. In the name of "pretty girl science", Dr. Venture has skinned the boys dog as part of an experiment for the cosmetic industry. Their discussion of science and sacrifices is interrupted by a loud crash.

Back inside the airplane hanger, Dr. Venture and his sons rush in to find Brock wrestling with a mummy (which apparently followed them from their last adventure when it became stuck in their airplane's landing gear). While the mummy tries to reason, Brock lets loose with a brutal beating until his adversary is broken on the floor. Unzipping his pants, Brock urinates on it.

Hank - That's showing him who's boss, Brock-O!
Venture - Was that really necessary?
Brock - You have to defile a mummy completely or they'll come back to life. You know that.

Impressed, Venture tries to talk with Brock who ignores him and goes back to his work. Irritated, Venture sends the snickering boys to their rooms to pack.

Senzuri isn't the only villain after Dr. Venture. The Monarch in his hideout (a floating cocoon) is also planning his evil deeds. But it's not an invention he's after as much as he's just out to get Venture. The Monarch's lastest scheme to destroy his archenemy, Dr. Thaddeus S. Venture, includes a fake meteor filled with Monarch henchmen that is suppose to crash on the Venture compound. It is the Monarch's plan that a scientist like Venture should instinctively go investigate it and then his men will spring out and the compound will be promptly be overwhelmed by henchmen.

As the Venture jet finally starts it's takeoff down the private runway, the Monarch's meteor comes crashing down within view. Dr. Venture, hopped up on "diet" pills is to rev'ed up to care and demands the jet continue on to New York. Inside the meteor, the Monarch's henchmen try their best to exit and swarm the compound. Unfortunately, they landed door down and are trapped.

Henchman 1 - I can't get the hatch open. We landed face down.
Henchman 2 - Oh god, oh god! We're gonna die in here.
Henchman 3 - Oh man, we're not gonna have to eat each other are we?
Henchman 1 - Screw that! What are we gonna do about poo poo?

When the jet arrives in New York, it discreetly lands on the front lawn of the UN. The UN Science Director and some security officers arrive to greet them as Venture and Brock exit from the jet. Hank and Dean, running forward try to join them but Venture sternly send them back to the jet. He also warns the security guards to keep their distance from the jet's engines.

Oh gentlemen, be careful not to get too close to the X-1's engines. (The guards look from Venture to the nearby humming engines. They glow green.) Cancer.

As Brock begins to remove the luggage from a cargo compartment, he's attacked by an alligator that jumps out. They think it probably stowed away when they were in Brazil last week. Bloody mayhem ensues as Brock wrestles and kills the gator. His use of a weapon brings the guards to attention.

Guard #1 - Halt sir. You can't enter the United Nations with that weapon.
Venture - That's alright soldier. Mr. Samson is my bodyguard.
Guard #1 - Just the same Doctor, no weapons allowed. I'll have to confiscate it.
Brock gets that look in his eye.
Brock - Go ahead and take it from me.
The guard looks at Brock and then over at his buddy who is vigorously shaking his head "no".

Inside the UN exhibit hall, the director introduces Dr. Venture to some of the other attendees, including Senzuri who has been attempting to hide in plain sight. And failing.

The Monarch, however, is on his way to New York to attack Dr. Venture. In full butterfly costume, he has chosen to fly on a commercial airline.

Hank and Dean, left on their own in the hotel room, are entertaining themselves by playing astronaut. With explicit instructions from their father to not leave the hotel room at all for the weekend, they're already bored. Then then decide to create their own "in room" adventure.

In the city that never sleeps, Dr. Venture is in the next room sleeping. Above him, in a duct, Senzuri is attempting to poison Venture using a string to drip the poison down. His attempts fail when Hank and Dean enter the room, causing him to drop the string. Oblivious to the ninja in the air conditioning vent, Hank and Dean pick up the trunk containing Venture's invention and sneak back out. Inside their own room, the empty out the trunk and proceed to sit in it in the bathtub. They're playing "submarine" and close themselves inside the trunk. That is when Senzuri enters and takes the trunk, unaware the boys are inside. After dropping the trunk down a fire escape, Senzuri discovers his error. Freed, the boys realize they're under attack and proceed to apply "judo" chops to Senzuri with the force of a wet tissue. Senzuri just stares at them for a moment and then pinches each of their shoulders, rendering the boys unconscienous. They collapse onto a pile of garbage by a dumpster. While unconsciencous, they're robbed of their wrist communicator watches.

Still asleep in his room, Dr. Venture is having strange dreams about a fetus. It's Brock slapping him that wakes him up. Angry to find out his sons have taken off, Venture sends Brock out to find them. But it's the Monarch who finds them first. Spying the boys as they regain consciousness and discover their watches gone, the Monarch decides to use the boys to get to Venture... just as soon as he pays his taxi fare.

Taxi Driver - That'll be $53.50.

Monarch - $53.50! D'oh.

He hands the driver a piece of paper.

Taxi Driver - What the hell is this suppose to be?

Monarch - An IOU... FOR YOUR LIFE!

The Monarch shoots the driver with a dart and the man goes down in the front seat.

Catching sight of the Monarch, the boys take off with the Monarch in pursuit. They manage to lose him in a subway station when the Monarch's wings get caught in a train door and drag him down the platform until he hits a tunnel wall.

At the UN, Dr. Venture is getting ready to present his new invention. Sitting behind him are Pete White (an albino) and Billy Quizboy (a hydrocephalic one-eyed dwarf) who are gossiping about Venture's "relationship" with Brock. On stage, Professor Impossible is presenting his 100% solar powered vehicle that emits a special ozone. His presentation over, he takes his seat and snarks at Venture.

The boys, meanwhile, have finally stopped running, only to meet a skanky hooker. Her "Bizzy Bee" hat makes them think she's a Bizzy Bee employee. Her offer for some "action" is also mistaken for something entirely different. But the boys haven't lost the Monarch yet. He emerges, worse for the wear, from the subway station and follows the trio to the hooker's room. Nearby, Brock has honed in on the boy's communicator watches, only to discover the muggers who took them the night before. Brock punishes them, mercilessly.

In the UN auditorium, Dr. Venture finally takes the stage to present his new invention at the Peace Conference. It turns out to be an Oo Ray, a tricky little device which can melt cities. Appalled, the UN science director questions Venture publically as to why he's bring a weapon to a peace conference. Venture, non-plussed, can't understand how a device that destroys cities could be considered a weapon.

UN Science Director - This is suppose to be a peaceful exhibition of scientific breakthroughs for the betterment of all mankind. You show up with this... this ... this weapon of devistation.

Venture - Weapon? What are you talking about?

UN Science Director - Then what the hell do you call it?

Venture - The Oo Ray. I mentioned that. Why the applications are limitless.

UN Science Director - Are you kidding me? You blew up a model city with it. What are we suppose to think? Look, it even melted all the little people and stuff. Awww.

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Taxi Driver
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Otaku Senzuri
Monarch Henchman #2, 3
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
The Monarch
Dr. Girlfriend
Albino Scientist
Hydrocephatic Child Scientist
Transit Cop
Drug Pusher
Monarch's Doctor
Lisa Hammer Prostitute
Peter McCulloch Mummy
Monarch Henchman #1
U.N. Guard
Solar-Powered Car Scientist
General Manhowers
Richard Liebman-Smith U.N. Science Director
"The PP" The Oo Ray