The Sovereign

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The Sovereign


"Pay no attention to the handsome and ageless rock star hiding behind the couch!"
Other Names
Real Name: David Bowie (Or is it?!)
1st appearance: The Trial of The Monarch
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch as Sovereign
James Urbaniak as David Bowie form

[edit] Biography

The Sovereign is the title given to the leader of The Guild of Calamitous Intent. Most of the communication between the Sovereign and the rest of the Guild takes place through a monitor through which the leader is shown as a giant red-colored head.

During the events of Showdown at Cremation Creek, the current Sovereign is revealed to be David Bowie. Bowie shows up to the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend's wedding with his minions in tow, only to be betrayed and almost murdered by Iggy Pop and Klaus Nomi, under the order of Phantom Limb.

Bowie was preceded as Sovereign by Force Majeure, and took power upon Majeure's death. The hereditary Grand protector of the ORB is entitled to the position of Sovereign, leading to Dean Venture's very short possession of the title during a second attempted takeover by Phantom Limb. Dean immediately restored the title to Bowie.

According to Monstroso's debriefing by Brock during the events of O.S.I. Love You, the current Sovereign is not Bowie but a shape-shifter who befriended The Thin White Duke and had grown fond of the form.

It is believed that the Soverign is deceased, as the final shapeshifting form he takes (that of a golden eagle) is shortly shown shot dead on-screen by an errant sniper round fired by O.S.I. while the Soverign's hideout explodes.

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