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Selected Quotes for The Venture Bros. Episode,

The Revenge Society

At Guild HQ, Bowie is startled by Watch and Ward:

David Bowie: Pay no attention to the handsome and ageless rock star hiding behind the couch! I am the mighty Sovereign!

Watch: Everybody knows who you are, my master.

David Bowie: Really? You sure? Everybody?

Ward: Pretty much. And may I say that Hours was a totally underrated album.

David Bowie: Yeah, I mean I thought so but wasn't it kinda too little too late?

Watch: That would be Tin Machine.

While the Guild, the Ventures, and Phantom Limb are massed on the Venture Compound lawn:

Phantom Limb

If it's not the Thin White Douche.
Hand over The Guild to its rightful heir or I will activate this
He pulls out the remains of Wisdom

Please no. Don't activate a broken coffee mug