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The Venture Bros. episode
The Revenge Society
Season 4
Orig. Airdate Nov 15, 2009
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
Co-Director John Schnepp
Production # 4-44
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Return to Malice 44 Self-Medication


An old foe from the past returns to take on the Council of 13 and The Guild of Calamitous Intent in an attempt to find the Orb. Meanwhile Hank and Sgt. Hatred must deal with the Guild on their own terms.


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Inside a hallway in the Guild HQ, an unknown Highwayman themed stranger manages to disable the Guild's traps and security systems with only a toaster and even makes it past one of the "diamond dogs". In another room, a trial is set for the Intangible Fancy for the crime of contraband. During the trial the faces of Councilman 3 (Red Mantle) and then Councilman 8 (Dragoon) are made visible to all and are soon attacked by the intruder who announces himself as Revenge. Councilman 8 tries to fight back but is soon subdued by Revenge while the other Councilmen are helpless to stop the intruder.

Back at an abandoned mansion, Billy Quizboy (who apparently still has his past memories intact), who was also kidnapped by Revenge (Hamilton G. Fantamos), is ordered to preform an operation to save the lives of the two Councilmen. When the two elders awaken they realize that they have been stitched together. When Revenge introduces himself, both Councilmen recognize him as the the now mentally unstable Phantom Limb and believe he is going to kill them, but Limb states that he's not going to murder them as he still needs them. Back in Guild HQ, David Bowie is reading a book as Watch and Ward walk in and startles the former into using The Sovereign face and voice to which the two Strangers tell him that everybody in the Guild knows who he really is. The two tell their leader about the missing Councilmen to which Bowie instantly recognizes the threat as Limb, Watch and Ward also reluctantly tell The Sovereign that the Guild Charter was also stolen by Limb to which Bowie orders the Guild operatives into action before leaving himself. Back at the mansion, the two Councilmen are flipping through the Charter by orders from Revenge to find out about his grandfather, Fantomas's involment in the Guild's founding. The elders reveal to Revenge that they met Fantomas in the 50's to take part in a band with other kidnapped musicians to support Fantomas bad sousaphone playing. Revenge is uninterested in this story and demands to know about his grandfathers connection to the powerful artifact: The Orb. Billy tries to buy his freedom by telling him that the Orb is in the Venture compound.

At the compound itself, Sergeant Hatred has sunk into a depressive state because of Hank's resentment of the former villain and has lock himself in the bathroom to cry and drink cologne bottles for the alcohol content. Dr. Venture tries to get Hatred out the bathroom but is pulled away because an alarm and leaves Dean calm Hatred down which he does. Hank runs into the room and informs his brother that that a massive Guild army has literally marched onto the entire frontyard. Upon hearing this, Hatred storms out of the bathroom and orders everyone into the panic room except for Hank whom Hatred asks for help. At the mansion, the two Councilmen have gotten used to sharing the body, Revenge returns to confirm that Quizboy was right about The Orbs whereabouts. Revenge also introduces his Revenge Society, which is just a collection of inanimate objects that he sees as friends due to mental instability. The group consists of: Wisdom, a coffee mug with the word wisdom, Chuck, the toaster from before named for mastering the art of nunchucku (in Limbs mind) and known for disabling traps (which has been clearly demonstrated), and Lady Nightshade, Revenges lover who is really a feragamo shoe that was stolen from Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. The captives see that Revenge is clearly insane but follow is orders to avoid being killed.

At the compound, Hank and Hatred discuss who the Guild is after: Hank for being "Batman-loaded" or Hatred for giving the O.S.I. every Guild secret he had when he switched sides. When the question of what do next come up, Hatred gives Hank full command of the mission, which merely consists of pulling pranks on the intruders and doing stuff Dr.Venture doesn't normally allow. Meanwhile in the panic room, Venture is upset at how Hatred is treating the situation and notices puke on a traumatized Dean's speed-suit. Venture sits beside is son and comforts him with a childhood story of what happened when the Action Man would watch him sleep while pointing a gun to his head and pull the trigger the moment he'd wake up and say "Not today, Rusty. Not today.". This boosts Dean's confidence and he suggests going outside to see what the Guild wants.

Outside on a road overlooking the compound, Revenge orders the Councilmen, Billy, and Chuck to enter the compound and get the Orb while he Lady Nightshade, and Wisdom stay for surveillance. The captive refuse at first, but when Revenge threatens them they agree to do it with 3 agreeing to carry Billy. In the tunnels under the compound, Hank and Hatred are riding the hover bikes. Hatred reveals that he knows Hank is taking advantage of him, and when he praises Hank for being trained by Brock the young Venture decides on going back to get rid of the Guild. Inside the compound, the Councilmen find Dr.Venture's room and 8 knocks out a Guild solder by throwing Chuck at him. They manage to get the Orb from the safe but they drop Billy and leave him there in the process. Back on the road, Revenge monitors the Guild army and get into an argument with Wisdom and accuses the cup of being The Sovereign in disguise. Back in the compound, Rusty and Dean are traveling on the moving walkway were they encounter Bowie in the form of a futuristic Dr.Venture before transforming back to normal and asks them for help.

Back in Dr.Venture's room, Hank and Hatred find the bag containing Billy. Hatred believes that Billy is a Guild trap playing on is pedophilic weakness. Outside, Guild operative Eon (Brian Eno) meets with the captive Councilmen and Revenge where the former announces (against their will) that Revenge is the rightful heir to the title of Sovereign because of his grandfather Fantomas. When Guild solders aim to fire on Revenge, he disarms them with Lady Nightshade. When David Bowie arrives (proving that Wisdom was not The Sovereign) Revenge demand that he hand The Guild over to him or he will activate the Orb. Bowie agrees and give the Guild to the rightful heir: Dean Venture as his great-grandfather Col.Lloyd Venture was the true founder of the Guild and "Grand protector" of the Orb where as Fantomas was a usurper. Dean immediately gives control of the Guild back to Bowie and Revenge in response tries to activate the Orb. But a flashback to Season 3 reveals that Sandow didn't really kill Col.Venture, but had instead neutralized the Orb to save his old friends life and the two men decided on keeping this a secret. Back in the present, Revenge fails with the Orb and Bowie orders the vulnerable villain's capture where the now free two-headed Councilmen claim the Orb.

After the credits, Billy wakes up in a bed and calls for Pete White to tell him about the "dream" he had but Hatred wakes up next to him greeting him (revealing they did "it"). Billy cries and asks to be put back into his bag.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Ray Harryhausen (mentioned by the first Councilman to wake up) was an animator and special effects pioneer, known for Mighty Joe Young, Jason and the Argonauts, and Clash of the Titans.
  • The episode includes part of Richard Wagner's "Funeral March" from Twilight of the Gods. The use of Wagner's "Siegfried's Rhine Journey" mirrors the same scene in the movie "Excalibur", where Arthur is crowned king..
  • Here Come the Warm Jets is an album by Brian Eno, who in addition to being one of Sovereign's musical associates, looks an awful lot like Eno.
  • Though it's never clearly stated, it's strongly implied that the Council Members 8 & 3 are The Big Bopper and Buddy Holly respectively.
  • When David Bowie hides behind his table, his dialogue to Watch & Ward is based on the dialogue used by the Wizard at the end of The Wizard of Oz.

Unanswered Questions[edit]

  • Is the Orb truly broken beyond repair?
  • How much has Rusty learned about the Orb, so far? When Phantom Limb threatens to activate the Orb, most of the characters seem terrified. Rusty, on the other hand, looks bored, implying that he is aware it won't work.
  • Hank had previously stated in previous episodes that he was a few minutes older than Dean. Furthermore, Rusty is the serving head of the Venture family. Why should Dean be the one to pass the title of Sovereign on?
  • What, if any, powers did Councilmen 8 and 3 have? "Dragoon," before his "merger," seemed to easily throw Phantom Limb across a room despite his advanced age. How did they, being ordinary musicians, acquire them? (Answered for Councilmen 3 in A Very Venture Halloween he was taught by The Master; he can pull a rabbit out of a's really hard)
  • Assuming Councilmen 8 and 3 are in fact The Big Bopper and Buddy Holly, respectively, what happened to Ritchie Valens, the final victim of the plane crash that was "The Day the Music Died?" Was he the unknown councilman who tried (and failed miserably) to assist 8 and 3?

[edit] Voice Talent
Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Phantom Limb
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Doc Hammer Billy Quizboy
Red Mantle
Dr. Girlfriend
Councilman 1
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Sgt. Hatred
Intangible Fancy
Lloyd Venture
Sovereign Head
Councilman 9
Paul Boocock Sandow

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