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Nancy & Drew Quymn

Nancy drew.png

"I told you I liked Dean!"
Other Names
Real Name: Nancy & Drew Quymn
1st appearance: Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman
Voice Artist: Nina Hellman and Joanna Adler


Nancy and Drew Quymn are Dr. Tara Quymn's twin daughters. They go on adventures and solve mysteries much like Hank and Dean.

Upon meeting Hank and Dean they fight with each other for the love of Dean until they both eventually just decide to try and "share" him. They attempt to lure Dean into a threesome but with his obliviousness about the female body, he freaks out and assumes they are the 2 Wereodiles. During the groups last goodbyes, however, the girls appear to lose interest in Dean upon finding out about Hank's recent circumcision, revealing through expression they are repulsed by uncircumcised men.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Their name is an obvious play on the famous female detective Nancy Drew
  • They stuff their bras

Episode Appearances[edit]