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Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb.png

Other Names
Real Name: Hamilton G. Fantomos
1st appearance: Tag Sale - You're It
Voice Artist: James Urbaniak
The Revenge Society
Impossible Industries
The Guild of Calamitous Intent
Boys' Brigade


Phantom Limb, born Hamilton G. Fantomos was the last male son of a long line of costumed adventurers, including his grandfather, the villainous thief Fantomas. Through a series of unlikely events Phantom Limb would become one of the most powerful members of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, only to later betray that guild over the love of Dr. Girlfriend and his hatred of The Monarch.

Early Days[edit]

Unfortunately for Hamilton, he was born with severe birth defects that left him with withered and deformed arms and legs. As a result of this, the ultra-intelligent boy was disowned by his family. Unable to engage in more physical activities, he focused on his mind, developing advanced mechanical prosthetics to hide his condition, and became a college science professor at State University.

Bitter at his deformed body and denied his chance to follow in his family's legacy of super-heroism, Hamilton turned to villainy instead. He became a member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, ultimately using his college classroom to recruit fellow "freaks" into the Guild.

This placed him within the radar of Colonel Hunter Gathers, who was investigating the Guild. Along with his protégé Brock Samson, the two government agents coerced disgraced trivia contest enthusiast Billy Whalin to spy on Professor Fantomos for them, in hopes of busting Hamilton and exposing the mysterious Guild. To make Hamilton trust Billy, Colonel Gathers was able to get noted scientist Stephen Hawking to do Billy's homework, a move that made Hamilton recruit the supposedly brilliant Whalin to help him with his new experiment: an accelerated muscle regenerator device that theoretically could restore Hamilton's limbs to normal form.

However when the device went into overdrive, Billy's inexperience with the technology caused the device to create a mini-black hole that sucked his eye from its socket. The eye in turn destabilized the black hole and caused an explosion, knocking Hamilton out of the building where the experiment was conducted. When he woke up, Hamilton found his arms and legs were normal sized and functional, but they were also invisible and possessed a lethal "death touch."

When he was a teenager Hamilton was a member of the Boys Brigade along with Richard Impossible his future colleague at State University and cohort in the Revenge Society. Both can be seen in a picture in the Jonas Venture Museum in Now Museum - Now You Don't. He's seen in a wheelchair because his legs and arms are so small.

The Phantom Menace[edit]

Hamilton renamed himself "The Phantom Limb" and began his career as a super-villain in full. Despite humble beginnings (which involved, according to Phantom Limb, surviving on a diet of Ramen noodles and Spaghetti-Os and driving a Honda Accord with a ghost on the hood as his vehicle), Phantom Limb quickly rose up the ranks of The Guild of Calamitous Intent, ultimately obtaining a mansion home and an army of henchmen known as "The Shadowmen".

Phantom Limb was the man who introduced a young Sheila into super villainy. He inducted her into the Guild and took her as his number two, and his lover, giving her the persona of Queen Etherea. At the same time Phantom Limb was employing as one of his Shadowmen henchmen, a young man who would soon become the Monarch.

Etherea was unhappy and felt underused by Phantom Limb. She was disappointed to find that he was more interested in living a comfortable lifestyle than he was actual acts of "evil", and she disliked his chronic halitosis. During this vulnerable time, she met up with the Monarch, not recognizing him as Shadowman 9, and after a rocking in the Monarchmobile, they ran off together. Phantom Limb is left only with the knowledge that his girl had left with someone going by the name Manotaur, a name the Monarch made up as a cover.

Phantom Limb would again meet up with Sheila while she was number-twoing for the Monarch under the name Dr. Girlfriend. After a rough breakup with the Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend returned to living with Phantom Limb. Not satisfied with just that, Phantom Limb, with the help of a misled Sheila, orchestrated a series of events that lead to the Monarch's trial and incarceration. During the trial Phantom Limb also took the opportunity to use a squadron of Strangers to successfully capture one of the Guild targets, Tiny Attorney.

After Dr. Girlfriend's return to a relationship with The Monarch, Phantom Limb attempts to disrupt their wedding while at the same time attempting a coup to overthrow The Sovereign of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, David Bowie. The attempt was unsuccessful and Phantom Limb barely escapes a collision between his ship and the Monarch's cocoon escape pod.

Having betrayed his Guild and been abandoned by his love, Fantomos was left with missing limbs and , most likely, some marbles. He seeks to settle his scores with all those on his "shit list." One of his first victims is a former villain who once went by the unfortunate, coincidental name Manotaur.

The Revenge Society[edit]

A clearly insane Fantomos later returns, calling himself "Revenge" and staging a coup against The Guild. He breaks into the Chamber Sub Rosa, the headquarters of the Guild's Council of 13, steals The Guild Charter and kidnaps the oldest living members of The Guild, Councilman 3 and Councilman 8.

Revenge brings the council members to Billy Quizboy, who he'd kidnapped earlier, for an emergency operation in which Billy grafts the head of Councilman 8 onto the body of Councilman 3. The Councilmen reveal the supposed origins of the modern Guild, as they were the original rock stars recruited by Hamilton's grandfather, Fantomas.

After Billy, under no duress, reveals the Orb to be on the Venture Compound, Revenge plans a raid and introduces his team, "The Revenge Society!" The team is made up of fix-it man Wisdom, a coffee mug; Chuck, a toaster with mastery of Nunchucku and handy at dismantling traps; and "the looker" Lady Nightshade with which Revenge hints at a relationship, a shoe that we later discover once belonged to Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.

Phantom Limb retrieves the Orb with the reluctant help of the Councilmen. He confronts the Guild and David Bowie on the lawn of the compound, demanding to be the leader of The Guild as he believes himself to be the rightful heir. Instead Bowie declares Dean the heir as his great-grandfather ,Lloyd Venture, was the true protector of the Orb. Enraged, Revenge threatens to unleash the "awesome power of the Orb" and destroy them all, but unbeknowst to him the Orb had been broken many years before by Lloyd Venture's bodyguard Sandow. Phantom Limb/Revenge is captured by the Guild.

Return of the Phantom[edit]

Phantom Limb escaped from Guild imprisonment utilizing his inanimate object commando team (which were being manipulated by Phantom Limb's detached limbs which are apparently able to remain alive and mobile even after being removed from Phantom Limb's person (and apparently stored in his filing cabinet). He also appears to share a psychic link with them, which is how they are able to knock off the guards and rejoin with him). After his escape Limb sought the aid of Richard Impossible, who he went to State College with. With Phantom Limb hiding in Richard's body, Limb managed to steal the plans to the original muscle growth machine that gave him his powers. Richard replicated the technology, allowing Limb to restore all four of his appendages and he formed a new Guild with the now evil Professor Impossible, as well as a homeless Baron Ünderbheit and Manservant.

Origin Stories[edit]

Several conflicting theories were presented as to the origin of Phantom Limb's eponymous appendages in the episode Victor. Echo. November.. The Monarch proclaims that during college, the Phantom Limb had his "12-year-old roommate" Billy Quizboy create a machine that speeds up the muscle building process. Apparently the machine was so successful that it accelerated Phantom Limb's appendages beyond the speed of light, thus making them invisible. This also gave Phantom Limb the power to "mess up a guy just by touching him" and also turned him into a "humorless dick." The visuals during this sequence also imply that Phantom Limb's powers are what damaged Billy's left hand. The muscle growth accelerator mentioned in this theory is also used on Brock with less catastrophic results in the earlier episode Hate Floats.

In the episode (The Invisible Hand of Fate) the Monarch's theory about the machine to speed up the muscle building process was revealed to be partly right, however Phantom Limb created it himself. Phantom Limb was a college professor during that time and Billy Quizboy was his lab assistant. Billy, who was working undercover for O.S.I. to expose Limb as a recruiter for the Guild, lost his eye when the machine malfunctioned.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Phantom Limb is named after the medical term, Phantom Limb Syndrome. It is when amputees feel sensation from an amputated limb. The character, whose limbs are "gone" but are "still there" obviously plays on the idea.
  • Phantom Limb's costume and family history are based on pulp action hero The Phantom. The Phantom was a comic as early as 1936 (predating Superman and Batman) about a masked crime-fighter who wore a tight costume and fought for justice. In The Invisible Hand of Fate, Phantom Limb mentions he was the heir to a long line of costumed adventurers, which also ties into The Phantom's back-story- the Phantom appearing in the comics was the 21st generation Phantom, each father passing the mantle down to his son. Phantom Limb's costume is also inspired by the Phantom, most notably with the domino mask and the use of the color purple.
  • Phantom Limb's first name, Hamilton, is likely a reference to Gil Hamilton, a fictional character in Larry Niven's Known Space stories. The character loses an arm in an accident, but discovers a psychic remnant of the limb is still there, functioning as his normal arm would, but invisible and able to operate through walls.
  • Phantom Limb's last name, Fantomos, is likely a reference to Fantomas, a fictional character of French crime fiction. Fantomas, created in 1911, was a thief and adventurer in several dozen novels. The painting of Phantom Limb's ancestor seen in The Invisible Hand of Fate closely resembles the typical depiction of Fantomas- a gentleman wearing a tuxedo and domino mask, with a cane.

Episode Appearances[edit]