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The Outrider

Outrider 2.jpg

"You know, a wise man who's either Gurdjieff or Baba Oje once told me, "You can never step into the same river twice.""
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: The Better Man
Voice Artist: Doc Hammer


First appearing on the back of a fiery steed riding out of a portal to hell. The Outrider proceeded to save The Order of the Triad from a giant hell beast and brought Jefferson Twilight back to life before riding back off through hell, closing the portal behind him. What's more, he made it look easy.

He is the young Necromancer that stole away Tatyana the now ex-wife of Dr Orpheus.

We later learn that the Outrider was once the pupil of Dr. Orpheus. While under Orpheus's training he was nothing more than a slacker and a layabout who wanted all the power but wasn't willing to put in the hard work. Consequently he discovered several short-cuts to increase his power and make it safe for him to ride across The Second World (aka: Hell.)

He later rescued Torrid from hell, only for Torrid to recite a powerful incantation that would trap his soul there, unable to escape. While examining his unconscious body Orpheus discovers the Outrider performed Trepanning; a medieval procedure to open a hole in the skull. He used this hole to place an amulet known as the Eye of Osiris into his skull to protect his body and soul, making it safe for him to ride across the second world without being in danger. Making him, in Orpheus' opinion "either the bravest sorcerer or the stupidist." His costume bears a resemblance to that of Solomon Kane, the Puritan monster-slayer created by Robert E. Howard of Conan fame.

He was rescued from hell by the triad and The Outrider revealed that he had idolised Orpheus and had wanted to be just like him, until he discovered how much work was involved, so he chose the quicker albeit more dangerous road. After escaping from hell he reconciled and reminisced with Orpheus about the past over a couple of beers.

In the end he gave Triana a lift to her mothers home on the back of his fiery mount.

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