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The Master


"So, I taste my own genitals in my mouth. It's.. a conundrum."
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
Catherine the Great's horse,
Older Dean Venture
1st appearance: Escape to the House of Mummies Part II
Voice Artist: H. Jon Benjamin


The Master is an omniscient entity, probably a shape-shifting demon, that guides Dr. Orpheus in the right path through a "patois of symbols, allegory, [and] the occasional abasement," appearing in various forms to prove his points. Dr. Orpheus uses a portal to the necropolis in the form of his daughter's closet to approach the Master. He is sometimes helped by his partially lovely assistant Ms. Manyface.

In one instance he appeared in the form of the three-headed dog Cerberus, though he claimed he was Argos. Dr. Orpheus corrected him, and the Master proved his point that no one likes a know-it-all, but ultimately that such contests as the one he was engaged in with Dr. Venture do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

He later appeared as Catherine the Great's horse, and blatantly says his point is to show Orpheus not to bite off more than he can chew. Catherine the Great, Queen of Russia, is believed to have been killed by a horse crushing her while having sex with it. Dr. Orpheus does not take the rest of The Order of the Triad, The Alchemist and Jefferson Twilight, to see the Master because he is embarrassed by them. Jefferson had soiled himself ... and Al is gay. Regardless, Orpheus divined his will by calling Pete White to help with their situation, without success.

When Brock Samson and Dr. Venture get trapped beneath the Venture compound, Orpheus visits the Master again, but he just tells Orpheus to, in Al's words, "call tech support".

Later the Master appears as Orpheus's ex-wife, Tatyana, and taunts him with her perfect body. He mentions he has a headache and Orpheus later realizes that this helps him discover how the The Outrider, the man Tatyana left Orpheus for, was able to pass between worlds more quickly and easier than Orpheus ever could despite having studied it all his life. Later in the episode, Triana wanders into her closet and encounters the Master as a middle-aged Dean Venture after they were married with a child. She discovers that such a life is undesirable and decides to move in with her mother, Tatyana, to study sorcery.

When Orpheus hosted the Brimstone Assembly, the Alchemist led the others in raising a field of zombies when Orpheus had left the room. The Master swiftly appeared and obliterated the risen undead, in the guise of Santa Claus. He then lectured the group for forgetting the true meaning of Halloween, while praising Orpheus; calling him his best student.

Episode Appearances[edit]

Fun Facts[edit]

  • At one point Orpheus states that "All I know is that I know nothing," which The Master claims he said " a year ago." This is a fairly faithful translation of a common maxim that is most often attributed, albiet wrongly, to Socrates.
  • It is possible that he has a connection to Sonny's dog, Groovy, as the latter claims that Sonny is "the hand chosen by The Master". This is probably just a coincidence, because Sonny is a fucking lunatic.
  • The Master was slated to have a full appearance in What Goes Down Must Come Up but his scene was deleted from the episode. He would have appeared as a young man fighting a giant dragon through a video game on his cellphone.