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The Venture Bros. episode
The Lepidopterists
Season 3
Tl ep2.jpg
Orig. Airdate Aug 3, 2008
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 3-36
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Now Museum - Now You Don't! 36 Orb


The Monarch takes on his newest arch, Jonas Venture Jr.. Henchman 21 and Henchman 24 go out with a new Henchman 1 to perform a Dark S7 maneuver in Spider-Skull Island to foil Jonas Venture Jr. While on the mission they foretell #1's unstoppable death as with so many other serious henchmen Ex: Speedy.


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JJ and his new Team Venture, including The Pirate Captain, Sally Impossible, and Ned, take on their first arch-enemy, The Monarch. JJ has created a 4-part robot, Ventronic, which he uses to combat his new nemesis, and he and his team are able to give The Monarch a run for his money. After a few intense minutes of fighting The Monarch retreats back to his lair, but not before dropping off 21, 24, and the new Henchman 1 to perform a Dark S-Seven maneuver. JJ, confused about the arching business, contacts the O.S.I., who promptly send over two specialists, Mr. Doe and Mr. Cardholder, to assist him. The duo, greeted by The Pirate Captain at the door, quickly dispose of the captain via a tranquilizer dart, which incidentally forms an addiction for the captain. Brock is also called in to aid JJ, mostly because of his expertise with "butterflies." The four of them work together to connive the downfall of The Monarch, who has apparently killed his 5 previous arches. JJ plans on using Scaramantula's "late 60s death ray," to deal with The Monarch and his flying "pine cone." Meanwhile, 1, 21, and 24 complete the Dark S-Seven maneuver in the museum area of Spider-Skull Island, all the while, telling 1 that he's going to die because of his seriosness. Even after 1 reveals his to be Scott Hal, 21 and 24 still believe that he's going to die and that telling them his name just makes his death even more pathetic. And just like 21 and 24 predicted, Henchman 1 trips the alarm system. Brock alerts JJ that intruders are in the museum wing of the island, and offers to either fire the death ray or check out the museum. JJ chooses the latter.

Brock rushes to the museum and quickly spots Henchmen 1, whom he chases throughout the base until he finally catches him and beats him to a bloody pulp, proving that 21 and 24 were correct. Elsewhere, JJ fires his death ray at The Monarch's Cocoon, which is actually just an illusion created by the Dark S-Seven maneuver meant to throw JJ off and allow The Monarch an opportunity to arch Dr. Venture again.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • The Formation of the Ventronic is a Parody of three giant robot anime: The vehicles(except for the clown head) are a parody of Getter Robo, the visual and vocal transformation sequence is a parody of Voltron, and its completed appearance is a parody of Space Emperor God Sigma.
  • Lepidopterists ts the term for someone who collects, studies or observes moths and butterflies

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Jonas Venture Jr.
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Chris McCulloch The Monarch
Henchman 24
Pirate Captain
Henchman 1
Mr. Doe
Doc Hammer Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Henchman 21
Mr. Cardholder
Mia Barron Sally Impossible