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Selected Quotes for The Venture Bros. Episode,

The Incredible Mr. Brisby

Mr. Brisby: Now that we've exchanged pleasantries and hot panda milk, Dr. Venture, let's talk business.

Dr. Venture: The deal is off! I don't care if you are rich, I don't have to take this from a gimp!

Mr. Brisby: Mandalay! Help me, I've come aflame again!

Mr. Brisby: Welcome Dr. Venture... to the Brisby Dome!

Dramatic music swells

Dr. Venture: This is that ridiculous giant beehive next door to your study, isn't it? You knocked me out and put me in a bag to bring me fifty yards?

Dr. Venture: Weak, shmeak! Hank, we're here for business, not for fun.

Dean: But, pop-

Hank: What are you, on the rag?

Dr. Venture: It's impossible for me to be "on the rag", I'm a- I can't believe I'm even arguing about this with you!

Mr. Brisby: Welcome Dr. the funnest place on earth.

Mr. Brisby's face is paralyzed.