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The Venture Bros. episode
The Incredible Mr. Brisby
Season 1
Orig. Airdate August 28, 2004
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 1-05
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Dr. Venture gets invited to discuss a job offer at "the funnest place on earth", Brisbyland! But things aren't as nice as they seem. And when Hank and Dean get kidnapped and Brock gets knocked out, it takes an old flame of his to help set things straight.

This episode was actually based on an episode of the Batman Animated Series entitled "Deep Freeze." In the Episode Mr. Freeze is kidnapped by a Walt Disneyesque character named Grant Walker. Walker is a Billionaire who has made his fortune from building theme parks and uses it and his advanced robotics technology to create a domed utopian city. Like The Brisby Character he is afraid of his advancing age and plans to use Mr. Freeze to prolong his life. Both characters look very smiliar (being based on Walt Disney) with the same white hair and black moustache.


Hank, Dean, Dr. Venture and Brock are in the X-1 in an African savanah. The boys become excited and start a discussion about the fifth leg on an elephant they see from the window. Suddenly a voice comes on the radio and welcomes them to Brisbyland.

Brock and Dr. Venture get off the X-1 and when the boys try to get off the plane too, Dr. Venture tells them to stay in the X-1 because he can't stand the wholesome goodness of the place. The boys are angered but get back in the X-1. Mandalay, Brisby's servant, shows up to escort them to Brisby. When Rusty sits down in Brisby's office and Brisby faces him Dr. Venture freaks out at Brisby's horrible grimmaced face. Brisby explains that several years ago he was trapped underneath an "unstoppable metal Lincoln" which gave him a stroke. He keeps himself "looking good" by drinking panda milk from a panda he won from David Bowie in a trivia contest in the early 80's. Brisby gets down to business and asks Dr. Venture about his dad's cloning research notes. Dr. Venture is indignified at the suggestion that he doesn't know anything. Brisby goes on to say that he knows Dr. Venture is not really a doctor of anything since he didn't graduate from school, and that Venture Industries profits had gone "zippidy-do-da" since Dr. Venture took over. Dr. Venture becomes angry and calls the deal off.

The boys on the X-1 are getting antsy at not being able to go to the park while Brock and Dr. Venture get to have all the fun. Brock is waiting outside of Brisby's office. He asks Mandalay for a cigarette. Mandalay, who hasn't spoken the whole time, at least has the decency to give him one. Inside the office, Brisby has his com-panda nab Dr. Venture in a sack. Venture screams like a little girl and Brock hears him from outside and rushes into the office but faints from chemicals in the cigarette Mandalay gave him.

On the X-1, the boy's patience finally break; they start fighting but are interrupted by a group of men who break into the X-1 and drug them with some oranges to kidnap them. They wake up and find themselves in the clutches of the Orange County Liberation Front. The OCLF believes Roy E. Brisby is the devil himself and that the animated monster he created is the angel of death bringing darkness to the world. They are mainly angry at the Brisby park devouring Orange county's residential neighborhoods and malls and have created an alliance with the Sunshine State Freedom Front to combat the menace. They put some Bizzy Bee hats on the boys so they can brain wash them and in short order turn them into murderous teens. Tonight is the night to kill the Bizzy Bees!!

Meanwhile, one Molotov Cocktease is pulling Brock out of a tar pit. She takes him back to a motel room where they engage in some rough foreplay. When Brock's about to get to second base, he finds out that Molotov is still wearing a chastity belt. Brock breaks some furniture, pissed because the cold war is already over. "It's always cold in Siberia," retorts Mol. Needless to say, Brock has to go take care of some personal business.

It's always cold in Siberia

Dr. Venture arrives at his destination, the sack is removed from his head, and he finds out he has been taken 50 yards to the Brisbydome next to Brisby's office. When he still refuses to help Brisby, Mandalay injects him with a serum and passes out. He wakes up in a small interrogation room and we find out that he was injected with truth serum. His interrogation isn't going as planned as, Dr. Venture begins talking nonsense (female name is direct reference to Hitchcock's famous film [1] with Grace Kelly as "Lisa Fremont") and it's showing up as the truth on the lie detector. Just then, the OCLF breaks into the dome causing chaos and mayhem. Brock and Mol also make it to the party but Brock finds out that Mol has her own agenda. Brock is going to brawl with Mandalay who promptly chickens out after seeing Brock's prowess with a nail gun. The boys show up ready to kill the bee, but Brock knocks them on the head and brings them out of their brain washed state. They forget about everything once they realize where they are and thank Venture for being an awesome dad.

After the end credits, Mol is driving in a sportscar talking on the phone about the package, the Panda. The client turns out to be David Bowie.

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture / Rusty
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Roy Brisby
OCLF Footsoldier 1
OCLF Sentry 2
Mia Baron Molotov Cocktease
Paul Boocock Dr. Jonas Venture
OCLF Leader (Ted)
Doc Hammer OCLF Footsoldier 2
OCLF Sentry 1
Brisby Drone
Charles Parnell Mandalay
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