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The Grand Galactic Inquisitor


Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Twenty Years to Midnight
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch


The Grand Galactic Inquisitor is a visitor from an incredibly distant star who came to Earth in order to observe and pass judgment on its inhabitants by elaborate, unspecified criteria. He had six fingers on each hand and a rotating set of red, blue, green and yellow eyes. He claimed to hear and see all things, and demonstrated the ability to see one of Rusty Venture's dreams, telling him, "THAT WAS A WEIRD ONE." Having landed very close to the Venture Compound, he granted Rusty the honor of representing the entire human race as his sample subject. He observed the Ventures during their quest to reassemble one of Jonas Venture's mysterious inventions, as per Jonas' videotaped instructions. The Inquisitor is apparently supposed to observe humans acting naturally, and, despite being a 12-foot tall helmeted space alien who speaks through an extremely harsh and tinny speaker in his chest, he frequently demands that everyone pretend not to notice him with the thundering phrase, "IGNORE ME!"

After observing Rusty for a single day, the Inquisitor loudly declared that "the glorious moment of judgment" had come, but, at precisely that moment, Jonas Venture's reassembled invention was activated and a mysterious alien disguised as Jonas Venture emerged from it. Without hesitating, it shot the Grand Galactic Inquisitor in the head with a ray-gun, killing him instantly. The alien claims that the Inquistor would have destroyed all life on earth had he not been killed.


  • The horn-like extensions on his helmet appear to reference the Marvel Comics villain, Galactus, whose arrival, like the Grand Galactic Inquisitor's, threatened to end all life on earth. He also may have been patterned off another Marvel Comics race, the Celestials, for having ornate clothing, a rather large presence (though not as large as the Celestials) and how he came to Earth to judge the human race and possibly destroy it.
  • His repeated assertions to ignore his rather obvious presence so as to avoid him influencing events is similar to another Marvel character, the Watcher.
  • His tri-color eyes also bear a resemblance to that of the Martians from George Pal's film version of "War of the Worlds".
  • His 12-foot height and the anatomy of his hands, which have two opposable thumbs, one on either side of each hand, are notable similarities to the anatomy of the Overlords in Arthur C. Clarke's 1953 science-fiction novel, Childhood's End. Also like the Grand Galactic Inquisitor, the arrival of the Overlords signaled the imminent destruction of all life on earth as we know it.
  • His name is directly drawn from the book The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. More specifically the poem within the book “The Grand Inquisitor”.

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