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Giant Boy Detective as he appeared in Dean's fantasy.

Giant Boy Detective is the protagonist of a series of books that Dean reads. The books' premise seems to be in the same vein as Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, but with an abnormally large boy doing the sleuthing. In Season 1 particularly, Dean uses Giant Boy Detective as a model for his own mystery-solving. For example, in Careers in Science, he asks himself, "What would Giant Boy Detective do?"

In Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 2), when Dean gets high off the Cocoon's engine fumes, he imagines he is on a Neverending Story-like quest with Giant Boy Detective, who appears as a giant (but not giant enough) Billy Quizboy.

In Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel, Dean is shown still reading the series. The episode reveals that in addition to be abnormally large, Giant Boy Detective also seems to have a proportionally louder voice.

Also in Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel, Dean names the dog containing the soul of Adolf Hilter, "Giant Boy Detective" (unaware at first the dog contains soul of Hitler). Dean becomes so close to the dog he refuses to kill the dog even when he discovers the truth about his dog (though this may be due to his naive personality).

In Return to Malice Sgt. Hatred has become an avid reader of the series and borrows them from Dean.

Books in the Series[edit]

  • Giant Boy Detective and the Mysterious Lighthouse