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The Fluttering Horde


1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay


The Fluttering Horde is the name of the expansive group of henchmen under the employment of The Monarch. During a phone conversation between Dr. Girlfriend and The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend states that there are 83 henchmen. No female henchmen have yet been on screen but there is speculation that these "hench-wenches" do indeed exist behind the scenes. (Note: 24 mentions that there are no women regularly aboard The Cocoon. This was during the time Dr. Girlfriend was separated from The Monarch.)

The Horde's base of operations is a Floating Cocoon sometimes known as the Belly of the Lair of The Monarch's Hideout.

Henchmen Duties[edit]

Members of The Horde have performed various duties in service to The Monarch. Employed as anything from errand boys to assassins, members of The Horde are versatile and capable agents of villainy. Duties of the henchmen have included:

Sending apology letters.
Unleashing herpes-smeared sexbots on traitorous members of The Guild.
Killing or kidnapping the Venture brothers.
Strong arm tactics.
Kidnapping (aka recruitment).
Using exotic animals to assassinate high profile targets.
Hand-to-hand combat against impossible odds (aka Cannon Fodder).
Surveillance and other intelligence gathering.
Writing and publishing propaganda (and nothing else).

If captured, they are under strict orders not to tattle on the Monarch.

Known Henchmen[edit]

Henchmen meet a number of gruesome ends in service to The Monarch. Whether in combat against Brock Samson, the servants of Underbheit, or occasionally their leader, The Monarch, the life of a henchmen is likely short and their death is probably painful. An example of the gruesome pain inflicted upon henchmen was during Are You There God? It's Me, Dean, when Number 43 had his tendon cut which made his calf muscle roll up like a window shade. However, even with such a high turnover rate a few henchmen have gained some notoriety and became Known Henchmen.

Henchman 1 aka Scott Hall

Henchmen 21 aka "Gary", "2-Ton 21"

Henchman 24

Henchman 28 was a member of the Fluttering Horde Gangsters who promoted himself to #1.

87 & 86

Henchman 86 Moved up from #87 when the former 86 was demoted. He has allergies and believes Nessie could beat Champ.

Henchman 87 Demoted from #86 by 21 within moments of his first appearance in Return to Malice. Believes Champ could beat Nessie.


Number 37, who was stricken from the roster in Dia de Los Dangerous for being a traitor. An alternate view was that he merely coughed and was slain by The Monarch in a paranoid fit, but that is widely regarded as untrue in front of The Monarch.

Number 38, mentioned in passing season 1, was apparently amongst the henchmen who joined Monstroso's crew after the Monarch's imprisonment. In Operation: P.R.O.M., he "appears" as a ghost, rising from the pile of dead Monstroso agents.

Numbers 18, 27, 29, 31, 36, 40, 41, 42, 43, and 46 have been mentioned but only in passing.

Temporary Henchmen/Allies[edit]


The Fluttering Horde Gangsters[edit]

A group of street thugs recruited by Henchman 21. Rebeled against The Monarch and took over the Floating Cocoon. They were defeated by Brock Samson and Phantom Limb.

Black Guard[edit]

The Black Guard are a faction of elite soldiers within The Fluttering Horde. This faction was introduced by Dr. Henry Killinger. Henchman 24 was briefly a member of this faction.

The Pupae Twins[edit]

A small faction consisting of Dr. Girlfriend's Murderous Moppets, Kevin and Tim-Tom. Formed as a result of Dr. Girfriend's and The Monarch's union as a villainous married couple.


Team Venture[edit]

Due to archrivalry between The Monarch & Dr. Venture.

Brock Samson[edit]

Due to his status as the bodyguard of Dr. Venture. Responsible for deaths of several henchmen via Death By Samson.

Sergeant Hatred[edit]

Due to them stealing Sgt. Hatred equipment and more recently due to his status as Dr. Venture's currently assigned bodyguard.

Phantom Limb[edit]

Enemy of The Monarch and later The Guild of Calamitous Intent.

Captain Sunshine[edit]

Enemy of The Monarch. Killed one of his Wonder Boys.

The Super Gang[edit]

Possible enemies due to their relationship with Captain Sunshine.