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The Venture Bros. episode
The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part 1)
Season 3
Orig. Airdate Aug 17, 2008
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 3-38
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Orb 38 The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part 2)


Molotov Cocktease, The Monarch and his crew, Sgt. Hatred, and The O.S.I. Hitmen show up for this celebration of death! Will the Ventures survive? Will Brock lose his head in the battle to save them? Will Hank and Dean finally kill someone? Will Rusty get it on with a transexual? Will I stop asking questions??


  • takes place after O.R.B
  • starts with Brock still dismatling his car after it came at him
  • He is approched by Molotov who warns him of the assassins
  • brock then goes to hunter gathers brothel to learn if this hold up
  • Hunter gives him money and a list of other ex O.S.I that may be able to help
         This includes shore levee and sky pilot who are now straight and religious 
          As well as the cleaner who may or not be elvis prelisy


The Monarch, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, 21, 24, and the Murderous Moppets have raided the Venture Compound, and the Moppets quickly take Dean and Hank hostage. And while The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch work out some key details concerning what to do with the boys, Brock makes a dramatic appearance and rescues the boys from the Moppets. The Monarch coaxes Brock to leave the Moppets and instead fight him, which Brock eagerly accepts as he tosses the Moppets aside and runs towards The Monarch. Just as Brock is about to send his blade into The Monarch's head, The Monarch ducks and his razor sharp (apparently) wings decapitate Brock. His severed head rolls towards Dr. Venture, who has been captured by 21 after Dr. Venture attempted to escape through the vents. The Monarch approaches Dr. Venture and inquires to him as to how he wants to die. Then Dr. Mrs. The Monarch suddenly rushes 21, praises him for his actions, and begins making out with him. The real Dr. Mrs. The Monarch appears and is utterly disgusted and confused. The hologram training room then deactivates, leaving 21 lovingly wrapped around a robot. He claims that the robots revolted, but luckily it was only just on him. The Monarch disregards his actions and statements and congratulates his team on a successful simulation of a raid on the Venture Compound. He decides that they are ready and that they will attack that very night. (**NOTE: This entire scene does not appear in the broadcast version of the episode. It only appears in the online video available on [adult swim]'s website and will appear in the extras section of the Season 3 DVD when it is released.) Yes it is. I saw it on television.

Back at the compound, Brock, covered in blood, is weeping and battering Adrian, his car, with a wrench. Hank and Dean are far more concerned with Brock's car than Brock health, while Dr. Venture, who just reenters the room, only cares about the mess Brock has made. Brock, stricken with grief and confusion, takes a minute to think things out. He instructs Doc and the boys to get dressed and to be on the X-1 in two minutes. Brock briefly explains to the three that some dangerous people will be coming to kill him at any minute and that they need to get somewhere safe, namely Spider-Skull Island.

A bright light shines in through the hanger from the sky as a helicopter arrives at the compound. Brock instructs everyone to take cover, but he and Dr. Venture and quickly encircled by Molotov and her Black Hearts. Molotov tells Brock that the O.S.I. has hired three operatives, Herr Trigger, Go-Fish, and Le Tueur, to kill him. The three men arrive at the same airport at slightly different times that night, and they each go their own way to terminate Brock.

Elsewhere, Brock has taken Doc and the boys in the X-1 to the strip club that Hunter Gathers works at. While the boys wait in the plane, Gathers confirms to Brock that Molotov was telling the truth. He says that the O.S.I. are throwing Brock to the wolves, just as they did to him. Brock and Gathers continue speaking about the situation while Herr Trigger arrives outside on a motorcycle. Gathers, while he continues to dance around Brock, instructs Brock several times to make key..."moves" to obtain something that Gathers has hidden either in his clothing or...elsewhere. Brock retrieves a passport, driver's license, Discover card, a list of ex-O.S.I. agents who have all left the agency, and Gather's car keys.


Back at the compound, The Monarch and crew have arrived, only to find that after their extensive efforts to sneak in that the front door was unlocked. They huddle together and each take a person (or robot) to eliminate or subdue. They break off to go perform their assigned jobs, while Herr Trigger, who has set himself up outside of the strip club with a sniper rifle, takes aim. He is quickly met by a swift punch delivered by Brock. Brock then tells Doc and the boys to get on the X-1 and fly to Spider-Skull Island, but the boys refuse to board the plane without Brock. Brock, while occasionally beating down Herr Trigger with his own rifle, tells the boys that he never loved them and that his job was over now. He throws his knife into Trigger's chest and barks at the boys to get on the plane, which they reluctantly do. As the X-1 flies away, Brock begins to take some fire and notices his knife is laying on the ground. He snatches his up his blade and rushes to Gather's car and speeds away. As he gets further down the street, Hank pops up from the back seat, much to Brock's surprise. Hank thinks that Brock tried to pull a fast one on him, but Herr Trigger is right behind them, guns a blazing. Brock and Trigger engage in a short intense car chase before Brock pulls ahead and calls Dr. Venture to request that he turn the X-1 around and retrieve Hank. Herr Trigger catches back up to Brock and Hank and begins to open fire on their vehicle. Brock and Hank attempt to shoot back at Trigger using the control panel in the middle of the car, but accidentally shoot down a pedestrian vehicle. Brock then releases oil onto the road behind him, but Herr Trigger easily dodges it and tosses his cigarette into it, setting the trail on fire, all while he follows suit. Hank desperately tries to stop the oil from coming out, but instead ejects his own seat out of the vehicle. Brock spins his car around towards Herr Trigger and switches on a hose in the front of the car. As the water fights back the flames, Brock and Trigger speed at each other until Brock hits the breaks and sends Trigger flying through the air and into the flames behind the car. Just as Hank lands back inside the car, backwards no less, Dr. Venture opens up the rear of the X-1 and Brock drives the car into the plane and they fly away. Herr Trigger, surrounded by flames, pulls out a rocket launcher and fires a rocket at the escaping X-1.

As soon as Brock takes the helm, Trigger's rocket hits the left wing of the X-1. The damage is significant enough to force Brock to try to land the plane. However, the front wheels of the landing gear have been taken out which prevents them from landing. H.E.L.P.eR. makes a risky move down to the broken landing gear and acts as the front wheel of the X-1. As Brock struggles to keep the plane from wrecking, H.E.L.P.eR. losses his lower half when the plane finally skids to a halt. Brock, Dr. Venture, and the boys land in the ejected cockpit safely on top of Trigger, crushing him.

Meanwhile, The Monarch and crew search the vicinity for the Venture family, but they only find Sgt. Hatred crying in the bathroom. The Monarch enters the hanger and notices that Brock's car has been dismembered and that the X-1 is gone, much to his dismay. Elsewhere, Brock and the gang are out looking for ex-O.S.I. agents that have a boat. They meet up with Shore Leave and Mile High, who have changed their handles to Holy Diver and Sky Pilot, respectively. Holy Diver and Sky Pilot have created a new Christian youth ministry called "The Action Bible School," or TABS. While Brock and the two former O.S.I. agents talk about the situation at hand, Go-Fish has fixated himself in a boat near TABS. He attaches a grenade to his fishing lure and casts off onto TABS, and it lands in between the group. Go-Fish pulls his line back in, which in turn pulls the pin out of the grenade. The blast sends Brock flying off the boat and onto the pier where he is met by a small frog attached to Go-Fish's line. The frog wraps the line around Brock and Go-Fish takes off in his boat, tossing bait on Brock which attracts a small group of sharks. Back on the boat, Holy Diver suits up for battle with the help of Sky Pilot. Meanwhile, Brock manages to capture one of the sharks and use its teeth to cut the fishing line and free himself, only to be attacked by another shark. Now, Holy Diver and Sky Pilot are ready for battle and they rush to the top deck of the boat, while Hank cheers them on, only to discover that they're praying instead of fighting. Hank, Dean, and Dr, Venture notice what appears to be Brock's backside floating in a pool of blood between two buoys. Go-Fish turns around and speeds towards the corpse to finish the job, while Brock, now shirtless and bald, waits behind one of the buoys to trigger his trap. Go-Fish falls for the trick as Brock pulls the broken fishing line up and reveals a Samson-esque shark. The shark is elevated high enough to take Go-Fish's head clean off. And as Go-Fish's boat speeds off into the dsiatance, Brock notices Go-Fish's hat floating in the water, picks it up, and places it on his now bald head.

I imagine zat I (!!) am zee Batman. So cool...

Elsewhere, at the compound, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch is having a conversation with a distressed Sgt. Hatred. Hatred thinks that Princess Tiny Feet is going to leave him and consults Dr. Mrs. The Monarch on the matter, which, despite her best efforts, concludes that Tiny Feet is going to leave Hatred. The inconsolable Sgt. Hatred claims that he won't leave the bathroom until Dr. Venture returns to kill him.

Brock, now in a disguise, has gotten a motel room for Doc and the boys. He instructs them to lay low while he goes out to get supplies. As Dr. Venture takes a bath and Dean watches Mummies Incorporated, Hank stands outside waiting for Brock. His attention is caught by a Batman towel that a large French man is wearing. The man is Le Tueur, the last of the three O.S.I. hitmen. He and Hank talk about their love of Batman until Brock interrupts their conversation and Le Tueur takes off to get into his battle armor.

Brock charges up the stairs to see if Hank is unharmed, and while they two of them talk about Le Tueur, Le Tueur himself bursts out of his room in his battle armor and throws his boomerang at Brock, although it also hits Hank. Le Tueur then jumps from his door down to the diving board and launches himself up at Brock, which sends them flying through a window and onto Dean. As Le Tueur attempts to both strangle Brock and justify why Brock cut his hair, Dean, reminded by the words of Sky Pilot, pulls open the cabinet drawer near Brock's hand. Brock quickly locates the bible in the drawer and smacks Le Tueur off of him to continue the fight. Regardless, Le Tueur still manages to maintain the upperhand and smash Brock's face into the TV. Le Tueur then begins a short speech about having the honor of killing Brock Samson and then he continues on about his sword, much to Brock's dismay. Just as Le Tueur is about to swing at Brock with his sword, Hank busts the door open and gets a hilt to the throat. Le Tueur, distracted by injuring his friend, apologizes, which gives Brock an opportunity to get in a quick punch on Le Tueur. Even so, Le Tueur makes a quick recovery and cuts Brock's cloths to pieces, as well as cutting off Brock's left nipple. Brock sends Le Tueur across the room, sending his sword under the bed. But Le Tueur makes yet another quick recovery and takes Brock down with a mini-fridge. With Brock down on the ground, Le Tueur commends him for a good fight and readies his blade, but Hank reaches out to Le Tueur and asks him, what would Batman do? Le Tueur confesses that he only liked Batman because he had the best villains, and then he flies towards Brock with his dagger out. Brock reaches for Le Tueur's sword and cuts him in half. Brock emerges from the bloody floor and tells Hank and Dean to call the cleaner and to tell him that they have a Damien Hirst in room 202. Brock drags the body back into the bathroom, which horrifies Dr. Venture, who then runs screaming from the room only to vomit seconds later. A knock is heard at the door and the LAPD demand entrance to the room and hold the Venture family at gunpoint. Elsewhere, H.E.L.P.eR. is still holding up the X-1 and The Monarch's Cocoon passes overhead and comes to a halt...

Fun Facts[edit]

  • The first two minutes of the episode, with the Fluttering Horde training for their mission, wasn't shown during the broadcast. Originally it was only included in the longer Adult Swim Videos version. This scene was expected to be on the DVD, but was left out due to an oversight.
  • Brock states "The starboard engine is out" when in the following sequence the port engine of the X-1 is shown to be on fire/damaged by the missile

edit: huh? watch again... i think he was right after looking up the terms on wikipedia

  • Hunter Gathers car is a Jensen Interceptor
  • Damian Hirst is an English artist who is known for works with death as a theme that have at times included dissected, preserved animals.
  • After Samson decapitates Go-Fish he is shown to be bald - and then quote a passage from the Bible, Pslams 140:7 (King James Edition). This adds to the allusion that Samson is a reference to the Biblical character Samson, a powerful warrior figure from Judges who in chapter 16 gets his hair shaven off.

[edit] Voice Talent
Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Doc Hammer Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Henchman 21
Kevin Moppet
Shore Leave/Holy Diver
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
The Monarch
Tim-Tom Moppet
Sgt. Hatred
Hunter Gathers
Herr Trigger
Le Teur
Mile High/Sky Pilot
Mia Baron Molotov Cocktease
Soulbot H.E.L.P.eR.
Uncredited The Cleaner