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The Doom Factory


1st appearance: It Happening One Night
Wes Warhammer
Gerard the Gorilla
Black Maria
Ultra Violent
Billy Maim
Hard Candy


The Doom Factory is a group of ten of the most ruthlessly self-involved villains on Earth who loosely align forces against the powers of good. They are all sycophantic clingers on to the genius of their leader, Wes Warhammer, and operate from an underwater base in Gowanus Canal also called The Doom Factory.


They were the latest villains sent to arch Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture by invading the top floor of the VenTech Tower, where they host a surreal party there while robbing Dr. Venture blind. After the Doom Factory depart the building on their flying base, they were killed when their base exploded courtesy of The Blue Morpho.

Episode Appearances[edit]


  • The Doom Factory are a parody mash-up of the Legion of Doom and the Warhol Superstars (flocking to Andy Warhol's The Factory).
  • Most, if not all, are a combination of the two. e.g. Trashenstein appears to reference Solomon Grundy and Andy Warhol's films Trash (1970) and Flesh for Frankenstein.(1973).
  • The Warhol personalities parodied are: Wes Warhammer/Andy Warhol, Frigid/Brigid Berlin, Serpentine/Ondine, Eenie-Meanie/Edie Sedgwick, Gerard Gorilla/Gerard Malanga, Ultra Violent/Ultra Violet, Billy Maim/Billy Name, Hard Candy/Candy Darling, Trashenstein/Joe D’alessandro.