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The Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho.JPG

Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Faking Miracles
Voice Artist: Paul F. Tompkins


The Blue Morpho was a famous superhero that once saved the lives of the original Team Venture. He was apparently the father of The Monarch.

He first appears with his wife and Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. in an old photo of the Monarch as a child playing with Rusty at the Venture compound.

His first appearance as the Blue Morpho was in Faking Miracles, where after finding The Blue Morphos lair under his family home The Monarch is told of his father being a famous superhero by Henchman 21. Henchman 21 tells The Monarch that his father had saved the lives of the original Team Venture from the villain Scaramantula but was met with hostility from Jonas Venture Sr. At first, The Monarch does not believe nor accept that his father was ever a hero due to him being commonly perceived as a villain, but Henchman 21 makes him see that his father was a famous hero.

In Rapacity in Blue, The Monarch is shown a video clip on The Blue Morphos computer by Henchman 21. In the video, The Blue Morpho and Jonas Venture Sr. are shown discussing The Blue Morphos latest project, an early version of the videotape camera and player. Blue Morpho and Jonas then laugh about the general public's misconception of the Blue Morpho as a dangerous unhinged vigilante (even though he is actually an ally of the seemingly heroic Dr. Venture). The Blue Morpho jokingly declares himself as a bad guy as the monarch is surprised by this revelation. The video then shows Jonas and Blue Morpho preparing to engage in sexual activity with two young women, neither of whom were the Monarch's mother.

In "A Party for Tarzan", it is revealed that Venture Industries supplied Blue Morpho with some of his weapons, specifically his grappling gun. As a vigilante, the Blue Morpho never registered with the Guild of Calamitous Intent as a protagonist, which resulted in the guild placing a bounty on his head. The bounty was claimed in 1976 by unknown person. Also it is revealed that the Blue Morpho performed covert operations for Jonas Venture Sr., even going so far as to impersonate tennis great Billie Jean King and have sex with Dr. Z to secure a jade dragon.


The Blue Morpho died in a plane crash along with his wife outside of New Jersey Pines. Their son Malcolm (who later became The Monarch) was the only survivor of the crash.


The Blue Morpho was apparently self-centered, egotistical and vainglorious, much in the same way that Jonas Venture Sr. was. Unlike Jonas, Blue Morpho did not want to perceived as a hero, preferring to cultivate a public persona as an unpredictable vigilante. Like Jonas, he engaged in extra-marital trysts without compunction. He was described by Doctor Z as a fast and loyal friend of Doctor Venture willing to do anything Jonas asked of him no matter how dirty or underhanded.

The New Blue Morpho[edit]

The moniker of the Blue Morpho was adopted by his son, the Monarch, after discovering the Morpho Cave under his childhood home. Unlike his father, however, the Monarch used this new identity to get rid of all the villains in line to arch Dr. Venture so he again can become his official arch-nemesis.


The Blue Morphos headquarters was the Morpho Cave, which is located in a cavern beneath his home in New Jersey.

The Blue Morpho used several vehicles, including the Morphomobile and the aquatic Morpho Scooters.

The Blue Morpho and Kano had guns that could fire grappling hooks and tranquilizer darts. They were not opposed to using deadly force such as machine guns (hidden behind the Morphomobiles headlamps) and explosives.


  • He is based on fictional hero The Green Hornet.
  • It is shown that Kano served as his partner, meaning Kano worked for him before joining Team Venture.
  • According to Henchman 21, The Blue Morpho had his own comic book that was canceled after six issues and was implied to have been written and illustrated by legendary comic-artist Jack Kirby.


  • The Blue Morpho is the topic of some speculation among fans of the program. Specifically, some fans believe that the Blue Morpho is NOT really the Monarch's father, and that Jonas Venture Sr. actually IS (thus making the Monarch and Rusty Venture brothers, or half-brothers). Fans note that the Monarch does not resemble the Blue Morpho physically, and that the Monarch bears a strong physical resemblance to Rusty (including a hair color that is also similar to Jonas'). Additionally, Jonas has been shown to engage in promiscuous behavior, suggesting that he may have had a tryst with the Monarch's mother (with or without the Blue Morphos' knowledge).
  • Fans have also speculated that Vendata is the Monarch's "father" resurrected as a cyborg by Jonas, as evidenced by the disoriented Vendata referring to being on a plane that is going down in The Devil's Grip. Vendata and the Blue Morpho DO have similarly-shaped faces, but their voices are different.
  • Some fans speculate that Kano was the one who killed The Blue Morpho as he mentioned to Brock in ORB that he once took the life of a great man but was not clear on who it was.

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