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The Action Man

Action man.png

"Not today Rusty, not today..."
Other Names
Real Name: Rodney
1st appearance: Ghosts of the Sargasso
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch
Original Team Venture


The Action Man is a member of the original Team Venture, the adventuring group formed by Jonas Venture Sr. The Action Man appears to be a super soldier and fires his gun without warning.

As part of Team Venture, The Action Man, real name Rodney, had many thrilling adventures only the smallest of which we know about. When his fellow teammate Major Tom died in the Sargasso Sea during a test flight of a new aircraft, that Jonas Venture had created, Rodney did the honorable thing and married Major Tom's wife, Jeanie.

The Action Man and the rest of the Original Team Venture were called out of retirement to aid Hank and Dean Venture, the grandsons of Jonas Venture, to rescue their father. During this outing Rodney also had a briefly violent encounter with Dr. Orpheus after which Orpheus informed him that he would die of a stroke in two years.

He and the rest of the original team venture were invited by Jonas Venture Jr. to the grand opening of the Jonas Venture Jr. Museum of Jonas Venture. He reveals he now has plastic knees from some of his exploits when he was younger. Also, as member of the original Team Venture, he helped to take Spider-Skull Island.

Apparently he used to frighten "Rusty" Venture by sneaking into his room at night and putting a gun to the boy's head. When Rusty awoke Action Man would pull the trigger, emotionally scarring the boy with the hollow click of the empty chamber. He would then depart simply saying, "Not today Rusty. Not today." Exactly why he did this is not revealed, but it was likely similar to Sergeant Hatred's efforts to train the Venture boys to be constantly ready for danger by sneaking into their room at night and pretending to kill them.

In his old age he also seems to have uncontrollable flatulence that he seems completely oblivious to and often "beefs" at inappropriate times.

Episode Appearances[edit]

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Action Man's name is a reference to the David Bowie song "Ashes To Ashes," which was the sequel to "Space Oddity, which of course inspired the Major Tom character in Ghosts of the Sargasso. In turn David Bowie was probably referring to Action Man, UK equivalent of GI Joe.
  • He's a reference to Captain America considering he was put on meds to fight for America, in addition to his costume also resembling Captain America's costume.
  • In the episode 'Past Tense', Dr. Orpheus uses 'magic' on the Action Man, and then says "2 years, 17 days. From a stroke.". If Dr. Orpheus was referring to the Action Man's death he was wrong, but he may have suffered a stroke and survived it with relatively few symptoms (though his move to a retirement/assisted living community by "The Devil's Grip" may be telling).