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"I used to be pretty. Yeah, but not no more, look at my nose..."
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Powerless in the Face of Death
Voice Artist: Brendon Small
Team Venture


Swifty was a middle weight boxer that rode with the original Doctor Venture and Team Venture during the 1970's. He frequently appeared in boxing trunks, gloves, and hover boots. Eventually Swifty took one punch too many, it showed on his face and in his clouded mind. His wife left him and Jonas hired him to work in the Venture Compound manufacturing wing along with Hector. Swifty put in twenty years there before being unceremoniously fired by Rusty Venture.

Swifty is currently working for Jonas Venture Jr. at the Venture Industries Spider-Skull Island facility.


  • Swifty appears to be inspired by famous Champion Boxer Muhammad Ali.

Episode Appearances[edit]