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Superscience is a central concept of the Venture Bros. universe. Show creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer correctly observed that the wide-ranging expertise of scientist-adventurers such as Doc Savage and Benton Quest broke the bounds of realistically possible achievement (A person with a Ph.D.'s level of understanding of astrophysics, robotics and genetics, for example, would likely never graduate before reaching middle age, much less be capable of making significant accomplishments in all three fields).

Super Science is Science Plus.

Super Science goes one step beyond in scale and/or sophistication.

A jet engine is science. A nuclear jet engine is Super Science.

A robot is science. A giant flying robot is Super Science.

Some Super Scientists of classic literature are Captain Nemo, Victor Barbicaine, and Doctor Moreau.

When a Super Scientist drifts over the line into mayhem, they're referred to as a Super Villain.