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The Strangers


Typical Stranger field operative
1st appearance: The Trial of the Monarch
Tiny Eagle
Rick Danger


[edit] Description

Special agents of The Guild of Calamitous Intent akin to the henchmen of The Monarch. Field operatives wear black trench coats, fedoras, and goggles. C3 personnel wear more stylized uniforms, a red eye lens is worn on left side for Dispatch Agents and right side for Communications Agents and both wear red fingerless gloves and a red vest on a black jumpsuit. Enforcers wear red goggles, and neck brace over tight black shirt and pants. They may or may not reference the Strangers from the film Dark City, the Cyclopes from the film The City of Lost Children, the David Bowie song Oh You Pretty Things, specifically the lyrics "All the strangers came today And it looks as though they're here to stay" or simply the suspicious character seen on Neighborhood Watch signs..

[edit] Known Strangers

Even in an organization as large and powerful as The Guild there are a few standouts known to all.

[edit] Watch and Ward

These guilds men were used for command, control, and communications during a Stranger take down of Tiny Attorney during The Trial of The Monarch. Watch, a Guild Command Dispatch Agent, is voiced by Christopher McCulloch and Ward, a Guild Command Communications Agent, by Doc Hammer.

[edit] Tiny Eagle

This miniature special operations agent is a high value asset for the Guild. He pilots a bald eagle-shaped jet. He is easy to blame, but mostly it's not his fault, we did all see it coming.

[edit] Stranger Operatives