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Steve Summers

Steve Summers.png

"Don't you lay a hand on my Sasquatch!"
Other Names
Real Name: Steve Summers
1st appearance: Home Insecurity
Voice Artist: Jackson Publick


Steve Summers was a former astronaut whose test ship broke up and was assumed dead. But he was secretly rebuilt by the government for $6 million with all bionic parts. They made him stronger, better, faster than he was. But there was a catch he had to pay it all back, which takes a very long time on a government salary. While on a mission he met Sasquatch and the two fell in love. Steve decided never to go back and live in seclusion in the forest with his gay Sasquatch lover. Eventually one day while Brock was out camping in a restricted area he ran into the two. Brock (after a short confrontation) recognized Steve and helped the two escape the area by shaving Sasquatch and ripping Steve's bionic arm off to make them look like Vietnam vets. Steve and Sasquatch decided to go up to Canada where Sasquatch had family.

Steve Summers is a clear reference to the character Steve Austin, the title character of the 1970s television show, "The Six Million Dollar Man".

Episode Appearances[edit]