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Dean getting fitted for his first speedsuit.

A speed-suit is a short-sleeved jumpsuit favored by certain super-scientists who demand both comfort and ease from their clothing. When properly fitted, it should crotch six inches below the natural inseam. A speed-suit says to the world: "Look out! I know what I'm wearing for the rest of my life!"

Dr. Venture's signature mauve speed-suit is accessorized only by a white belt and an assortment of pens in the breast pocket. In Powerless in the Face of Death, Dean is fitted for his first speed-suit: red with a white collar. He resists at first, calling himself "Santa's magic janitor." However, in Tears of a Sea Cow, he seems to have warmed up to the idea of a speed-suit, wearing a powder blue one when he's "doing science."

The common speed suit is predominantly polyester, allowing occupational hazards such as baby burps to be easily cleaned off with a lemony wipe.