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The Venture Bros. episode
Season 5
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Orig. Airdate
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
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SPHINX Rising 59 O.S.I. Love You


Dr. Venture brings Billy, Pete, and Sgt. Hatred to celebrate Spanakopita, an annual festival held on an island in the Mediterranean, which he has been attending for the last 20 years. The arrival of Augustus St. Cloud, however, threatens to ruin the festivities for everyone. Meanwhile, Hatred begins to suspect that the locals are hiding something.


The show opens in the past with Dr. Venture senior diving for treasure. He surfaces to tell the Action Man how he was right about the location of the lost treasure, and the Action man tells them they are going to be late for a wedding. Venture tosses his wetsuit to H.E.L.P.eR. He has a tux on underneath and H.E.L.P.eR has on a pair of horns for some reason. Little Rusty then slays him with a wooden sword, declaring he defeated the Minotaur. Venture senior tells Rusty that he is here to learn, not to goof off. He then leaves his son on the X-2 and tells him to not to wait up.

Cut to the present, Doc is talking to Pete, Billy, and Hatred, giving a brief slideshow and talking about an upcoming festival on the isle of Spanikos, to which Billy asks if that’s the name of the Greek Spinach Pie. Doc then tells how he hasn’t missed a Spanakopita festival for 20 years. Normally he, the boys, and Brock took the trip, but due to Hank going to a rock concert and Dean having “Plans”, he is inviting them along for the fun. Billy is excited to go, but Pete points out that since he is an Albino, the trip wouldn’t agree with his skin. While they bicker, a mechanical owl is recording their conversation.

After the intro title card, we see the X-1 landing on an island in the Mediterranean. Doc is the first out and is wondering where everyone is. He then sees the X-2 and wonders why J.J. is here. Hatred asks if J.J. normally comes along with Doc, who says he didn’t before because it’s a long story. Along with Hatred, Billy and Pete come out. Pete is in a full body white dress, sunhat, sun block, and dark sunglasses. We then jump to a village and see some people milling about and one of them spots the group and gives a signal to everyone to disperse. While heading up to the village, Doc yells Spanakopita to passersby and they return the phrase. Hatred asks about the event and doc says it’s a local celebration. He then tells the group that he washed ashore to this place one night as a kid and had the best time of his life. Billy couldn’t find anything on the internet about this place and Doc points out how it’s a local event and that the island has no internet, preventing anyone from looking it up. Pete is less than thrilled already about the trip and this doesn’t help improve his mood. The gang arrive at an Inn and the owner, a man with an eye patch called Giorgos, greats Doc with open arms. Then he jokes about that Doc shouldn’t have revealed the secret of Spanakopita to outsiders. Giorgos then tells how some “wealthy American”, has taken Doc’s room, but for $200 he can get the Imperial Suite. Hatred fears a bait-and-switch, but Doc, normally a tightwad, tells him just to grab the bags. Heading upstairs, Doc meets the “wealthy American”, Augustus St. Cloud. Billy is mad and asks what he is doing here and how did they find him. He reveals that the “Little Bird” that told him was the owl. Not only is it a BuBo, it’s THE Bubo. He tells him he’s here to ruin Billy’s vacation, and that the X-2 outside is his. Billy points out that J.J. has the real X-2 because the original was lost in 1968, saying he now owns a knockoff, to which St. Cloud points out that it was lost then rebuilt. He says to Billy that he shouldn’t try to out quiz him, to which Billy replies, “I already did.”

Upstairs, Hatred just enters the room to find four men surrounding Doc, who is gagged and tied to a chair. Hatred starts to beat up the guards, but the gag comes loose and Doc tells Hatred it’s a Spanakopita tradition. The men than haul Doc downstairs and outside for something that looks like the Bar Mitzvah chair dance, and St. Cloud then asks Giorgos how much for a chair dance. Later that evening, there is food, drink, music, and Doc is having the time of his life. Billy and Pete are eating and Pete admits that in the 20 years he has known Rusty, that he has never seen him this happy in his life, and Billy finds that kind of creepy. They then are approached by St. Cloud, dressed as Gert Frobe from Goldfinger. The outfit is the original one from the film, but since St. Cloud is a smaller man, he had the outfit taken in and had enough fabric left over to make some Daisy Duke Style shorts for his rare Asian Albino, Pi Wai. Hatred, still skeptical of the festival, sees some men moving what look to be wrapped rifles into the basement, when Giorgos tells him he needs to enjoy the celebration. Hatred asks what they are celebrating, and Giorgos says it’s a harvest festival. Hatred then points out that very little grows on the island. Giorgos then shows off a crown and says tomorrow is the Spanakopita games. St. Cloud asks how much the crown is, but Giorgos says he can only have it by winning the games. St. Cloud then makes a bet with Doc, if Doc wins, he will give Doc one million dollars. If he wins, he gets the X-1. Doc Agrees to the bet and Billy points out that Doc has been the champ for the past 20 years. St. Cloud warns them not to be snippy with him, since he intends to buy the island and may not invite them back next year.

The next day the games kick off with the running of the goats. Whoever gets to the finish line wins the bag of Drachmas, and by the end of the games whoever has the most Drachmas wins the crown. Doc Pete, Billy, Hatred, and St. Cloud are the runners, and they get a small head start before Giorgos blows on a pan flute and releases the goats. St. Cloud ridding piggy back style uses Pi Wai's ninja Parkour, Billy, Hatred, and Pete trip and or get trampled, Billy takes refuge from the goats on a barrel, and Doc uses a shortcut to get close to the finish. St. Could then pulls out another pan flute and causes the goats to turn around and run over Doc. As he walks to the finish line, St. Cloud Remarks that, “If you are going to fix a horse race, make sure you buy all the horses.” He “wins” the bag of money.

Back at the Inn, Doc is mad that St. Cloud took his room and is now after HIS festival and crown, and carrying around a rock the size of his torso. Doc points out how Billy and Pete are his rivals so they need to stop him, since St. Cloud is his customer so he can’t get involved. Pete and Billy are amazed how Doc is waving around the rock, which turns out to be Pumice. Doc then says the need to beat him at all costs, so Pete and Billy suggest that they have Giorgos kick him out of the games, but that would be hard since the people love him. Doc, mad at this idea, affirms that the people love him, and leaves and once again the robot owl is spying on them.

Then we cut to the beach and see the competitors in a boat. Doc asks Hatred if he wants to come, but Hatred says years of Cigars have ruined his lungs. Giorgos, making a joke about Hatreds new chest, says the look healthy enough to him. The boat then speeds off. Hatred then uses his wrist communicator to call Brock. He then starts to tell him how things seem weird and then Brock actually smiles, laughs, and wishes him a happy Spanakopita. Hatred is now REALLY confused. Brock asks if Doc is having a good time, Hatred says yes, and Brock says that he should just go along with the celebration and not get worked up. While this is going on, two semi-attractive women, along with two blond boys, approach Hatred. One sees Brock on the watch and tells her son to say “hi” to Brock. Brock, clearly the father of the two illegitimate kids, fakes getting orders from the General and signs off.

At sea, the next round of the game is whoever can retrieve the most sea sponges in five minutes will win one coin per sponge, and the most coins will win. Billy, St. Cloud, and Doc, who is au natural, “Like they did in olden times”, dive in with Pete sitting this one out. Doc Fights Billy over some sponges while St. Cloud gets a net full from Pi Wai, who is in a dive suit. Pete is helping Billy get the water out of his lungs when Doc resurfaces with four sponges, St. Cloud with more and is declared the winner.

We then jump to some weird cloud world. Venture senior and Team Venture are depicted as the Olympus gods. They see The Rusty is having fun and not learning so they release the Kraken. The Kraken is a giant four armed St. Cloud that looks like a Stop-motion puppet. As he attacks the island, Billy in a Toga and with both eyes and no patch, but still has the robot hand, mounts a Pete While Pegasus. They fly to the Kraken and pull a Doc/Medusa head from a sack. St. Kraken then picks up his X-2 and shakes out a Drachma and uses it to reflect the stone ray back the Doc-Dusa. Pete in a panic flies toward the sun and starts melting. Billy then wakes up from his dream and tells Pete he has an idea on how to stop St. Cloud. In the next room over, Doc is sleeping but Hatred is awake. He hears what sound like gunfire and goes to investigate. He sees St. Cloud dressing up a la 300 / Centurion Style, but hears the gunshots coming from under the Inn.

Billy and Pete sneak aboard the X-2. Billy realizes the island doesn’t use checks or cards and relies heavily on money, so if St. Cloud, who has to have a stash on the ship, lost his cash flow, then he could no longer fix the games in his favor. Inside the ship, Pete points out that all the Hollywood replicas make it look like a Planet Hollywood, to which Billy bitterly replies, “At least Planet Hollywood is open to the public.” They find a safe expecting money, only to find the bag filled with the coins St. Cloud got from the games. They are then attacked by Pi Wai who is controlling a clown robot from FX2. By pure luck, they defeat them both, only to get hit by tranquilizer darts.

Hatred bursts into the basement to find several members of the town playing Duck Hunt on a flat screen, all well dressed, and with some large stacks of cash on the table. Hatred demands to know what is going on. Giorgos tells the story of what REALLY happened, saying how he told this story to Brock a few years earlier. Cutting to a flashback, in ’68 the economy for the island of Spanikos was bad. Then one day a group of rich people gather for a wedding, so they decided to rob a boat for some cash. They get aboard the X-2, just after Rusty got into a trunk while playing with H.E.L.P.eR. H.E.L.P.eR is shot and knocked overboard and the trunk is jostled and Rusty is knocked out. They get back to the village with the loot and find Rusty, and after learning who he is, tie him up and figure they could ransom him. They try calling the X-2, but unbeknownst to them, Team Venture is fighting some villains to save the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (still in her wedding dress). The evil leader in the robot, who turns out to be L. Ron Hubbard, then points out this was a diversion, and Venture senior realizes it’s to keep them from the splashdown of the APOLLO 7 command module. They escape just as the robot self-destructs and takes out the X-2. Three days pass and the villagers hear nothing, and Rusty is crying out of fear. Giorgos, feeling sorry for the boy, tells him not to cry, as it is… he looks around and sees one of the villages eating a SPINACH PIE… Spanakopita! So, the village puts together a makeshift festival for Rusty and then he is reunited with his father. Everyone is having so much fun that they forget the ransom. After that, the village just goes back to normal until one day about 20 years later, a college Student rusty comes back to the island.

Back in the present, Giorgos explains how every year for a few days, the village pretends to have the festival. Hatred asks, “So, there is no Spanakopita?” Giorgos then shows him Doc working on the carving for the contest and says how there is one and that Hatred shouldn’t take that away from Doc. We cut back to Billy just as he is waking up. Pete is freaking out as both are staked to the ground, in their underwear, and are outside with the SUN COMING UP! Billy tries to get free but is unable to until the BuBo slices one of his restraints. Billy sees Pi Wai and wonders what is going on. Pete realizes it’s because he knows that the Albino Code is something that transcends loyalties. Pi Wai confirms this and takes off. Billy gets free and just manages to get Pete free, but not until after some of the sun cases part of Pete’s face to literally catch on fire.

Back in town for the carving contest, one villager has a starfish, one has a goat, Doc has carved a portrait of himself as a kid with a sword and H.E.L.P.eR. with horns, like we saw from the flashbacks, one of Brocks kids has carved a bust of Brock, but the winner is St. Cloud, with a carving of Han Sol frozen in Carbonite. St. Cloud says on his phone that it arrived this morning and thanks GEORGE. He then says, “May it also be with you.” Giorgos asks where Billy and Pete are. sSt Cloud Responds, “They are tied up, no wait, they are to burnt out to join us.” To receive the crown, all he has to do is present the bag of Drachmas. St. Cloud looks to Pi Wai for the coins, but he doesn’t have them. Billy, carrying a covered Pete on his back, returns to town and hands over the coins to be crowned the winner of the games. Since Billy won, neither Doc nor St. Cloud has to pay up, but St. Cloud learned about the plan to rob him, so he arranged with Giorgos to by the island. And since St. Cloud now owns the island, he bans Doc from returning to the island. Giorgos comforts Doc with a saying that to Doc is, “All Greek to him.” Hatred, now aware of the truth, tells Doc that all he bought was the land and some, “Spinach Humble Pie.” Doc then says, “Oh well, there’s always next year.” Billy, Pete, and Hatred all exclaim not wanting to come back ever again.

After the credit roll, we see one more flashback. The villagers are apologizing for the misunderstanding to Venture senior. They offer him a bottle of some Olive Oil. Venture senior tells Kano to take Rusty outside. And as he leaves he thanks them for a good time. Venture tells Col. Gentleman to lock the door, as both they and the Action Man proceed to beat the snot out of the kidnappers. Giorgos, who in the flashbacks had both eyes up to this point and now has lost one thanks to the beat down, vows to make Venture pay, and as we cut back to the present, we see him in good clothes, counting his piles of money.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • During the second flashback, Jonas Venture is fighting a robot housing an image of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. When Jonas destroys the robot, a translucent figure flies from within. This is a reference to Thetans, Scientology's take on the idea of a soul. Additionally, the man holding Jackie O hostage (Most likely another major Scientology figure) blasts The Action Man with Engrams, another one of Scientology's major spiritual ideas. In real life L Ron and his fleet of ships were stationed at Corfu in 1968. Corfu is an island on the Ionian Sea near where Jackie O had her wedding (And where the fictitious Spanikos is allegedly located).
  • The L.Ron robot has a patch, "Apollo CVS II" and reveals his real target, the Apollo 7 recovery. However, the primary ship involved in the Apollo 7 recovery was USS Essex (CV/CVA/CVS-9).
  • After Jonas defeats the aforementioned robot, L Ron makes a reference to sabotaging Apollo 7. When he does this, Colonel Gentleman seems extremely upset and exclaims that Wally is on board the ship. In the season 3 episode Now Museum - Now You Don't!, Colonel Gentleman discusses having a foursome with Gore Vidal, Killermanjaro, and Wally Schirra. Wally Schirra was an American astronaut, an original member of the Mercury Seven, and the Commander of Apollo 7.

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Rusty Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Sergeant Hatred
Pete White
Augustus St. Cloud
Action Man
Col. Gentleman
Doc Hammer Billy Quizboy
Joanna P. Adler Jackie
Greek Lady 1
Greek Lady 2
Greek Widows
Paul Boocock Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.
Larry Murphy Giorgos
L. Ron