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The Venture Bros. episode
Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 2)
Season 2
Orig. Airdate October 15, 2006
Writer(s) Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
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Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 1) 26 Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny


The Wedding of the Century turns into the biggest battle in The Venture Bros. history! Blood is shed! Hank saves the world! Dean saves a world! Brock flies! Henchmen are sucked (into engines)! The Sovereign is revealed! Rusty makes sarcastic remarks!

And Dr. Girlfriend reveals her biggest secret... next season.


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After Phantom Limb's threat...

The guests start running/flying for their lives, obviously believing Phantom Limb's threat. Dr. Killinger wishes the happy couple good luck with their lives, whatever's left of them, opens his umbrella and floats away. Brock advises Hank to try not to die and to go look for his brother, then tells him "We're leaving!". The scene cuts to Phantom Limb,who is asked by one of his men over the radio if he wants them to fire on the cocoon or not. Phantom Limb responds: "No. Let the rats desert the ship. It's the big fish, friends, that we are after." He then speaks directly to The Monarch asking him: "Brother, what say you?" The Monarch calls him a loser and to take the hint that he's been dumped. Phantom Limb says, referring to past event between the three: "So it's okay when you kidnap her, but when I do it, I'm a loser?!" Dr. Mrs. Monarch then interrupts the men and calls out Phantom Limb sort of like a mother would by calling him: "Hamilton G. Phantomos, you are embarrassing yourself! Take your little armada of cronies and go home!" To which Phantom Limb responds: "Sweet girl, you're being irrational, (and then thus proving that he is, indeed, a sexist, saying to her) "...and such is the curse of your sex. I forgive you."

But defiantly, Dr. Mrs. Monarch retorts..."YOU forgive ME?!"

The Monarch can't take it anymore and says: "ARE YOU BLIND? Dude! She totally HATES YOU! (She even told me you have bad breathe!) He then indicates to his now wife that Phantom Limb is a total dick and that {{The Monarch]] has had it with him.

Thereafter, Phantom Limb gives and order, and Klaus and Iggy start attacking. David Bowie confronts Iggy, who is tired of taking orders from Bowie for the last 30 years. Iggy conjures up an energy ball, and throws it at Bowie who catches it. Iggy says "Pop" and the energy ball explodes, desintigrating Bowie and leaving his pack of smokes behind. Klaus Nomi uses a sonic screech to knock out Dr. Girlfriend. The Monarch thinks she is dead and tells Brock to go for Spicoli while he goes for the one dressed like Taco.

The Monarch throws himself on top of Klaus Nomi and weakly starts wailing on him. The Monarch says he feels like he's beating on plastic, and Klaus declares it's all plastic, except for his tie, which he launches at The Monarch, sending him flying and knocking Brock over in the process. They grab Dr. Girlfriend and the pack of smokes Bowie dropped and take off, leaving an awestruck Rusty and pack of henchmen awestruck. "Don't bother stamping your feet, we don't do encores," says Iggy.

Meanwhile, Dean is having a panic attack because he can't get out of the engine room, and when he calls Brock, Rusty and finally Henry Allen Venture, and no one answers, he sits down on some stairs and gives up. He looks down and he sees one of those soda can ring tab things and puts it on his finger, and suddenly hears a voice telling him he is wearing "The Ring of Power." Giant Boy Detective appears, and an astounded Dean asks him if they are going to solve a mystery. "No" responds Giant Boy Detective, "We are going to save a kingdom and restore Princess Tinglepants to the throne!" Dean's rather disappointed so Giant Boy Detective tells him they are going to solve a mystery also. Dean quickly lightens up, and GBD shines his flashlight at the wall, revealing a mysterious landscape.

Dr. Orpheus in the meantime, has gotten The Order of the Triad on the X-1 but Orpheus can't even figure out how to buckle his seatbelt, much less pilot it, and no one else knows either. The Alchemist is kind of pissed that he has to sit in the kiddie seat while the creep-o pilot he conjured out of the Star Wars trading card garbles something in his own language. The Alchemist tells Dr. Orpheus he wanted to kill him because he's some sort of abomination but Dr. Orpheus tells him he can't do anything unless he's made out of dead people, otherwise killing him still counts as murder. The pilot gets the X-1 going and Dr. O hopes he knows where they're going, while The Alchemist hopes he didn't understand the part about wanting to kill him.

In the cocoon, The Monarch wakes up and wants to go after Dr. Girlfriend. Brock stops him, calling him a lunatic, and takes charge of the situation. He tells The Monarch to show him what the cocoon can do, flyingwise, and he tells 21 and 24 to take out the weaponry. Just as he's about to give the battle stations order, The Monarch stops him and says they are his to command. "Minions!" aside to Brock: "They like that better than 'henchmen'", to the minions "battle stations!" 24 flips a switch and the interior of the cocoon turns from lavender to magenta. "Magenta is your battle mode color," asks Brock mockingly. "Eat a dick, and thanks," responds The Monarch. He turns around to sit on his throne but sees Rusty there. He harasses him a bit and Rusty lazily gets off the throne.

In Phantom Limb's command ship, Iggy and Klaus bring Dr Grilfriend into the cockpit where he's waiting to condescendingly forgive her. He tells her to slip out of the wedding dress and put on the Queen Etheria costume. She asks him what he thinks The Sovereign is going to do when he finds out what Phantom has done. Klaus and Iggy giggle in the background and Phantom Limb tells Dr. Girlfriend that HE is the Sovereign. He then gives the strangers the order to attack and the battle begins! As the WASPs descend on the cocoon, the cocoon takes off and starts flying through the Grand Canyon. Rusty says that a flying cocoon makes no sense and asks why The Monarch didn't shape it like a butterfly. "Because that's gay," responds The Monarch.

Somewhere else in the cocoon, 24 is asking how many of the henchmen are suicidal. A lot of them raise their hands and just then, 21 comes in with their new commander, Brock. Brock gives the horde a good pep talk, calling them murderflies, which riles them up and gets them ready for action. He tells them all to fly out to Phantom Limb's ship and they all quiet down, saying the wings are just for show. Suddenly one of the henchman starts flying. "This changes everything!" says 21 enthusiastically. Everyone starts flying about the room and Hank comes in wanting to join the action. Brock denies him the opportunity and Hank leaves all pouty.

Dean, meanwhile, is listening to the prophecy of Princess Tinglepants which says that while Dean is still only a boy, he has the power to free all the orphans of Insectia. Giant Boy Detective and The White Oracle are having a discussion about The White Oracle being too judgmental by saying things like "Hey fella, you might want to roll up the windows in this neighborhood." The White Oracle promises to not be judgmental, but when Giant Boy Detective shows him Dean, The White Oracle asks, "What behind the little kid?" A giant lab rat ( a giant rat wearing a lab coat)says Dean is probably a sissy or a cry baby, and The White Oracle asks Dean if the little baby wants to cry. Dean has a tear in the rim of his eye, but brushes it away and says he can do it because he has The Ring of Power!

In the Grand Canyon, the henchmen are leaping from the cocoon in attack waves. Russian Guyovitch comes up for launch, but Brock stops him, saying he will be in the new wave. A few seconds pass and Brock pushes a scared shitless Hank off the cocoon. Brock follows and catches Hank whose mask and goggles have fallen off. When he notices Hank he tells them they'll talk later and lugs him along while giving orders to the horde. The henchmen are getting slaughtered since their weapons are mostly silly string cannons and dart guns but they have enough numbers to clog WASP windows and make them crash amongst themselves. In the command ship, Dr. Girlfriend still can't believe that Phantom Limb is The Sovereign but figures out that it was David Bowie and that kidnapping her was just a side show to Phantom Limb's true motive. Iggy goes outside (on top of the command ship) for a smoke, but when he pops a cigarette out of the box, out pops the homo superior, David Bowie! He punches Iggy Pop off the top of the ship. The Fluttering Horde, dying by the hundreds, continue to clog engine up and destroy guild WASPs.

Dean, still locked up in the cocoon's engine room/Insectia faces the Insect King. After telling the Insect King he has The Ring of Power, Dean the Brave stabs him in the head, then slices an arm off. "You missed my black heart!" says the Insect King. Dean keeps hacking away limbs and stabs him in the reproductive organs. "Will you take the fucking hint and stab me in the heart already!?" says the Insect King. "Oh, I get it, your black heart is where your power comes from!" He throws his crystal sword at the Insect King and kills him, and the dead body dematerializes into mist which Dean sucks up with his ring. "We must destroy the Insect King's evil machinery!" yells Dean. He frees the orphans and starts hacking away at the machinery, yelling that they don't have to be afraid of costumed guys trying to kill them all the time, or of yaddies freaking out on them or trying to put them on rocket ships. Also you won't be forced to run to a place where your father will force you to fight a Venus fly trap. He breaks the evil machinery, which is actually the flying cocoon's power supply, and the cocoon quickly starts drifting to the canyon floor.

In the command ship, Iggy Pop comes in from his smoke break, but something is wrong as he clearly looks like hes going to choke Klaus, who lets out a screech but Iggy puts his hand over his mouth, causing Klaus to pop like a balloon. Phantom Limb immediately knows that it's Bowie, and he changes back into his own form. They launch themselves at each other with hands around their throats, while outside Hank likens the battle to Dracula versus Yoda. Brock asks 21 for the bolt cutters, but 21 tells him he had to drop ballast because he wasn't gaining any altitude. Just then, the X-1 appears and gives the command ship a glancing blow. Inside the X-1, everyone is freaking out because they're going to crash into the flying vase thing! (the cocoon) In the cocoon, The Monarch and Rusty are fighting off a henchman so they can get into the escape pod. In the engine room, Dean is being thanked by Princess Tinglepants, the ruler of everything and Dean starts making out with her. The X-1 crashes into the room at this point and The Alchemist warns everyone to watch out for the head of the pilot who went through the windshield, and also notices that Dean is acting crazier than usual. The escape pod crashes into the spinning out of control command ship and both vehicles fall into the creek below. The Monarch goes for Dr. Girlfriend, but it turns out to be David Bowie. He sees the real Dr. Girlfriend who seems to not be able to move and start to complain that it would be so unfair if she's paralyzed. Dr. Girlfriend takes a phantom limb off of her legs, probably Phantom Limb's leg. The Monarch starts to rant about having a new arch enemy, but Bowie tells him Phantom Limb will not be safe in any corner of the world and that he will sic the Diamond Dogs on him. He excuses himself, turns into an eagle and flies away. Orpheus shows up with Dean in arms, but trips over another invisible limb.

The Alchemist stoops down to grab the limb and says "Anyone lose an invisible" he squishes it to figure out what it is. "Oh, I'm keeping this," he says as he slides the limb up his sleeve.

After the credits, The Order of the Triad and the Venture clan are on the X-1, with Dean up on the roof still thinking he's flying on the dragon-dog. Brock assures Jefferson Twilight that he'll be alright, and that he usually passes out and they go get him.

The happily married coupe is in the escape pod floating in some water, consummating the marriage.

Dr. Girlfriend admits she has something to tell the Monarch.

Dr. Girlfriend: Monarch, I'm.... cut to the outside of the escape pod. Monarch, yelling is heard outside the escape pod: WHAT!?!

Fun Facts[edit]

  • There are multiple Star Wars references in this episode: Nien Nunb piloting the X1, Hank's description of Bowie fighting Phantom Limb as "It's like Dracula versus Yoda in there!", and of course the battle over the Grand Canyon is similar to the assault on the Death Star, with Brock borrowing Han's line, "Great shot, kid, that was one in a million!"
  • Dean's hallucination resembles both the works of Henry Darger, an outsider artist who wrote and illustrated long stories involving children being enslaved by an infernal overlord, as well as the David Lynch film adaptation of the novel Dune (specifically Princess Tinglepant's first appearance hailing the coming of a savior named "Dean.")
  • Bowie's associates Klaus and Iggy refer to his real-life collaborators Klaus Nomi and Iggy Pop, respectively.

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
The Phantom Limb
David Bowie
The Lab Rat
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
The Monarch
Henchman 24
Klaus Nomi
The White Oracle
Additional Voices
Doc Hammer Dr. Girlfriend
Henchman 21
Giant Boy Detective
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Orpheus
Dana Snyder The Alchemist
Lisa Hammer Princess Tinglepants
Charles Parnell Jefferson Twilight

Special thanks to Ken Plume

Ladysmith Black Mambazo!

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