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Shallow Gravy


"Dermott's bizarre anger and Hank's boy band good looks."
1st appearance: Tears of a Sea Cow

Shallow Gravy is a band consisting of Hank Venture on bass, Dermott Fictel as the lead singer, and HELPeR on drums. Their largest gig to date has been the home-school prom at the Venture Compound where they performed their hit single Jacket from the album From the Ladle to the Grave. Their record label is Conjectural Records, which is a subsidiary of Conjectural Technologies run by Pete White and Billy Quizboy.


It all started when Brock Samson gave Hank his old bass for Christmas. He practiced with Brock's guidance, but his band of one lacked something crucial: a lead singer. Hank met Dermott at the day camp Hank's father ran for boy adventurers, and together, along with HELPeR with his computerized drums, a band was born that would one day become as important as the Beatles. They practiced in Hank's bedroom, and the Venture Home News did a feature on them, written by Dean Venture. In this article, they describe themselves as playing rock band music, with Dermott's bizarre anger and Hank's boy band good looks. Their name had yet to be decided, however, ranging from "Goats Blood Sacrifice" to "Lip Glossary." They created a demo tape (literally audio cassette) with the song "Pernicious Steed (My Insanity)" and had Pete White and Billy Quizboy from Conjectural Records listen to it. They were not impressed. Then tragedy struck when HELPeR was destroyed in an explosion that also killed Henchman 24 and lodged HELPeR's head into Brock's chest. Dr. Venture then rebuilt HELPeR, as is the Venture way, using parts from the Walking Eye, better fitting the band's idiom. And the band was reborn along with a new name: Shallow Gravy.


During HELPeR's absence, Hank became very proficient at the bass, even practicing when his family went on adventures. He also wrote the music for the song Jacket using Brock's jacket as inspiration. Hank had become very attached to the jacket while Brock was away. Dermott had lyrics to a song featuring Jack the Ripper, but Hank believed Jacket would sell better. They modified the lyrics to better fit that theme. A new practicing venue was also chosen: the helipad on the Venture Compound. For a short time they were on tour, riding in Jonas Venture's old battle van, dubbing it the Gravy Boat. Their gigs mainly consisted of small birthday parties, and even then they were not well-received. But finally they landed a gig for the Venture home-school prom, their largest yet. It was here that Shallow Gravy was reintroduced to Pete White and Conjectural Records who decided to record their new sound as quickly as possible, and to continue helping them develop it.

Jacket Music Video[edit]

Produced by Conjectural Records, starring Shallow Gravy members Hank Venture, Dermott Fictel, and HELPeR, it also features many other characters in the Ventureverse, including (in order of appearance) Dr. Orpheus, The Alchemist, Shore Leave, Sgt. Hatred, Dr. Venture, Dean Venture, and Pete White, with a picture of the pre-exploded HELPeR and Brock Samson.

Among noteable references within the video: a scene from Anton Corbijn's tribute video for Joy Division's "Atmosphere" [[1] screen cap], where Ian Curtis is replaced with Brock Samson. The scene where the kitchen is on fire is a node to the song "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel

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