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Sally Impossible


"I'm with Dr. Venture now!"
Other Names
Real Name: Sally Impossible
1st appearance: Ice Station -- Impossible!
Voice Artist: Mia Barron


Mistreated (ex) wife of Professor Impossible. Has the ability to turn her skin visible, and must use all her strength to prevent it from becoming transparent. This was caused by an accident during an experiment performed by Professor Impossible involving gamma-rays. Attracted to Rusty's raw 'manliness' she attempted to leave Professor Impossible only to fail and find out she was pregnant.

Sally later gave birth to a son named Rocket. Her relationship with Professor Impossible deteriorated to the point of despair for her. The arrival of Dr. Venture (on a quest for a missing piece of equipment) leads to her taking a stand and leaving her husband. But the Venture she ends up with is Jonas Jr. She is currently living with Jonas Jr., her son Rocket and her cousin Ned. Cody is her brother.


  • Susan Storm Richards, aka The Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four

Episode Appearances[edit]