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The Venture Bros. episode
Season 5
Orig. Airdate June 9, 2013
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 502
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Venture Libre 58 Spanakopita!


Recently left in command of SPHINX, Gary tries to keep SPHINX's crime-fighting status, and after frequently stepping on the OSI's toes, begins a recruitment drive that ends poorly for all involved when the old SPHINX takes over.


The show opens with a 18 wheeler going down the highway. 21 comes flying in overhead and then flies into the cabin and takes out the driver and crashes the big rig. Inside, he tries to arrest the people, only to find the kid villain, Long Division, dead, and his 2 guards are Brock and Shore Leave in disguise. Brock then takes his crossbow from21, who said it made him feel like a Wookie. After the title card, we see The Monarch Cocoon flying in low. Hatred see it and 21 shows up, saying its the, "Look at my cool new thing" approach. And since its daytime, it's not fire or lazes, either acid or a magnet. Inside, the Monarch yells, "READY THE ACID MAGNET!" Outside, Gary tells Hatred the location to shoot to take out the power. After the Acid Magnet fails to respond, the Monarch panics, but not wanting to look like a complete idiot, then orders they drop the lunchroom, and thus tables, chairs, and barrels of food hit the lawn.

After that, we see a web posting, asking former bad guys to join with the new good guy SPHINX. We see 2 guys looking over the post and talking to each other on the phone, and Hank is talking to Gary. Dr. Venture and Hated overhear the conversation and hear that Hank wants to embrace Destiny, thinking it's a real woman. Then we cut to a guy in a car, spying on his ex-girlfriend and apparently mad about how SPHINX has been changed.

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. the Monarch have put on special masks to disguise themselves to infiltrate the compound. Mrs. M looks like a eared Bronx guy and asks if Mr. M has anything besides a spandex butterfly outfit.

We then have a side by side segment. The new O.S.I on the left with General Gathers, and Gary on the right trying to welcome the new SPHINX crew. Gathers, who has been trying to stop the Guild for years but was seen as a nut case, now is making it his top priority. On the other side, Gary is trying to get the new team up and running, but not being able to be taken seriously. Gary only has 4 recruits, the 3 unknown men and Hank. While picking code names, all ridiculously sounding, the guy from the car yells SPHINX COMMANDER! This character is a painful obvious Cobra Commander parody.

Mr. and Mrs. M arrive outside and Mr. M, wearing a "Beaver Inspector" T-Shirt from his bachelor party, trick Doc into thinking that he has some ind of Beaver infestation. We then see Hatred inside SPHINX HQ, who still isn't believing that 21 is a good guy. "Once a bad guy, always a bad guy", is his motto, until Gary points out that he was once one also. Hatred, still thinking Destiny is a woman, demand to see her. Hank, wearing some kind of strength suit CLEARLY formed for a woman, burst through a wall. Hatred, thinking this IS Destiny, is impressed and leaves. Gary sees everyone is some over elaborate outfit and asks where they found them.

Meanwhile Mr. and Mrs. M plant bombs under the Venture complex telling Rusty these are electronic beaver repellents. On the O.S.I, Hunter Gathers orders Brock and Shore Leave to destroy what´s left of SPHINX to stop 21 from meddling with their operations.

As the SPHINX prepares to launch it becomes obvious that the "new reclutes" are quite well versed in the operations and technology of the organization and soon enough they reveal themselves as its surviving members. Hank, in its power armor and 21 are locked away while the villains prepare a final attack on the O.S.I as a mean to go on a blaze of glory since it seems they have little time to live anyway because of a chip implanted in their brains by the organization. Back on the Venture complex Sgt. Hatred and Dean retrieve all the bombs left by the Monarch. Hatred not believing 21 change of side decides to left the bombs on the warehouse formely used by SPHINX and 21.

Before leaving the complex, Dr Venture shows pictures of the family and shares coffee with the "Beaver Inspectors".Sgt.Hatred takes Rusty away to warn him about the bombs, then the Monarch sees a picture that upsets him greatly but is then urged by Dr Girlfriend to leave before their cover is blown. The picture shows the Monarch and Rusty playing together as kids and Dr. Venture senior and the Monarch´s parents on the background.

Hank and 21 escape and attack their captors at the same time as Brock and Shore Leave do it as well with the support of the O.S.I. Hank tries to take on the SPHINX Commander on his own but the power suit is rigged so that it can not hurt him. Brock then kills the SPHINX Commander with his crossbow.

The Monarch takes his Flying Cocoon to activate the bombs just as the O.S.I prepares to destroy the Sphinx for good. The Monarch is still confused about the picture because he cant remember when it was taken and the relation his parents had with the Ventures lets Mrs. M to give the order to detonate. At the very same time the SPHINX flying base and its last ground base(The Venture warehouse) are destroyed thus erasing its legacy forever. 21 saddens at the lost, but Brock reassures him giving him his Crossbow that makes him look like a wookie.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • The SPHINX ad is a reference to Craigslist, and mentions that SPHINX is "420 friendly".
  • When Hunter Gathers introduces himself to the new OSI, he calls himself General Gathers, this is the first time his promotion has been announced, although one can see the four stars of a General on his coat as early as What Color is Your Cleansuit?.
  • When Dr. Venture made the notion that "Destiny" would be a stripper with "Pray for us Sinners" tattooed on her forehead, this was probably a reference to Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, who is a loose woman, and has "Pray for us Sinners" tattooed across her forehead.
  • When Gathers is making his speech, he is on the same stage that he announces Season 5 on.
  • Dr. Mrs. The Monarch makes up types of beavers from other sources when talking to Dr. Venture, for instance, the "paper beaver" is possibly a reference to paper wasps, with "beaver" substituted for "wasp".
  • SPHINX Commander is very reminiscent to Cobra Commander from GI Joe, both in visage, and screaming voice.

Unanswered Questions[edit]

  • What was The Monarch's relationship with Dr. Venture before he began arching him? What was the relationship of their parents?
  • What will happen to Gary now that SPHINX is gone, and he's left the Fluttering Horde?

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch The Monarch
Hank Venture
Sgt. Hatred
SPHINX Commander
Hunter Gathers
Doc Hammer Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Shore Leave
Henchman 21
Tim Meadows Wind Song
Larry Murphy Diamond Backdraft
Man in Robe

Ladysmith Black Mambazo!

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