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Dr. Venture

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"What the hell are you smiling about?"
Other Names
Real Name: Thaddeus S. Venture
Rusty, T.S., The Untalented Mr. Ripley
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voice Artist: James Urbaniak
Team Venture, Venture Family


Doctor Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture is the current owner and head of Venture Industries. He lives and travels with his sons Hank Venture and Dean Venture and his bodyguard Brock Samson, and later with Sergeant Hatred, in the Venture Compound.

As a child (and presumably until entering college) he was called Rusty Venture, and was famous (in a cartoon show based on his real life) as a boy adventurer. While attending State university, he decided to go by his initials instead, and asked to be called T. S. Venture, possibly as a nod to writer T. S. Eliot. Today, he is commonly called Dr. Venture, although some of his older acquaintances may refer to him as T. S. or Rusty. T.S. may be a reference to the poet T.S. Elliot or the fictional scientist Tom Swift.

Although the son of famed superscientist Dr. Jonas Venture, Dr. Venture does not seem to have inherited his father's technological or adventuring skills. And even if he has, he rarely (if ever) shows the drive, determination, or patience to use them. He has few working inventions of his own, and relies heavily on his late father's inventions to pay the bills as well as for everyday use. The general aura of desperation, mediocrity and failure which sharply differentiates Dr. Venture from his famous, masculine and larger-than-life father provides much of the fodder for the show's plot. It was revealed that Dr. Venture is not really a doctor of any kind, having never earned a doctorate in anything. In fact, his undergraduate studies at State College were cut short and he does not appear to have continued his education. instead claiming only an "honorary degree" from what he describes as a "small, rather exclusive institution in Tijuana". His lack of income forced him to sell many of his father's inventions at a 'tag sale', as seen in Tag-Sale -- You're it!. Some of his more recent inventions include "Sneakies" (shoes with reversible soles) and the "Vacuum Boom-Vroom", which he failed to attract any buyers for and ended up cuddling with when he couldn't meet any "hot, desperate women." He also painted the X-1 black and attempted to pass it off as a "secret stealth bomber prototype" to interest the US Army, but was rejected by General Manhowers, who mentioned seeing the same gadgets decades previous when Rusty's father was still alive, "except then they still worked".

Several flashbacks (including being forced to kill a rampaging native in order to save his father's life, watching his father bed random women at a key party at his house, and waking up to the Action Man pointing a pistol at his forehead) illustrate Rusty's traumatic and dysfunctional childhood and generally result in the popping of a "diet pill" to end the memory, suggesting that his romantic childhood spent "adventuring" with his father was in actuality traumatic and severely psychologically damaging, affecting him negatively to the present day. On top of that, there are numerous laws in the Guild of Calamitous Intent handbook such as Rusty's Law that were made in response to him. Considering that Rusty's Law allows boy adventurers to get treatment in the event of medical emergencies, and that it's an addendum to the Unusual Torture Act, this has certain... implications about what must have happened to Rusty in his youth.

Rusty, Brock, Pete White, Mike Sorayama, Baron Ünderbeiht and the Monarch all went to the same college, State University at the same time. Brock was Rusty's roommates but they never talked while they were roommates. Rusty found out about his father's Jonas death while in college.

(Attempted) sexual conquests[edit]

The identity of Hank and Dean's mother remains unknown, although Venture's first bodyguard Myra Brandish claimed to be their mother in I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills, this was proved wrong when Myra Claimed in Momma's Boys that she wanted to birth them (implying that she never gave birth to them in the first place) so that she could finally be their mother. It is possible that Hank and Dean have no actual mother; they may have been grown completely in a laboratory. Dr. Venture refers to the boys having been through a 'prototype phase' in Are You There God? It's Me, Dean, but he may have been referring solely to clone slug development and not their actual creation.

Dr. Venture was seduced by Dr. Girlfriend in Mid-Life Chrysalis as part of a plan hatched by The Monarch, though she continually denies they actually had sex, or else forgets the incident as is convenient. He was also the target of Sally Impossible's misguided attempt to escape the suffocating grasp of her husband Richard Impossible (Ice Station -- Impossible!) and was subsequently used by Venture in a plot to retrieve a part of an invention of his father's in Twenty Years to Midnight. When Sally voices her obsessive desire to run away with him and leave her husband, he rebukes her by secretly fleeing the scene in the X-1, leaving Sally in tears.

He himself has found his tactless and pompous advances violently rebuffed by both Molotov Cocktease and Hunter Gathers on separate occasions. When he finally comes close to relieving some pent-up sexual frustration with childhood friend Dr. Quymn (even instantly recalling from memory the number of years, months and days he has gone without female companionship), the two are interrupted by a rampaging Ginnie, with Dr. Quymn's resultant seizure causing him to lose interest in her.

Rusty's perpetual desperation and self-esteem complex often leads him to contemptible acts, such as breaking into and trashing Billy and Pete White's trailer in search of a shrink ray to win a science vs. magic contest with Dr. Orpheus, rather than simply admitting his need and asking nicely, leading Pete to query "What the hell, Rust? What kind of a dick breaks into his friends' house?". He also slept with (and impregnated) Dermott Fictel's biological mother Nikki when she was only 15, simply because she was the founder of his fan club and was infatuated with him, forcing Rusty to bribe Nikki's mother with his father's inheritance money in order to avoid prison for statutory rape. Judging by his hairline in Everybody Comes To Hank's vs. his hairline in I Know Why The Caged Bird Kills and The Invisible Hand Of Fate, his encounter with Nikki most likely occurred after he slept with Myra or the birth of Hank and Dean.

Medical issues[edit]

Dr. Venture is addicted to "diet pills", which he keeps constantly on his person in a metal tin and uses conspicuously on several occasions to quiet his painful traumatic memories and semi-frequent hallucinations revolving around his dysfunctional childhood and unresolved issues with his dead father. He has also had a variety of medical problems; in Dia de Los Dangerous, he had both of his kidneys removed. Later, in Return to Spider-Skull Island, he has a "tumor" removed, only to find out that it was actually his twin brother, Jonas Venture Jr..

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Neither of his kidneys are actually his. He took one from both Hank and Dean.
  • In Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 2) Dr. Venture can be seen in Dean's Everlasting Breakdown as the Lab Rat, an assistant to The White Oracle.
  • Has been buried alive five or six times in his life.
  • Most if not all the women Dr. Venture has been involved with (or that find him attractive) have some form of mental instability (Myra Brandish, Sally Impossible, Dr. Quymn & Nikki Fictel)
  • The "Rusty Venture" is also a sex act though what exactly is open to debate.
  • Dermott Fictel is Rusty's illegitimate son. Rusty slept with Nikki Fictel the 15 year old chairman of the Rusty Venture Fan Club after she lied about her age. Dermot was raised to believe his mother was his sister, his grandmother was his mother and that his father lived at the Venture compound (Dermott mistakenly thought Brock was his father). Hank has also slept with Nikki. Judging by Rusty's hairline Dermott was born after Hank and Dean but may appear older because of the constant use of cloning offsetting Hank and Dean's real age.
  • Rusty's great-grandfather was a milliner.
  • Rusty's grandfather Lloyd Venture was in the Guild before it became the Guild of Calamitous Intent.
  • Jonas Venture made Rusty kill a man with a house key when he was 10.
  • In Momma's Boys Rusty admits that Myra is not Hank and Dean's birth mother. He tricked a mentally unstable Myra into thinking she was the boy's mother so he could sleep with her and get free child care.
  • Despite being generally bad at super-science Dr. Venture has displayed great skill in genetic engineering as seen in Operation: P.R.O.M. and has a talent for reversing death which he used to make Venturestein, create a small army of steins for the army, and even bring a congresswoman back to life. He also managed to turn Helper into a fully functional dialysis machine in Dia de los Dangerous!, invented a powerful force field device and the Joy Can, a chamber powered by a dead orphan that could make it's user happy through hallucinations, and created G.U.A.R.D.O, a bodyguard-robot in Home Insecurity. This shows that he does have a notable gift in science, but is often too lazy and uninspired to use it.
  • According to Brock, he's terrible at poker.

Episode Appearances[edit]