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"Sometimes I wanna burn the whole world!"
Other Names
Real Name: Ro-Boy
1st appearance: Self-Medication
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch


Ro-Boy is a robot and a former boy adventurer, who took part in the boy adventurers' group therapy session to deal with his many anger issues, which probably came about after being abandoned by his creator/father. He gets very angry when he sees giant robots and occasionally wants to see the whole world burn.

Ro-Boy's known features include shooting lasers from his eyes, the ability to fly, and an on/off button on his crotch.

He became the adoptive son of Dr. and Mrs. Z.


  • Ro-Boy is a parody of Astro-Boy, another robot made to look like a child who has an array of hidden weapons, jets in his feet and has a habit of fighting giant robots.

Episode Appearances[edit]