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Red Mantle

Councilman 3 red mantle.jpg

Red Mantle serving as Councilman 3
Other Names
Real Name: Charles Hardin Holley
Councilman 3
Buddy Holly
Agent Kenan
Red Mantle-Dragoon Hybrid
1st appearance: Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny
Voice Artist: Doc Hammer
Council of 13
The Guild of Calamitous Intent


Red Mantle is a member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and serves as Councilman 3 of the Council of 13. He is one of the two oldest members of the Guild.

It appears he was not originally a super villain but joined The Guild while it was a safe haven for washed up rock-stars in the 50's, adopting a costume and super villain name at a later date. In a flashback,The Revenge Society it is heavily implied that he was the musician Buddy Holly and was recruited into The Guild, along with the Big Bopper, by Fantomas. This would lead to the assumption that the tragic events that occurred "The Day the Music Died" were faked in order to cover their induction into the Guild. It is also revealed in the episode the Revenge Society, that at the time of his kidnapping he is about 73 years old. Red Mantle is now seen sharing a body with Dragoon, after Phantom Limb grafted the latter's head onto his shoulder to keep him alive.

Red Mantle shared a close friendship with fellow Guild Councilman, Boggles, The Clue Clown. In the episode Bot Seeks Bot, he wept at Boggles' funeral and was angered by Dragoon's off-hand remarks about him during the ceremony, as well as Vendata's apparent callousness. To show his respects to his late friend, Red Mantle buried Boggles' coffin using earth powers, revealing to OSI agents nearby that he is an elemental villain. This makes sense, considering that "Mantle" is a term used for the shifting layers of molten rock beneath the Earth's crust. He also appears to have at least some magic background, as he was seen at Orpheus's gathering in a A Very Venture Halloween.

Whether due to his age or a preexisting condition, Red Mantle needs reading glasses to read clearly, as shown in The Revenge Society. He also used to (and may still) have a vehicle called the Mantlemobile that he used to race against Boggles' Clue Car and Steppenwolf's hot rod on the weekends.

Fun Facts[edit]

In a Q&A at Dragon Con 2011, Doc Hammer revealed that the character's voice is his version of a drunk Obi Wan Kenobi.

Episode Appearances[edit]