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Race Bannon
Race bannon.png
"It's been a blast"
Other Names
Real Name: Race Bannon
1st appearance: Ice Station -- Impossible!
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch
Quest Family


Race Bannon was the bodyguard for the Quest Family. When he first appeared on The Venture Bros., he was trying to wrestle away the Goliath Serum from the minions of Nat King Cobra on board an airplane

Race retrieves the serum and escapes the disabled plane with a parachute, only to be killed by an impact with the wing of the falling plane, while smoking a victory cigarette. After landing on the ground several children played with his body until Brock, Hank, and Dean found him. His final words were, "Tell Jonny I love...".

At his death, Race was a member of OSI (#09262 8722 561) with a clearance level of 9 and a License To Kill. He was later seen in a flashback at OSI headquarters dressed in a bloody apron and cleaning a pair of pliers after performing an "interrogation" on a prisoner. He seemed to know Brock Samson quite well and exchanged friendly banter with him. During this appearance, he is referred to as Red.

Episode Appearances[edit]